40 Drug Rehab Centers in Minnesota

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Rehab centers may turn out to be the last place of hope for chemically dependent persons where everyone is treated with respect, dignity, and compassion. They offer different treatment modalities along with evidence or faith-based treatment. It helps people to find a new sense in life and live without addiction. It is just a matter of will to make the first step towards recovery.

Getting back to normal life without addiction comes with multiple challenges and stumbling blocks. Patients will definitely need professional support provided by addiction specialists who have enough experience and expertise to heal mental, physical, behavioral, and other side effects. It might be the only chance to fight back the disease.

Following the drug rehab program makes it possible to complete the detoxification recovery process in a friendly, caring, and safe environment. In or list, you will find 40 rehab centers with a variety of recovery plans for teens, adolescents, and adults.

1. Alliance Wellness Center

Located in Bloomington, Minnesota, Alliance Wellness Center is one of the most recognizable and trusted recovery centers where patients can treat alcoholism and drug addiction in various forms. Local experts provide multicultural treatment modalities and medical services to let patients recover from mental health and behavioral disorders along with other dependency side effects. A team of addiction experts offers multi-modal healing programs to meet the specific needs of both male and female clients.

Address: 8040 Old Cedar Ave S #101, Bloomington, MN 55425

Alliance Wellness

More Information on AllianceWellnessCenter.com

The rehab center was founded by Yussuf Shafie in 2015. He graduated from the University of Minnesota to become one of the most recognizable addiction specialists across the state. For more than 6 years, Yussuf and his team of certified and state-licensed counselors serve people who want to get back to normal life and follow an addiction-free lifestyle. They offer a variety of medical services and treatment options along with a set of premium amenities.

Alliance Wellness Center

A blend of healing modalities combines typical cultural programs as well as some exclusive mental health treatment modalities. They may include comprehensive education on mental and behavioral health, individual and group therapies, relapse prevention, community events, lectures, yoga, treatment coordination, and more.


  • Outpatient and lodging programs;
  • Rehab services since 2015;
  • A leading recovery center in Minnesota.

Honors and awards:

  • Outstanding Alumnus of the Year.

2. Drew Horowitz & Associates – 500 Families Served

Drew Horowitz & Associates is a privately-owned recovery center that serves addicts and alcoholics in the greater Minneapolis area and In Saint Paul. It introduces a pool of addiction specialists guided and managed by their spiritual leader and the rehab center founder Drew Horowitz. Here, you can have your loved one healed and fully recovered from different types of substance abuse along with physical and mental disorders. Local experts treat every client individually with respect and compassion creating a non-judgment atmosphere that ensures early and long-lasting recovery.

Address: 971 Sibley Memorial Hwy Suite 250, St Paul, MN 55118

Drew Horowitz & Associates

More Information on DrewHorowitzAssociates.com

Drew Horowitz is not only the founder but also a leading addiction specialist with more than 10 years of rehab experience. He has served more than 500 families throughout his career and helped hundreds of patients to get rid of addiction. This fact is proved by numerous real stories of rehab success available on the center’s official website. Here you may also find detailed information about chemical and other types of admission as well as the range of medical services offered by Mr. Horowitz and his experienced recovery associates.

Drew Horowitz Associates Treatment

As for the treatment programs, they involve intervention that is provided together with family programming and support, sober coaching that relies on strength-based modalities, assigned treatment consultants to select the best-matching treatment plan that will work out, clinical transport, chemical assessment, and a set of additional rehab options delivered individually to every client.


  • Client-centered care;
  • More than 500 families served;
  • A team of 7 addiction and executive support specialists.

Additional benefits:

  • True stories of recovery success.

3. Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation – Over 70 Years of Rehab Services

Originated from Center City, Minnesota in 1949, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation grew into a nationwide rehab network with recovery facilities located not only in Minnesota but also in Florida, Illinois, Colorado, California, and many other states. Apart from being one of the longest-running medical centers in the United States, it is also among the first to develop and introduce addiction treatment modalities such as the Minnesota Model of Care that is used by the majority of specialists across the country. Local specialists utilize a blend of holistic and customized 12-step approaches with time-tested expert medical care to ensure rehab success.

Address: 11505 N 36th Ave, Plymouth, MN 55441

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

More Information on HazeldenBettyFord.org

Patients from City Center, MN will have full access to a wide range of treatment options. They include intensive residential programs, outpatient care, mental health services, integrated medical solutions, post-treatment guidance, and support, animal-assisted therapies, family programming, and more. As the most effective solution, inpatient treatment offers multiphase detox with 24/7 health monitoring and medical support, medical assessment and mental health counseling, addiction education, recovery principles introduced to patients, etc.

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation Services

The rehab center follows the latest medical trends and offers virtual treatment modalities that have already proved to be a success. They consist of several baseline treatment stages that include 1-on-1 and group therapies, educational sessions and lectures, 12-step program participation, co-occurring disorder treatment, and a variety of special-focus group counseling options.


  • Medically supervised detoxification;
  • Gender-specific programming;
  • Wellness activities and spiritual care.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Approved by the Joint Commission, accredited by NAATP.

4. Zumbro Valley Health Center

Zumbro Valley Health Center is a statewide rehab network with the main residential and outpatient campus located in Rochester, Minnesota. It operates as a non-profit recovery facility offering customers premium mental health assistance along with alcoholism and substance abuse treatment that relies on community-based concepts. Local experts serve not only individuals but also Minnesota communities with offices located in Southwest Rochester and Harmony, MN.

Address: 343 Woodlake Dr, Rochester, MN 55904

Zumbro Valley

More Information on ZVHC.org

The main mission is to help clients minimize the disastrous effect of the disease. For this reason, local experts use harm-reduction modalities with a focus on group and 1-on-1 treatment solutions, extensive outpatient care, youth and family counseling, medication management, and more. Local specialists have enough expertise to heal bipolar disorders, handle supervised detoxification and DUI education, offer crisis and residential services along with specialty programs for veterans and other patient groups.


  • Effective harm-reduction model;
  • Professional medication management;
  • Depression and anxiety treatment.

Insurance plans accepted:

  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield, UMR, Optum, United Healthcare, MEDICA, Gundersen Health System, and more.

5. Meridian Behavioral Health

Meridian Behavioral Health is a well-recognizable rehab center in Minnesota serving patients from the Twin Cities area. It welcomes individuals who require professional assistance when struggling with chemical dependency. The organization has facilities that spread from south Rochester to East Grand Forks. Male and female clients are welcome to take part in different treatment programs as well as customers with special needs, LGBTQ community members, and people from other patient groups.

Address: 4800 48th St NE, Rochester, MN 55906

Meridian Behavioral Health

More Information on MeridianPrograms.com

Clients will benefit from comprehensive healing modalities that sober all possible levels of care. The treatment starts with supervised detox and medication-assisted treatment with the use of methadone and other FDA-approved substances. Additional medical services involve outpatient care, MAT, IOP, and other treatment solutions.


  • Serving patients across multiple Minnesota areas;
  • High-quality residential and outpatient programs;
  • Helping LGBTQ community members.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Accredited by CARF, membership in NAATP.

6. New Beginnings

New Beginnings is located on the north shore of Lake Waverly in the property that once used to be the residence of former vice president Hubert Humphrey. The location is a great destination for those who seek tranquility and a sober environment while following high-quality residential treatment programs. The rehab center comes with full-service substance abuse treatment to ensure long-lasting recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction. Men and women may count on full coverage of different levels of care including inpatient and outpatient medical services.

Address: 109 N Shore Dr, Waverly, MN 55390

New Beginnings

More Information on NBMinnesota.com

When developing treatment solutions, local experts keep focusing on a well-balanced combination of individual and one-on-one sessions along with peer-to-peer support, a range of social activities along with community outreach, healthy chef-prepared meals, exercise and fitness, alumni support, and aftercare. Additionally, addiction specialists at New Beginnings develop separate specialty and gender-specific programs for male and female patients.


  • Membership in NAATP;
  • A former residence of ex-vice president Humphrey;
  • Residential and outpatient care.

Insurance plans accepted:

  • Health Partners, Medica, Cigna, Aetna, Value Options, Prime West, United Healthcare, and more.

7. Fairview

Fairview is a full-service rehab center that operates as a separate department of the University of Minnesota Medical Center. It is a leading non-profit healthcare provider with a wide selection of medical services delivered to adults and kids. A broad healthcare network serves more than 2.1 million patients annually offering different levels of care alongside family support and mental health treatment. The network consists of several facilities including hospitals and clinics to deliver special care together with residential and outpatient programs.

Address: 2450 Riverside Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55454


More Information on Fairview.org

The rehab network made a name for itself thanks to a well-structured and safe residential treatment program developed to help teen patients aged 13-18. It involves different healing stages such as crisis intervention, mental health treatment, and family involvement. The program appeared to be a brainchild of experienced family counselors, social workers, psychiatrists, and music therapists.


  • Specific treatment for adults and teens;
  • Serving over 2 million patients annually;
  • 142 locations across the United States.

Insurance plans accepted:

  • Humana, Medica, Health Partners, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, TriWest, Multiplan, and more.

8. Beauterre Recovery Institute

Beauterre Recovery Institute is a residential recovery center that serves men and women struggling with chemical dependency or requiting effective co-occurring and mental disorder treatment. Here at the facility occupying 160 acres of pristine prairie, patients will receive full-spectrum medical assistance as part of the inpatient program including case management, health monitoring, assessment, and other levels of care. Additional healing options involve relapse prevention along with coping and life skills training, and some other specialty therapies.

Address: 2450 Riverside Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55454

Beauterre Recovery Institute

More Information on Beauterre.org

The path to recovery starts with a thorough health examination during the admission phase. It involves not only chemical or medical testing but also personality assessment, which makes it possible for the local staff to decide on the best-matching treatment approach. The next stage is to combine the most advanced and proven addiction treatment modalities to ensure the most favorable outcome in the form of long-lasting recovery.


  • Advanced residential treatment modalities;
  • Substance abuse programs for adults;
  • 12-step concepts and motivational interviewing.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • NAATP membership, accredited by CARF.

9. The Retreat

The Retreat is a full-spectrum recovery organization with a range of options to treat substance abuse. Medical services consist of specific residential plans separately developed for men and women. Patients can benefit from evening programs without the need to stay in the facility all the time or even experience the benefits of virtual treatment plans developed for adults and seniors aged 55 and over. Additional services involve sober housing and renewal programs.

Address: 1221 Wayzata Blvd E, Wayzata, MN 55391

The Retreat

More Information on TheRetreat.org

Local experts utilize and customize some of the most reliable and time-tested treatment modalities. They include 12-step programs along with AA meetings, comprehensive addiction education, and intensive coaching. The main idea is to let residents share their emotions, experience, hope, and strength with other program participants. It helps to build a solid community outreach background in addition to a supportive environment where everyone is treated as a part of the family.


  • Residential programs for men and women;
  • Virtual therapies and telehealth;
  • Sober housing and renewal programs.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Accredited by Minnesota Association of Sober Homes.

10. River Ridge

Although River Ridge serves both male and female patients, the rehab center made a name for itself after introducing A Women’s Way – a premium addiction treatment program developed to meet specific women’s needs. It is a trauma-based inpatient modality for adult male clients who suffer from chemical dependency as well as mental disorders. The rehab center is located in the suburbs of Twin Cities, Minnesota to provide high-quality amenities and resources needed to fight back the disease.

Address: 4555 Erin Dr, Eagan, MN 55122

River Ridge

More Information on RiverRidgeMn.com

The program is based on simple yet effective principles. The idea is to ensure an intimate environment with personal attention and premium medical support delivered round the clock. The rehab center has obtained a state license as a co-occurring facility. It is accredited by MDHS and some other reputable healthcare organizations.


  • Exclusive addition programs for women;
  • Residential treatment for men;
  • More than 45 years of rehab experience.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Licensed as a co-occurring facility by the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

11. Adult & Teen Challenge

Adult & Teen Challenge delivers comprehensive and affordable addiction treatment options to different patient groups. Local experts develop gender-specific solutions designed with a focus on adult men and women as well as teens. Patients may choose from different levels of care including extended residential care, outpatient treatment, and substance abuse education. The center has several recovery settings located across Minnesota including Rochester, Duluth, Buffalo, Brainerd, and Minneapolis. Clients may choose inpatient plans of different lengths ranging from 7 to 90 days.

Address: 740 E 24th St, Minneapolis, MN 55404

Adult & Teen Challenge Minnesota

More Information on MNTC.org

Apart from residential care, local experts offer intensive outpatient treatment available either as an in-person option or telehealth and virtual healing. Additional levels of care involve alumni support and extended aftercare. Each residential program comes as a 4-level course including assessment and connection to a new environment, breaking through, practicing new life skills, and building a solid foundation for recovery.


  • 4-level residential treatment programs;
  • Medical services for men and women;
  • Campuses and centers across Minnesota.

Honors and awards:

  • Top 150 Workplaces in 2019, Four Star Charity from Charity Navigator, Gold Seal of Transparency by GuideStar.

12. Project Turnabout

Project Turnabout is an addiction treatment and recovery service provider that serves men aged 18 and over. Its programs are mainly focused on residential care developed to help patients struggle with alcoholism, chemical dependency, and gambling addiction. The center has been updated and renewed in 2015. It boasts an expanded Granite Falls campus that has enough facilities and amenities to serve 131 patients. Besides, there is a separate 20-bed campus for those who look for a more intimate and community-like experience.

Address: 660 18th St, Granite Falls, MN 56241

Project Turnabout

More Information on ProjectTurnabout.org

Before the treatment starts, local experts will develop a personalized and effective plan that meets the patient’s recovery goals. Licensed and certified addiction specialists keep control over all phases of rehab involving counseling, family programming, individual sessions, physical exercises, spiritual services, health stabilization, etc.


  • Men-specific residential care;
  • Renewed campus and premier amenities;
  • Personalized care and outpatient treatment.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Accredited by CARF, NAATP membership.

13. CentraCare

CentraCare has 4 different locations to serve patients from across Minnesota. Clients may select from different healing modals and ways to fight back substance abuse or alcoholism. Local addiction specialists work with both adult patients and adolescents who recover personalized approaches and crisis intervention. Formed in 1995, the rehab center has been helping people with their chemical dependency issues for more than 26 years.

Address: 1572 Co Rd 134, St Cloud, MN 56303


More Information on CentraCare.com

A selection of services for adolescents and adults included alcohol and drug rehab, outpatient care, co-occurring disorder treatment taking into consideration different intensity levels. Additional medical services include MAT, chemical dependency evaluation, telehealth and virtual meetings, in-person counseling, etc.


  • A non-smoking facility;
  • 4 recovery centers in Minnesota;
  • Addiction treatment for adults and adolescents.

Additional benefits:

  • Special classes and events to participate in.

14. Create

Create boasts a long history of rehab services. The recovery center has been operating since 1975. It was opened as a non-profit organization to serve patients in Minneapolis, Apple Valley, and Burnsville, Minnesota. The main mission is to establish comprehensive alcohol and substance abuse treatment provided by a state-licensed and certified counselor. A team of experts will determine addiction and side effect severity, which makes it possible to decide on the most effective healing modality.

Address: 2200 E Franklin Ave #200a, Minneapolis, MN 55404


More Information on CreateMn.org

When the stage of assessment is over, local specialists can better determine the required level of intervention. As a result, each client receives a personalized treatment program based on some time-tested and proven methodologies. The range of medical and addiction treatment services includes MAT, outpatient care, preventive education classes, and continuum care.


  • Established in 1975;
  • A non-profit rehab center;
  • Recovery facilities in three locations across Minnesota.

Additional benefits:

  • Preventive education classes are accepted by all county corrections.

15. Options Minnesota

Options Minnesota was opened in 2016 to provide high-quality residential treatment, sober living services, and foster kids’ care. All programs are based on community outreach along with comprehensive specialty therapies to treat not only substance abuse in different forms but also different types of behavioral and mental disorders. Patients may count on full-spectrum support and premium medical assistance when struggling with addiction and major dependency side effects.

Address: 151 Burnsville Pkwy STE 104, Burnsville, MN 55337

Options Minnesota

More Information on OptionsMinnesota.com

Clients will have three major treatment options. The first one involves residential care that helps to obtain crucial life and coping skills that ensure long-lasting recovery and addiction-free independent living. The second option offers sober house services letting people get away from the outer threats and learn how to cope with substance abuse. The facility offers private and single-occupied rooms as well as living with roommates. Additional services offer foster child care, which is a program developed to provide full-scale support to adolescents.


  • Medical services for adults and adolescents;
  • Effective residential treatment;
  • Sober home and transitioning house services.

Additional services:

  • Foster child care programs developed for teens and adolescents.

16. Pride Institute

Established in 1986, Pride Institute differs from the majority of rehab centers in Minnesota. It was opened to serve the needs of patients from the LGBTQ+ community. It means that all programs and medical services are designed with a focus on patients’ special needs and state. A rehab center is a place where everyone gets personalized attention and individual healing programs. This fact makes Pride Institute one of the leading addiction treatment providers to the LGBTQ+ community not only in Minnesota but also across the United States.

Address: 14400 Martin Dr, Eden Prairie, MN 55344

Pride Institute

More Information on Pride-Institute.com

The selection of medical services covers various levels of care. They include intensive residential programs, partial hospitalization, lodging, IOP, telehealth, sexual health programs, and more. Over the years, residential programs have proved to be the most efficient ones, as they combine a variety of modalities from supervised detox to comprehensive addiction education, counseling, and various support options for patients that ensure early and long-running recovery.


  • Established in 1986;
  • A leading LGBTQ+ rehab facility in Minnesota;
  • Certified by LegitScript.

Insurance plans accepted:

  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna, Preferred Ones, Cigna, Health Partners, Medicare, and more.

17. Hope House

Hope House has two separate facilities located in La Prairie and Grand Rapids, Minnesota to provide gender-specific solutions to treat alcoholism and substance abuse. Local experts develop high-quality plans to help men and women struggle with different forms of addiction. Here, you can benefit from personalized co-occurring symptoms treatment delivered by certified psychologists, well-trained practical nurses, experienced social workers, and other addiction specialists.

Address: 2002 Cromell Dr, Grand Rapids, MN 55744

Hope House Treatment

More Information on HopeHouseTreatment.org

The rehab center offers two different residential programs. The first one is developed for men who will receive essential treatment tools during rehab. The plan consists of regular therapies and meetings along with addiction education and various activities to get involved. The second program is for women. It was designed to ensure safe transitioning and extended aftercare to women struggling with chemical dependency. They include pregnant female patients.


  • Gender-specific treatment programs;
  • Two separate rehab facilities for men and women;
  • Licensed and certified addiction specialists.

Additional services:

  • Specialty programs for pregnant women.

18. House of Hope

Opened in 1971, House of Hope was initially founded as the men’s facility to treat chemical dependency. Later, it was reclassified to become a recovery center for healing co-occurring symptoms. The setting has enough resources to host 29 adult patients aged 18 and over. In 2006, the rehab center was expanded. Today, it serves not only male but also female patients. A new separate facility was opened to treat 9 women simultaneously and provide gender-specific levels of care along with holistic addiction treatment modalities.

Address: 1429 3rd Ave, Mankato, MN 56001

House of Hope Recovery

More Information on HouseofHopeMn.com

The list of medical services involves different residential and non-residential programs. Inpatient plans usually last for not less than 90 days to ensure stable wellness and long-running recovery. It consists of several stages that include primary detoxification and medication-guided treatment of high intensity. The total program length will depend on the individual patient’s recovery goals and other aspects. Each week, clients will receive at least 15 hours of programming delivered through one-on-one and group counseling, family support, psychological testing, and a range of psychiatric services.


  • Recovery services since 1971;
  • Serving 29 men and 9 women;
  • Gender-specific residential programs.


  • 8 treatment-specific rehab centers across Minnesota.

19. NuWay

NuWay has been helping adult men and women to cope with substance abuse for more than 50 years. Established in 1966, the rehab center has managed to help more than 40,000 patients to get back to normal life. Local experts guarantee premium quality residential services along with extended care, outpatient treatment, and some other modalities developed to fight back the addiction. They have enough expertise to deal with not only co-occurring symptoms but also mental disorders despite the severity.

Address: 2200 1st Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55404


More Information on NuWayHouse.org

Apart from a rich history and thousands of graduates, the recovery center boasts to be the nation’s first facility to introduce Co-Occurring Disorder Programs also known as CDPs. These programs were developed to help patients recover through realizing dependency and mental illnesses. All side effects and addiction consequences receive equal intervention to ensure the most favorable outcome for each client.


  • Opened in 1966;
  • Over 50 years of rehab experience;
  • More than 40,000 graduates.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Approved by the Joint Commission, Accredited by NAATP and MARRCH.

20. Common Ground

Since 2001, Common Ground has been helping men to fight back chemical dependency and get back to normal life. The rehab center has three separate recovery facilities located in Rochester, Red Wings, Winona, Minnesota. Local experts do not treat more than 20 patients at a time to ensure every client receives enough attention and individual approach. Local experts deal with different patient groups and offer multiple medical services including not only residential and outpatient care but also jail-based treatment, classes, education, and sober living.

Address: 730 W 6th St, Winona, MN 55987

Common Ground

More Information on CommonGroundMn.org

The team of addiction specialists does its best just to help men recover from substance abuse but also ensure stable physical and mental wellness when transitioning back home after graduating. Every client may count on aftercare and support on the stage of returning to normal life, which helps to prevent relapse.


  • 3 recovery centers in Minnesota;
  • Serving 20 men at a time;
  • Addiction education and classes.

Additional benefits:

  • Comprehensive community resources and access to a recovery library.

21. Missions

Missions is a well-known and long-running detox center that first opened its doors back in 1978. It was founded to provide professional medical assistance and addiction treatment to adult men and women as well as adolescents aged 13 and over. The rehab center has been updated recently and got its new Judy Retterath Withdrawal Management Center name. Intoxicated clients may count on premier medical services along with guided detoxification and a range of additional programs to ensure the most favorable outcome despite the dependency severity.

Address: 3409 E Medicine Lake Blvd, Plymouth, MN 55441


More Information on MissionsInc.org

The facility boasts several prestigious awards and accreditations. It cooperates with other rehab communities across Minnesota to ensure a broad outreach. Apart from medically monitored detox, addiction services involve professional counseling, AA/NA meetings, intervention, rule 25 access, referral. Discharge planning, and more. Besides, patients may count on round-the-clock crisis support.


  • 24-bed capacity;
  • Supervised detox for adults and adolescents;
  • Established in 1978.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Silver Star of Transparency in 2021 by GuideStar, meets the standards of the Charity Review Council.

22. New Life Treatment Center

New Life Treatment Center is registered for a non-profit rehab organization. It operates as a network of churches located across the country with representation in Southwest Minnesota to serve the community of Woodstock. The main mission of the organization is to provide effective faith-based treatment to people struggling with alcoholism and substance abuse. Besides, clients will receive professional medically guided assistance delivered through various residential and outpatient programs. The facility has enough capacity to host 21 residential clients in addition to 7 detox patients.

Address: 130 Dakota St S, Woodstock, MN 56186

New Life Treatment Center

More Information on NewLifeTreatment.com

The rehab center was opened back in 1977, which makes it one of the longest-running faith-based facilities in Minnesota. Apart from Woodstock, clients from Worthington may also take part in residential treatment programs. Besides, the network has representations in some other states including Indiana, Massachusetts, Illinois, California, Utah, Arizona, and more. Apart from serenity and involving therapies, patients will appreciate healthy food, professional staff, and a family-like environment.


  • Established in 1977;
  • Rehab centers in Minnesota and across the United States;
  • Effective residential and outpatient treatment.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Membership in MARATP.

23. Vinland National Center

Vinland National Center was founded in 1990 to deliver addiction and behavioral health treatment to patients with cognitive and other types of disorders. Vinland appears to be the first rehab center in Minnesota to provide substance abuse programs to people with brain injuries and mental illnesses. Clients may select from a variety of integrated healing options and medical services that include nutrition, physical exercises and therapies, mental health and dependency education, recreational therapies, and other specialty programs.

Address: 3675 Ihduhapi Trail Rd, Loretto, MN 55357

Vinland National Center

More Information on VinlandCenter.org

For more than three decades, local experts have been helping people who struggle with addiction through residential and outpatient care as well as supportive housing programs. In addition, clients can receive an array of complementary services to ensure stable wellbeing and long-lasting recovery. Certified specialists have enough expertise to cope with different types of dependency including alcoholism, substance abuse, gambling disorders, dual diagnosis, cognitive impairments, and other health problems.


  • The first rehab center for people with cognitive disorders in Minnesota;
  • More than 30 years of rehab experience;
  • A range of complementary medical services.

Additional benefits:

  • Access to Fast-Tracker – a virtual community portal to connect patients and their families.

24. On-Belay House Anthony Louis Center

On-Belay House Anthony Louis Center provides effective alcohol and drug rehabilitation for teenagers aged 13-18. Local experts specialize in providing professional medical help to these particular patient groups. They develop specific treatment plans and programs that include intensive residential care, outpatient services, aftercare, IOP. Walk-in drug screening, family programming, group and individual counseling, etc.

Address: 1000 Paul Pkwy NE, Blaine, MN 55434

On-Belay House Antony Louis Center

More Information on AnthonyLouisCenter.com

To ensure the best results, experts recommend following residential programs that come with round-the-clock supervision and monitoring. Clients may choose from two separate inpatient plans depending on their recovery goals. Both plans take place in a structured setting featuring chef-prepared meals, clinical groups, addiction education and lectures, recreation, and more. Each residential and outpatient plan involves random drug tests and screening.


  • Addiction treatment for teens aged 13-18;
  • Several types of residential programs;
  • Walk-in drug screening.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • The rehab center is contracted with the Associated Clinics of Psychology.


RS EDEN offers a range of recovery and supportive medical services to men and women developing gender-specific treatment programs to meet patients’ recovery needs. Local experts serve different patient groups. They may include the homeless or people involved in drug courts or criminal justice. The main mission is to ensure high-quality medical assistance to individuals who do not have proper financial, social, and other types of resources to take care of themselves.

Address: 1931 W Broadway Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55411


More Information on RSEden.org

The selection of treatment modalities includes various recovery programs such as residential plans for men and women, outpatient care, and more. Besides, patients will have access to supportive tools delivered through family, adult, and youth housing, continuing care, family planning, nutrition, and more.


  • Gender-specific treatment programs;
  • Recovery and supportive medical services;
  • Cost-effective treatment solutions.

Additional services:

  • RSI laboratories and re-entry services.

26. Park Nicollet

Established in 1872, Park Nicollet turns out to be the oldest rehab center in Minnesota. Besides, it appears to be yet the only Level 1 rehab facility located in St. Paul, MN. It offers trauma-informed alcohol and addiction treatment with a variety of healing modalities and substance abuse programs. It is the best destination for patients looking for intimate and cozy residential care with private and activity rooms, innovative modalities such as music and art therapies, extensive visiting hours, and other crucial benefits.

Address: 640 Jackson St, St Paul, MN 55101

Regions Hospital

More Information on HealthPartners.com

Local experts specialize in different treatment approaches depending on the patient groups and clients’ specific needs. They develop high-quality residential programs along with outpatient care and supportive services for relatives and families. Additionally, patients can choose from a list of specific therapies and programs, for example, HeroCare – a plan developed specifically for veterans.


  • Comfortable private rooms with TV and other amenities;
  • Music, art, and pet therapies;
  • Established in 1872.

27. Turning Point

Turning Point is a great place for those who seek culturally specific addiction treatment solutions that will meet the needs of different patient groups. The main mission of local specialists is to provide full-spectrum medical assistance and support while you move from substance abuse to sobriety and stable wellbeing. The rehab center has made a name for itself and gained recognition thanks to its custom-tailored culturally-specific programs delivered to African Americans struggling with chemical dependency.

Address: 1500 Golden Valley Rd, Minneapolis, MN 55411

Turning Point

More Information on OurTurningPoint.org

Clients may choose from different treatment programs. They include residential care that usually lasts for about 90 days, outpatient services with 120 hour commitment on average, aftercare, DUI programs, and more. Each treatment modality involves a set of therapies and activities such as group and 1-on-1 counseling, case management, skills development, and practicing, relationship counseling, and more.


  • Culturally-specific addiction treatment;
  • Specially designed plans for African Americans;
  • 90-day residential programs.

Additional services:

  • Culturally-based training, housing, service centers, etc.

28. Recovering Hope Treatment Center

The idea of creating Recovering Hope Treatment Center appeared in 2014 when a group of compassionate business owners decided to provide women with better support and treatment services to struggle with substance abuse and alcoholism. Two years later the rehab center finally opened its doors to meet the first patients. Today, it has grown into a 108-bed facility for female patients with safely cared for healing solutions and time-tested treatment modalities.

Address: 2031 Rowland Rd, Mora, MN 55051

Recovering Hope

More Information on RecoveringHope.life

After years of development, the facility has turned into a full-spectrum medical center that serves not only adult women but also delivers treatment options to adolescents and children. Patients may choose from residential care, outpatient services, co-occurring treatment, mental health counseling, psychiatric therapies, and more.


  • Women-only rehab center;
  • 108-bed facility;
  • Treatment for adolescents and kids.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • A registered NAP member.

29. Red Lake Chemical Health Programs

Red Lake Chemical Health Programs is a rehab network with several facilities located around the country including Minnesota. Unlike the majority of high-volume clinics offering dozens of programs and medical services, local experts specialize mainly in primary residential treatment as the most effective way to recover from substance abuse and get back to normal life.

Address: 15566 Dakota Ave, Redby, MN 56670

Red Lake Chemical

More Information on RedLakeChemicalHealth.com

Each inpatient plan involves professional individual, spiritual, and group counseling. Additional services involve addiction education, recreational activities, employment and transportation assistance, occupation training and therapies, etc. All programs can be accessed by both male and female patients aged 16 and over.


  • Primary addiction treatment;
  • Transportation and employment assistance;
  • Comprehensive counseling sessions.

Additional benefits:

  • Continuum and court-ordered care.

30. Wellcome Manor Family Services

Wellcome Manor Family Services is a women-only rehab center located in Garden City not far from Mankato, Minnesota. It was opened to help female patients fight back chemical dependency and alcoholism through a variety of treatment modalities. Local experts offer high-quality residential treatment in a comfortable setting with full-spectrum medical support to pregnant patients and women with specific needs.

Address: 114 Pleasant St W, Garden City, MN 56034

Wellcome Manor Family Services

More Information on WellcomeManor.org

To complete rehab, clients will have to follow a multi-stage inpatient program. It consists of several baseline phases. The first one usually takes from 60 to 90 days and involves primary residential treatment. The second phase generally lasts for 30-90 days depending on the level of care and a personalized plan developed for each resident individually. The final stage makes sit possible to restore or obtain new life and coping skills. They will be necessary when getting back to normal life.


  • A women-only rehab facility in Minnesota;
  • Multi-stage residential treatment;
  • All major insurance plans are accepted.

Specific features:

  • Patients should follow a strict dress code when staying in the facility.

31. Easthaven Halfway House

Located in St. Cloud. In Minnesota, Easthaven Halfway House offers hundreds of treatment solutions to people who suffer from substance abuse in different forms despite the symptoms’ severity. The rehab center introduces a pool of 58 state-licensed and accredited addiction specialists with clinical director Mark Priston and CEO Amanda Brook in charge. Together, they managed to help more than 1250 families to struggle with addiction providing more than 120 dependency treatment solutions.

Address: 1425 E St Germain St, St Cloud, MN 56304

Easthaven Halfway House

More Information on EasthavenHalfwayHouse.com

The main focus is made on intensive residential programs developed to help adult men fight back substance abuse. Patients may choose from inpatient and outpatient care, dual-diagnosis and co-occurring symptoms treatment, research-based and 12-step programs, etc. The facility consists of semi-private rooms, a shared kitchen, recreational and common spaces to engage with other residents, round-the-clock medical assistance, and health monitoring.


  • A men-only rehab facility;
  • Intensive residential programs;
  • 12-step and research-based plans.

Additional details:

  • A 12-unit apartment block was established in 2007.

32. Lakeside Academy

Lakeside Academy is a faith-based recovery center in Minnesota that was established to serve boys from 13 to 18. It offers premium residential treatment to help patients recover from substance abuse and return to their families. Each program is individually developed for every client. The range of medical services involves ADHD, bipolar disorder treatment, anger management, depression, and anxiety healing, etc.

Address: 100 Garrison Ave NE, Buffalo, MN 55313

Lakeside Academy

More Information on BoysTeenChallenge.mntc.org

The path to recovery starts with individual assessment. At the next stage, addiction specialists will develop a 4-stage recovery plan that is handled and supervised by licensed medical experts including professional counselors and psychiatrists. Apart from primary addiction treatment, the local rehab center boasts its in-house school for troubled boys in addition to comprehensive academic resources such as a 4-level curriculum, project-based learning, and more.


  • A boys-only rehab facility;
  • Serving patients aged 13-18;
  • Comprehensive education and academic resources.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Meets the standards of the Charities Review Council.

33. Haven Chemical Health Systems

Haven Chemical Health Systems was founded in 2000. It was initially launched as an outpatient facility to offer addiction treatment and IOP solutions for adults aged 18 and over. A few years later, it eventually turned into a state-wide rehab network with the main facility located in Woodbury and several other outpatient properties for men and women along with the first residential center in Farmington launched in 2008. As a result, Haven Chemical Health Systems is a full-spectrum rehab network with enough resources to help adult patients cope with substance abuse and get back to normal life.

Address: 2535 Condon Ct, Mendota Heights, MN 55120

Haven Chemical Health Systems

More Information on HavenChemicalHealth.com

Today, the center offers residential and outpatient treatment programs for men and women. All plans utilize the concept of 120step programs that rely on comprehensive addiction education, professional counseling, individual and group therapies, etc. Local experts implement modalities that help to heal patients not only physically, but also mentally and spiritually despite their gender, sexual orientation, or specific needs.


  • Gender-specific treatment solutions;
  • Integrated 12-step programs;
  • More than 20 years of rehab experience.

Additional benefits:

  • Separate men and women’s residential and outpatient facilities across Minnesota.

34. The Gables

The Gables is one of the oldest rehab centers in Minnesota not only because it was opened in 1983 but also due to the fact that it occupies a historical mansion built in 1912. The building was renovated in 1982 to meet the needs of the future recovery facility that eventually turned into a leading destination for those who seek professional assistance in fighting back alcoholism and drug addiction. The center operates as the NUWAY Alliance managed facility.

Address: 604 5th St SW, Rochester, MN 55902

The Gables

More Information on GablesHome.info

The rehab center operates as a residential treatment property that serves adult women offering ASAM-level inpatient care and recovery plans. A highly professional and well-trained staff develops personalized programs designed to meet the specific needs of female patients.


  • A women-only rehab center;
  • Established in 1983;
  • Located in the historic Tudor building.

Additional benefits:

  • Managed by the NUWAY Alliance.

35. NorthStar Regional

NorthStar Regional was founded in 2015 by the award-winning trio of experienced and qualified addiction specialists Hal Baumchen, Jason Vanderscoff, and Thomas Winegarden. The center was initially launched as a behavioral treatment facility with a focus on mental and cognitive health. Today, it provides full-spectrum services to assist patients who suffer from mental disorders and chemical dependency. The range of medical services involves residential and co-occurring symptoms treatment, IOP, counseling services, sober housing, and other options.

Address: 1045 Stoughton Ave, Chaska, MN 55318

NorthStar Regional

More Information on NorthStarRegional.com

With headquarters located in Chaska, MN, the rehab center has representations in other regions across the state including Maple Grove, Otsego, Shakopee, and more. The selection of services ranges from chemical dependency rehab and psychiatry to rule 25, intensive outpatient treatment, counseling services, and other modalities that ensure early and long-lasting recovery.


  • Established in 2015;
  • Professional psychiatric assistance;
  • Rehab facilities across Minnesota.

Additional services:

  • Food ordering, online payment, telehealth, etc.

36. Maple Lake Recovery Center

Established in 1997, Maple Lake Recovery Center has introduced a unique addiction treatment model to help teens cope with substance abuse. It offers a selection of programs developed for adolescents and young patients aged from 13 to 18. The treatment combines different time-tested methodologies such as 12-step programs, alcohol and drug recovery, and other approaches that guarantee the most favorable outcome for every patient.

Address: 207 Division St E, Maple Lake, MN 55358

Maple Lake

More Information on MLRecovery.org

Professional clinic services are designed to help not only teens but also their families overcome the drastic consequences of chemical dependency. Each program consists of an initial assessment to determine the most appropriate plan, residential services, and continuum aftercare. Rehab is based upon educational principles and discipline along with peer-to-peer support. The selection of therapies includes art and craft treatment, fitness and recreational activities, health education, family programming, and more.


  • Co-occurring education;
  • Personal growth through 12-step programs;
  • Fully accredited academic programs.

Additional benefits:

  • Associated with Central Minnesota Sexual Assault Center.

37. Compassion

Compassion is a substance abuse treatment provider that utilizes faith and an evidence-based approach when healing addiction. Here, each patient is treated with dignity and compassion. Clients will benefit from state-licensed residential programs developed with a focus on recovering emotional and mental well-being. People will have a chance to change their lives for the better and have a fresh start without chemical dependency.

Address: 811 8th St SE, Detroit Lakes, MN 56501


More Information on Compassionts.com

The rehab center is accredited by the Minnesota Department of Human Services. Located in Detroit Lakes, MN, it offers comprehensive treatment programs with Biblically-based modalities, 12-step programming, group meetings, and professional counseling. Patients will take part in recovery-based sessions and appointments. Additional services involve public transportation and peer-to-peer support.


  • High-quality facilities with a local gym;
  • Faith-based residential treatment;
  • Public transportation.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Accredited by the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

38. Mash-Ka-Wisen

Mash-Ka-Wisen is a CARF-accredited residential treatment center located in Sawyer, Minnesota. Apart from inpatient care, it provides sober living services in a separate Thunderbird-Wren Halfway House facility. The organization operates as a part of MIPRTC non-profit corporation. Patients will take part in residential programs designed for men and women taking into account the gender-specific needs of every client. The center has representations in various counties across the state.

Address: 1150 Mission Rd, Sawyer, MN 55780


More Information on MashKaWisen.com

Residents will benefit from fully licensed facilities and an array of medical services that include men and women’s rehab programs featuring talking circles, sweat lodges, Ojibwe language groups, and other modalities that help to recover from chemical dependency. Mash-Ka-Wisen is the first-ever recovery facility owned and managed by Native Americans.


  • A part of MIPRTC non-profit corporation;
  • Culturally-specific addiction treatment;
  • Established in 1977.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Accredited by CARF.

39. Progress Valley

Progress Valley welcomes patients who seek assistance when struggling with substance abuse. Here, they will receive full-scale continuum support and care alongside residential treatment programs, relapse prevention, outpatient care, sober living, and other medical services delivered to male and female clients.

Address: 3033 Garfield Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55408

Progress Valley

More Information on ProgressValley.org

All of the four available treatment plans utilize an evidence-based approach to help adult patients manage addiction symptoms and health disorders as well as get back to normal life without dependency. Additional services involve co-occurring symptoms treatment along with state-licensed healing plans that refer to mental health illnesses and behavioral issues.


  • Rehab services for men and women;
  • Sober housing and IOP;
  • Mental health treatment.

Insurance plans accepted:

  • Medicaid, commercial insurance, scholarship awards.

40. Lakeplace Retreat Center

Lakeplace Retreat Center is a family-owned recovery facility with nine bedrooms to serve men who suffer from chemical dependency. The rehab center was founded in 1989. It was initially launched as a place to treat both male and female clients. Today, it is a men-only property that became DHS-licensed in 2006.

Address: 25704 Co Rd 338, Bovey, MN 55709


More Information on LakeplaceCenter.com

Local experts specialize in providing intensive residential treatment for men. Each of nine comfortable bedrooms can accommodate up to two patients at a time to provide an intimate and supportive environment. Each day consists of various sessions and therapies such as educational classes, presentations, and group activities. Amenities involve special rooms where clients may gather together and watch video tutorials.


  • Three separate kitchens inside the facility;
  • Nine comfortable shared bedrooms;
  • Group activities to take part.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Accredited by DHS in 2006.

The Situation With Drug Addiction

Minnesota takes the leading position with almost 7% of residents taking different types of illicit drugs on a regular basis. The rate is quite high if compared with the nation’s average of 8.82%. What’s more, the state has one of the highest rates of opioid prescriptions for every 100 persons (35.5).

The situation leads to a growing number of deaths because of overdose each year in addition to more and more teens aged 12 and over who are indulged in alcohol, marijuana, and other types of harmful substances including prescription-type pain relievers.

The main problem is that a few individuals realize they have the disease. Others fail to face the music and turn to a professional. In this situation, rehab centers may play a vital role in improving the overall situation.

Possible Substance Abuse Side Effects

No matter what type of rehab center you choose, the path to recovery normally starts with assessment. The main mission is to identify major side effects and symptoms to decide on the best-matching treatment plan individually crafted to meet specific patient’s needs. As a rule, proven specialists offer full-spectrum support to heal different issues. However, it is still very important to ensure in-depth examination and pinpoint the core health problems that require treatment.

Experts divide all side effects into three major groups depending on the effect they have on our body, brain, and soul:

  • Biological side effects – drugs can do much harm to our physical state. Addicts and alcoholics suffer from different biological disorders in the form of different infections, tremors, damaged liver, blood and heart diseases, eating disorders, insomnia, etc. Harmful substances damage different functions of our organism including immune and nervous systems.
  • Mental side effects – mental health is another crucial area that requires urgent treatment, as addicts often suffer from depression and anxiety, bipolar disorders, paranoia, and other emotional and mental disorders that prevent them from accepting the treatment in a proper way.
  • Cognitive and Behavioral side effects – inability to get on well with others, uncontrolled anger, lost career and job opportunities, ruined families – these are all types of behavioral side effects that result in lost life and coping skills.

All of the above-mentioned issues call for restoration and practicing, which can be achieved only through intensive therapies counseling, and other treatment modalities delivered by the best rehab centers in Minnesota.

Common Challenges On The Way To Recovery

Even when the treatment is over, it does not guarantee full recovery. There are still many challenges to take after rehab. The main problem is that a few patients can accept the new lifestyle without drugs and alcohol. They need to rearrange the entire social system they were used to. It might be quite difficult, especially without professional support. The main stumbling blocks involve:

  • Relapse – when there is no one to watch you, it Is very easy to indulge in drugs and alcohol after getting back home from the recovery center. For this reason, relapse prevention is one of the main treatment modalities provided by addiction specialists.
  • Transitioning Home – when patients get back home, they start a new life in the same atmosphere they used to live in when they were addicts. Some of them start feeling bored or fail to find a new sense in life. This is where spiritual and mental organization obtained during treatment may come in handy.
  • Lost Life Skills – coping skills help to socialize and interact with other members of the community. Addiction leads to lost and ruined coping skills. They need to be obtained from the ground to make it possible for individuals to reunite with their families or get new working opportunities.

The main idea is to help people find their place in society when the treatment program is over. Some centers offer additional services such as sober living, aftercare, transitioning home, and other options to ensure long-lasting recovery.

How Rehab Centers Can Help

Addiction is a horrible disease that affects different people despite their gender or age. The situation keeps getting out of hand with more and more fatalities resulting in substance misuse and overdose. Only a small percentage of chemically dependent persons will get a chance to receive professional assistance while the rest may not even realize they have severe side effects and health problems.

This is where rehab centers play a vital role. They appear to be the last resort, as addiction specialists deliver comprehensive treatment solutions not just to heal addiction directly but also to keep patients aware of all dreadful consequences of substance abuse. Recovery centers offer full-spectrum support with multi-level programs aimed at healing not just physical and mental health but also improve spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

Main Treatment Approaches

Choosing a proper program is vital, as it will define your treatment success in the end. Minnesota hosts dozens of rehab centers that offer various modalities including faith-based, medication-guided, trauma-informed, or evidence-based approaches. However, the primary treatment is usually based on several time-tested concepts:

  1. Detoxification – the first step to sobriety involves detox. It can be either alcohol or drug detoxification. The process helps to get rid of all substances in your body. When this stage is over, patients get a chance to move to another level of their treatment program.
  2. Residential care – inpatient plans have proved to be the most efficient ones, as they may last for weeks and months, while the patient stays inside the facility all the time and regularly attends different meetings, therapies, and sessions. Residential care may also include medication-assisted treatment, alumni support, and other levels of care.
  3. Outpatient services – just like partial hospitalization and IOP, outpatient care involves daily and weekly treatment. However, the patient is not obliged to stay in the facility all the time. The main focus is on addiction education, 1-on-1 and group therapies, specialty services, and some holistic approaches to heal emotional and mental health.

A combination of different treatment modalities can ensure the best result and long-lasting recovery.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Rehab Center

The following factors are crucial to take into account:

  • Licenses and Accreditations – accreditation shows that a chosen center offers treatment that meets the highest standards. What’s more, it means that medical staff if approved by the nation’s leading healthcare organizations such as the Minnesota Department of Health Services, SAMHSA, NAATP, CARF, etc.
  • Medical Services – make sure a selected facility has the treatment that meets your recovery goals. Check the list of available options, compare and contrast them with those provided by other centers.
  • Facilities – as you are going to spend some time on the property, it is very important to have all needed amenities and activities so as not to get bored. It is great to have a swimming pool, a well-equipped kitchen with chef-prepared meals, a place to play basketball or take part in other outdoor activities.
  • Location – a center must be easy to reach either by car or public transport. Your family might want to visit you as well.
  • Insurance – keep an eye on payment options and insurance plans accepted, as some policies may help you cover up to 100% of medical costs.
May 4, 2024