40 Drug Rehab Centers in Connecticut

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Rehab centers appear to be the last chance for people with chemical dependency to have a fresh start, get a new job, and live a new life. Specialized medical facilities welcome people with different challenges and side effects they can never overcome on their own. Substance abuse treatment is a complex procedure that requires not only specialization and experience but also multi-modal coverage.

It is vital to choose a rehab center with a full spectrum of practice areas covered and medical services delivered out of the box. It is the only way to cope with substance abuse side effects and get back to normal life as soon as possible.

Following the drug rehab program makes it possible to complete the detoxification recovery process in a friendly, caring, and safe environment. In or list, you will find 40 rehab centers with a variety of recovery plans for teens, adolescents, and adults.

1. Mountainside Treatment Center

Mountainside Treatment Center combines several specialized rehab facilities located in Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey. The facility welcomes patients with different types of addiction side effects and symptoms. Local specialists offer multi-level treatment programs that include residential care, IOP, supervised detoxification, psychological therapies, counseling sessions, gender-specific plans, and other treatment options developed to help men and women fight back the disease in the face of chemical dependency. They will get a chance to get rid of stress, co-occurring side effects, and triggers, that may eventually lead to relapse.

Address: 187 S Canaan Rd, Canaan, CT 06018


More Information on Mountainside.com

The rehab center boasts a team of experienced clinicians, physicians, therapists, counselors, and nursing staff. They work as a team to develop a multi-level approach to the treatment process with a variety of traditional and holistic therapies in the face of telehealth, individual and group sessions, understanding the risk of substance abuse, addiction education, and counseling, etc. However, the main focus is made on full-scale residential treatment solutions provided as 35-night plans to ensure sober living, a safe environment, and round-the-clock medical health monitoring.

Mountainside Treatment Center

The campus is conveniently located near the Berkshire mountains with amazing views, fresh air, and a recreational ecosystem. The facility offers cozy and modern rooms equipped with everything patients may need during their stay in addition to chef-prepared meals, gaming zones, and outdoor activities for residents to get involved.


  • More than 20 years of rehab experience;
  • Full-scale treatment plans for men and women;
  • The modern campus just near the Berkshire mountains.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Certified by CARF, 3.7 level of care by ASAM, approved by the Joint Commission.

2. High Watch Recovery Center – Medical Assistance Since 1939

High Watch Recovery Center is one of the oldest and longest-running rehab settings not only in Connecticut but also across the United States. It first opened its doors to patients back in 1939, which means more than 80 years of practicing and helping individuals to cope with substance abuse and alcoholism in all its forms. The rehab center was initially inspired by one of the co-founders Bill W., who was actually the first one to introduce a 12-step addiction treatment program that is utilized by the majority of substance abuse specialists until today.

Address: 62 Carter Rd, Kent, CT 06757

High Watch

More Information on HighWatchRecovery.org

The main benefit is the flexibility delivered to patients by the rehab center. Clients get a chance to choose a variety of plans as a part of a powerful daily schedule developed so that everyone could select the program that meets his or her requirements. Each day comes with a set of specific treatment activities and therapies individually selected for every patient. All residents get three hot meals per day served in stylish barn-style dining.

High Watch Recovery

As for the medical services, it was stated that the rehab center was the first one to utilize a 12-step program. It has evolved over the years offering more effective ways to ensure early and long-lasting recovery. Today, it includes bio, social, and mental evaluation, clinical diagnosis, detox, aftercare, etc. Local experts offer gender and age-specific solutions. For example, they have designed a separate addicts treatment program for women over 50. High-quality services are approved by the Joint Commission and NAATP.


  • Established in 1939;
  • The first rehab center to introduce 12-step programs;
  • Accredited by NAATP and the Joint Commission.

Insurance plans accepted:

  • Aetna, Beacon, Cigna, Humana, OPTUM, MVP, Oxford Health Plans, Select Health, and more.

3. Connecticut Center for Recovery – Certified CBT Specialists

If you look for holistic care and effective methods to struggle with alcoholism or substance abuse, Connecticut Center for Recovery will be the right destination. Here you may count on natural treatment modalities along with a compassionate approach and a range of additional medical services delivered in the form of 12-step plans, day treatment, and outpatient care offered along with a safe and sober environment. The range of treatment modalities involves individual and group therapies, family programming, marriage counseling, and other solutions.

Address: 6 Glenville St, Greenwich, CT 06831

Connecticut Center

More Information on ConnecticutRecovery.org

The path to rehab starts with a thorough physical and psychiatric evaluation to decide on the best-matching treatment approach considering specific individual needs and preferences. Some of the programs are designed with a focus on spiritual development as well as improving physical state and body conditions. Apart from day treatment and IOP, patients may select from an array of additional innovative and traditional solutions that include expressive arts and experiential therapies, DBT and CBT, art therapies and Gottman method, motivational learning, narratives, and more.

Connecticut Center for Recovery

Local experts represent some of the most experienced and trusted addiction specialists. They include certified therapists, professional counselors, well-trained nurses, recognizable doctors, and other staff. The facility boasts a great location in Greenwich, Connecticut with some eye-catching landscape and an atmosphere of total tranquility.


  • Dozens of therapies to choose from;
  • Natural addiction treatment methods;
  • Holistic and innovative modalities.

Insurance plans accepted:

  • TUFTS, GEHA, Humana, Oxford Health Plans, Aetna, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and more.

4. Aware Recovery Care

Aware Recovery Care has representations and rehab centers in Connecticut, Maine, Indiana, Florida, and some other states. However, the main facility is located in North Haven, CN where patients may benefit from professional medical support when struggling with chemical dependency. As a rule, it takes residents 12 months to complete inpatients programs. In some cases, the process of recovery may take more or less time depending on the addiction severity and side effects, which will be evaluated during the admission. Whatever medical service you choose, you may count on 100% effectiveness, as all plans and modalities are approved by the Joint Commission.

Address: 556 Washington Ave #201, North Haven, CT 06473

Aware Recovery Care

More Information on AwareRecoveryCare.com

Local experts have developed an effective in-house treatment, which means patients are supposed to stay in the facility and follow several vital stages. The first step is called Meet & Greet. It consists of admission and evaluation to choose the most effective modality. At the next stages, clients are transformed to their homes inside the rehab center. At this stage, care coordinators start working with them together with certified recovery advisors, who ensure improved wellness, proper addiction education, and long-lasting recovery without relapses.


  • Custom-tailored 12-month program;
  • Transparent treatment plans;
  • Medical services are approved by the Joint Commission.

Insurance plans accepted:

  • Anthem, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, TUFTS, OPTUM, and some others.

5. Connecticut Addiction Medicine

Connecticut Addiction Medicine is a multi-service rehab center that welcomes patients with different substance abuse side effects. Local experts have enough experience to treat any type of dependency as well as associated mental and physical disorders, behavioral side effects, and other problems as a result of this horrible disease. Here, they manage all types of substance abuse with a special focus on alcoholism and opioid dependency. Patients will appreciate a range of medical services, individual monitoring, and weekly relapse prevention groups.

Address: 330 Main St #101, Hartford, CT 06106

Connecticut Addiction Medicine

More Information on CtAddictionMedicine.com

The range of medical services involves traditional approaches such as detoxification, family therapies, outpatient care, and screening in addition to some more advanced solutions delivered in the form of pain management, addiction education, and MAT with the use of Suboxone, Vivitrol, and other medication management therapies. The team of medical experts represents licensed alcohol and drug counselors, psychiatrists, physicians, clinical social workers, and other staff to ensure safe stay and early recovery.


  • A pull of certified experts;
  • Full-scale addiction treatment services;
  • Rehab centers in 4 different locations across Connecticut.

Additional benefits:

  • Real 5-star reviews and testimonials.

6. Four Seasons Therapy

Four Seasons Therapy is the rehab center managed and owned by an experienced and well-recognizable solution-focused therapist. The main goal is to help people get rid of addiction not only physically but also mentally. For this reason, the main accent is made on holistic counseling and sessions instead of substance replacement programs. Patients will get access to a set of complementary treatment solutions that will help them improve self-esteem and live a meaningful life.

Address: 48 Alpine St, Bridgeport, CT 06610

Four Seasons Therapy

More Information on FourSeasonsTherapy.net

The rehab center is a perfect destination for those who not just need to get rid of an addiction but look for support and compassion. The setting has two separate centers located in Bridgeport and Sherman, Connecticut. Here, patients can choose from an array of individual and group sessions. The main therapy specializations involve couples and family counseling, grief counseling, stress management, therapies to treat anxiety and depression, anger management, conflict resolution, relapse prevention, and many other therapies that ensure safe living after the rehab.


  • Professional mental counseling services;
  • 2 separate rehab centers in Connecticut;
  • Level 1 and 2 Evidence-based programs.

Additional benefits:

  • The website has links to helpful forums where you may also find support and useful information.

7. Recovery Services of Connecticut

Recovery Services of Connecticut provides high-quality addiction treatment services and boasts the approval by the Joint Commission – a healthcare organization that accredits more than 2,500 medical organizations every three years. It means that patients here may count on full-cycle support along with an array of substance abuse treatment solutions delivered by a certified and licensed medical specialist. Located in Madison, CT, the facility welcomes people with different forms of dependency. The admission process is very fast and simple to ensure quick rehabilitation.

Address: 71 Bradley Rd suite 6, Madison, CT 06443

Recovery Services of Connecticut

More Information on RecoveryServicesCt.com

Immediate admission makes it easy for patients to start the recovery process. After the stage of evaluation, they will be assigned with a specific treatment solution that may include drug and alcohol rehab plans, residential treatment, outpatient care, dual diagnosis rehab, psychiatric evaluation and recovery, detox, and some other medical services to ensure full-spectrum support.


  • Professional medical services;
  • Separate detox, inpatient, and residential centers;
  • A team of certified healthcare providers.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • The quality of treatment services is approved by the Joint Commission.

8. Turnbridge

With two separate outpatient centers located in Westport and North Haven, CT, Turnbridge is one of the most trusted and recognizable rehab centers across the state. The main setting is located in Westport. It occupies an old-fashioned historical cottage that was built in 1858. Constructed by Cornelius Connolly, the cottage was renewed to meet the highest standards and patients’ expectations. Today, it has 7 bedrooms with a state-of-the-art kitchen, well-equipped computer class, and other facilities that can be found in a 5,000 square feet residence.

Address: 189 Orange St, New Haven, CT 06510


More Information on TurnbridgeOutpatient.com

All services are developed to help people struggle with various types of chemical dependency, eating disorders, and other substance abuse side effects. The range of treatment solutions involves IOP and standard outpatient care, medication-assisted treatment, individual and group counseling, drug testing, meditation, and some other modalities. All experts at the Turnbridge rehab center work with a focus on delivering sober living and health management to men.


  • Addiction treatment programs for men;
  • Advanced and well-equipped facilities;
  • Two rehab centers in Connecticut.

Additional benefits:

  • The rehab center is located in a cottage built-in 1858.

9. Project Courage

Andy Buccaro is the founder and executive director at Project Courage. He used to be an addict as well struggling with dependency. Later, he decided to open a rehab center to provide support and professional care to those in need. As a result, Project Courage has grown into one of the most recognizable facilities in Connecticut with centers and specialists to deliver a variety of medical services that range from IOP plans and family services to medication-assisted treatment, screening, and testing services, etc.

Address: 130 Elm St, Old Saybrook, CT 06475

Project Courage

More Information on ProjectCourageWorks.com

Mr. Buccaro is in charge of a professional medical team that consists of psychiatrists, clinicians, physicians, counselors, therapists, and other well-trained staff who cover different stages of the recovery process. Patients will benefit from two major IOP programs. The first one is designed to meet the needs of adults. The second one was developed to help adolescents cope with substance abuse and side effects. Apart from baseline medical options, clients will get a chance to try out a different modality also known as Change Theory.


  • Addiction treatment for adults and adolescents;
  • Professional and experienced staff;
  • Innovative methodologies and approaches.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • 3-year accreditation by CARF.

10. APT Foundation

No matter what type of addiction treatment you need, APT Foundation might be a good choice with a variety of medical services and well-trained certified staff to ensure a long-lasting recovery. The rehab center has two separate facilities located in North Haven and West Haven, Cn. They were built to serve patients with different types of chemical dependency. All services are delivered as a part of a residential or outpatient program in addition to family counseling, MAT plans, addiction education, and vocational services.

Address: 495 Congress Ave, New Haven, CT 06519

APT Foundation

More Information on APTFoundation.org

Apart from traditional treatment plans, local experts meet the needs of clients with special requirements. They may include HIV/AIDS infected individuals, pregnant women as well as women with children, etc. As a result, APT Foundation appears to be a full-spectrum center with a wide range of programs to treat dependency at any level. The team consists of multi-disciplinary specialists who are certified and officially licensed to deliver addiction treatment solutions.


  • A wide range of rehab plans;
  • Well-trained staff;
  •  Programs for people with special needs.

Additional benefits:

  • Expanded social representation with constantly updated rehab center news, articles, posts, and other useful info.

11. McCall Center for Behavioral Health

With the medical director and leading psychiatrist Dr. Natalie March, the medical staff at McCall Center for Behavioral Health welcomes people who fail to struggle with different forms of substance abuse on their own. The main mission of local specialists is to ensure a safe and judgment-free environment where clients will get a chance to focus on the process of recovery. The range of services includes such practice areas as residential and intermediate residential care, outpatient treatment, and other teen-based rehab opportunities.

Address: 58 High St, Torrington, CT 06790

McCall Center

More Information on McCallCenterCt.org

Local specialists utilize an array of different modalities and methodologies to develop a custom-tailored treatment plan for every individual. While the client is the main priority for every healthcare provider, the selection of rehab methodologies involves the medication-assisted treatment, programs to treat co-occurring disorders, CBT, comprehensive alcoholism and drug addiction education plans, etc. Those, who require continuum psychiatric care, will appreciate fast and simple access to on-site specialists.


  • Specifically developed teen-based programs;
  • Experienced medical staff;
  • Traditional 12-step programs.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Accredited by CARF, Gold Seal of Transparency 2020 by GuideStar, 2-times Top Work Place in 2018 and 2019.

12. New Era Rehabilitation

New Era Rehabilitation is a privately owned addiction rehab setting located in Connecticut. It was founded in 2002. The Board of Directors consists of certified and licensed doctors with a flawless reputation. They provide high-quality medical services that are approved by the Joint Commission and some other reputable healthcare organizations such as CARF, JCAHO, and more. The rehab center has two separate facilities situated in New Haven and Bridgeport, CN.

Address: 311 East St, New Haven, CT 06511

New Era Rehabilitation

More Information on NewEraRehabilitation.com

The main mission is to deliver patient-oriented addiction treatment through a variety of rehab modalities and medical services. They include ambulatory detoxification, medication-assisted treatment, mental health counseling, eating disorder treatment, IOP, family support, and individual therapies. All plans are developed utilizing a research-based approach with family-oriented value development and comprehensive substance abuse education.


  • Two premier facilities in Connecticut;
  • Accredited by CARF and the Joint Commission;
  • Research-based treatment methodologies.

Insurance plans accepted:

  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna, AvMed, Cigna.

13. Nexus House

Nexus House is a great destination for people who fail to fight back substance abuse and were left on their own with the disease. Here, they will get a chance to get back to normal life without addiction and put more than 25 years of rehab experience on their side delivered by local specialists. A range of treatment programs ensures a multi-level approach to heal patients’ bodies, souls, and minds.

Address: 175 Brooklawn Ave, Bridgeport, CT 06604

Nexus House

More Information on NexusSoberHouse.com

The rehab center offers an array of therapeutic and treatment services. Patients may choose from a selection of treatment plans that include weekly toxicology screening. If any of the prohibited substances are spotted, a patient will be immediately removed from the facility. So, it is not only about treatment but also discipline training. Additional medical offers involve 12-step courses, outdoor activities, continuing care, and other amenities included in the treatment package.


  • More than 25 years of rehab experience;
  • Discipline and weekly drug tests;
  • Events and outings for patients to engage.


  • You will find the rehab center in a peaceful location in Fairfield County with laundry, gym, and other utilities included.

14. MCCA

MCCA was opened in 1972 to provide help to people who lost their hopes for recovery. It is the primary state facility to cope with alcoholism and substance abuse. Local experts ensure relapse prevention and treatment of co-occurring symptoms using advanced technologies and efficient treatment modalities. As a result, MCCA appears to be a full-spectrum rehab facility with an array of services to choose from.

Address: 38 Old Ridgebury Rd, Danbury, CT 06810


More Information on MCCAonline.com

The path to recovery at MCCA starts with an initial assessment and evaluation. Then, a patient will be forwarded to an appropriate specialist with a thoroughly selected treatment program. The second stage is drug or alcohol, detox which takes place in a separate sober facility with round-the-clock health monitoring. After that, patients will get a chance to move to the residential or outpatient facility and benefit from short and long-term residential plans for adults, IOP, relapse prevention groups, programs to treat gambling addiction, and other medical services.


  • Rehab services since 1972;
  • Separate treatment facilities for men and women;
  • Gambling addiction therapies.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Accredited by CARF, DPH, DMHAS, CSSD.

15. Connecticut Counseling Centers

Connecticut Counseling Centers is one of a few non-profitable healthcare organizations that were opened with the aim of providing a range of state-licensed substance abuse treatment programs. Patients may access mental health healing plans, relapse prevention, and dependency education with a chance to become productive members of modern society and live without addiction.

Address: 50 Brookside Rd, Waterbury, CT 06708

Connecticut Counseling Centers

More Information on CTCounseling.org

The rehab center has recently announced the grand opening of its new outpatient facility located in Meriden, Connecticut. It will be the first-ever rehab setting in the Meriden area to provide opioid addiction treatment. Just as the main residence, it will deliver a scope of medical services that include individual counseling, couples and family therapies, evaluation, and screening, psychiatric services, etc.


  • A trusted and reputable rehab center;
  • Non-profit organization;
  • New facilities are about to be opened.

Additional benefits:

  • Real success stories, patients’ comments, employment opportunities, and more.

16. CleanSlate

With more than 10 rehab centers located across the United States including premier settings in Connecticut, CleanSlate is one of the nation’s leading addiction treatment providers with specific programs to heal drug and alcohol dependency at any level. The website offers plenty of video reviews depicting real patients who managed to recover and get back to normal life with the help of a local medical team. The majority of plans were developed with a focus on alcoholism and opioid treatment.

Address: 85 Gillett St, Hartford, CT 06105

Clean Slate

More Information on CleanSlateCenters.com

The path to an early and long-lasting recovery at the rehab center consists of four major states. The first one involves wellness estimation along with admission and evaluation process to select the best-matching treatment solution. At the next stage, patients will benefit from FDA-approved medication-assisted plans with the use of methadone and Suboxone as a part of substance replacement therapies. The next stage is health monitoring, counseling, and specific therapies that eventually end up with continuum care.


  • Full-spectrum addiction treatment services;
  • Medically guided MAT solutions;
  • Well-structured rehab plans.

Medication types:

  • MAT treatment considers using methadone, suboxone, Subutex, and Vivitrol.

17. Recovery Network of Programs

Recovery Network of Programs is a state-licensed and nationally recognized non-profit rehab organization that was opened with the aim of helping the homeless and other people in need to struggle with alcoholism and substance abuse. The main mission is to deliver affordable and high-quality medical services to those who cannot afford posh facilities but still want to get rid of psychiatric and substance use disorders, physical and mental problems, etc. The main services include supportive housing and detoxification on a daily basis.

Address: 392 Prospect St, Bridgeport, CT 06604

Recovery Network

More Information on Recovery-Programs.org

The rehab center has recently got a federal grant provided by SAMHSA in addition to accreditations by other leading healthcare organizations and institutions. It ensures the highest level of care and addiction treatment delivered through a range of services. They include alcohol and drug detox along with emergency shelter for the homeless, transitional housing for those who are about to get back to normal life, permanent supportive housing, and some other substance abuse treatment programs.


  • Affordable alcoholism and addiction treatment;
  • Emergency shelter and supportive housing;
  • Medical help to homeless and patients in need.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Granted by SAMHSA, accredited by CCBH, CCIH, and other reputable healthcare institutions.


CNV HELP evolved from a small individual family network to a nationally established rehab center with more than five decades of operational experience. The center was opened in 1970 as a privately-owned facility for families and individuals who required support when coping with chemical dependency. Today, it offers patients high-quality recovery settings along with residential and outpatient treatment delivered by state-licensed and certified specialists.

Address: 24 Shelter Rock Rd, Danbury, CT 06810

CNV Help

More Information on CNVHelp.org

Today, the rehab center boasts a compassionate and expert team with more than 65 professionals in different fields. The setting is conveniently located in Waterbury with separate medical centers in Torrington and Danbury to welcome patients with different addiction side effects and help them through health and substance abuse services approved by DMHAS and the Judicial Department.


  • More than 50 years of rehab experience;
  • Established in 1970;
  • 65 licensed addiction specialists.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Accredited by the Judicial Department and DMHAS.

19. Hartford HealthCare Rushford

Adults looking for a safe and drug and alcohol-free environment with a chance to get back to normal life will find Hartford HealthCare Rushford a good destination with a range of professional medical services and substance abuse treatment plans. The pool of experts introduces well-educated professionals who have been trained to work with addicts and alcoholics and interact with people who suffer from chemical dependency in different forms.

Address: 883 Paddock Ave, Meriden, CT 06450

Hartford HealthCare Rushford

More Information on Rushford.org

The first thing that will draw the patient’s attention is round-the-clock admission and health monitoring after the evaluation. In other words, clients may count on 24/7 medical assistance and support during the treatment. As for the addiction treatment, patients may choose from teen and adult detox, outpatient mental health programs, residential treatment for adults and teens, substance abuse education at Rushford Academy Day School, and more.


  • Substance treatment for adults and teens;
  • Comprehensive addictions education;
  • 24/7 mental health support.

Additional benefits:

  • Virtual health for online treatment, Rushford Academy Day School, and other facilities.

20. Sober Solutions of Norwalk

Located in Norwalk, Connecticut, the rehab center offers medically-guided Suboxone treatment and aftercare for people who want to get rid of addiction fast. Robert Sterling is the leading addiction specialist who is licensed to serve alcoholics and addicts not only in Norwalk but also surrounding neighborhoods including Greenwich, Weston, New Canaan, and some other areas. The range of services provided by Dr. Sterling includes MAT, counseling, mental disorder treatment, etc.

Address: 120 East Ave Suite 1E, Norwalk, CT 06851

Sober Solutions

More Information on SoberSolutionsofNorwalk.com

Apart from MAT, individual and group counseling, patients at Sober Solutions of Norwalk may count on sober living, mood disorder treatment, and some other medical services as a part of a local outpatient treatment program. The main focus is made on Suboxone-guided therapies along with relapse prevention and in-depth addiction counseling.


  • Effective Suboxone treatment;
  • Licensed and certified medical staff;
  • Mood disorder and mental health treatment.

Additional benefits:

  • 5-star reviews on Google and Yelp.

21. Waterstone Center

Waterstone Center has been serving individuals with different types of substance abuse since 2015. Although the rehab center is relatively new if compared to some longer-running facilities in Connecticut, it managed to make a good name for itself thanks to unique treatment programs and compassionate services delivered by certified medical experts. They consist of experienced psychological providers, professional counselors, well-trained nursing staff, and other specialists who deliver individual recovery plans for every patient to treat depression, anxiety, mental disorders, and other substance abuse side effects.

Address: 17 Wall St, Madison, CT 06443

Waterstone Center

More Information on WaterstoneCenter.com

The list of major medical services consists of medication-assisted treatment, integrated psychotherapy, evaluation, and assessment. Besides, local experts have developed a custom-tailored program known as Fresh Start. It is based on 5 major principles. The first one involves judgment-free opiate addiction treatment followed by high-quality services, aftercare, and a safe environment. Patients will be glad to know that the rehab center accepts major insurance plans to cover treatment costs.


  • Addiction treatment since 2015;
  • A unique Fresh Start program;
  • Evidence-based therapies.

Insurance plans accepted:

  • United Healthcare, Medicaid, Husky Health, Aetna, Cigna, Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

22. InterCommunity

InterCommunity is a trusted detoxification center located in Connecticut. The facility accepts clients with different types of addiction despite the pandemic. To keep patients safe in the face of COVID-19, local experts offer video calls and telehealth options in addition to a range of traditional in-house rehab plans. For more than four decades, local specialists have been helping people to fight back the disease. They establish a responsive and compassionate approach while offering timely and accessible addiction treatment at any level.

Address: 281 Main St, East Hartford, CT 06118


More Information on InterCommunityCt.org

Patients may choose from a list of medical services. They include residential treatment and detoxification. Clients may opt for intensive outpatient treatment with therapies and counseling, MAT, recovery support, and other programs individually designed to meet residents’ needs. The rehab center has a huge online knowledge base with an array of resources, guides, and instructions on how to prepare for the first visit, video FAQs, and other useful information for patients.


  • 40 years of rehab services;
  • Telehealth and video visits;
  • A huge Help Center for future patients.

Additional benefits:

  •  School-Based Health Centers and addiction education.

23. CASA

CASA stands for the Chemical Abuse Services Agency, which means a full-spectrum rehab center with high-quality treatment programs and full-cycle round-the-clock support for every patient. Residents will appreciate a community-based environment and certified medical services delivered since 1987. From a simple rehab center, the setting has evolved to become the state leading multicultural behavioral health facility in Connecticut. Local specialists work with various ethnic groups that are generally underserved.

Address: 1124 Iranistan Ave, Bridgeport, CT 06605


More Information on CASAincct.org

For more than three decades, local experts have been helping people to get back to normal life through customizable residential and outpatient solutions. The medical staff consists of licensed specialists and Spanish-speaking assistants to ensure full-scale support along with a 24/7 therapeutic living environment. The range of medical services includes clinical and supportive inpatient programs, day treatment, supportive housing, MAT, and more.


  • More than 30 years of high-quality services;
  • Spanish-speaking staff;
  • Multicultural behavioral health center.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Accredited by CARF, HRSA, and other organizations.

24. Greater Hartford Harm Reduction Coalition

Greater Hartford Harm Reduction Coalition is an organization founded by a group of individuals who really care about people who are left 1-on-1 with addiction. For many years, they have been working with patients suffering from different types of chemical dependency. The rehab center was officially opened in 2014 with the idea of serving the most vulnerable individuals and members of the community.

Address: and 557 Albany Ave, 1229 Albany Ave, Hartford, CT 06112

Greater Hartford Harm Reduction Coalition

More Information on GHHRC.org

The main philosophy here is not just to provide addiction treatment through a variety of medical services but to mobilize and put all available collective resources on one side letting people build trust and compassion. The range of medical programs consists of alcohol and drug abuse treatment, HIV prevention, addiction, and sexual education, a syringe exchange program, and more.


  • Founded by a group of caring individuals;
  • Rehab services since 2014;
  • Safe sex kits and HIV prevention.

Additional services:

  • O.P.E.N. access with overdose prevention, education, and Naloxone access included in the plan.


SCADD was opened with a dedication to help families and individuals overcome substance abuse and alcoholism. For many years, local specialists have been delivering high-quality addiction treatment to women and men struggling with the disease. Opened in 1966, SCADD appears to be one of the longest-running rehab centers with more than 55 years of rehab experience and medical services approved by the nation’s leading non-profitable organizations and state institutions.

Address: 321 Main St, Norwich, CT 06360


More Information on SCADD.org

The treatment process consists of different medical services and therapies to ensure early and long-lasting recovery. Patients will benefit from professional and guided outpatient and residential detox, long-term care, intermediate support, levels of care, IOP, MAT, and other proven methods to heal chemical dependency.


  • 55 years of superior rehab services;
  • State-licensed addiction specialists;
  • Established in 1966.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • The rehab center is accredited by the Department of Public Health and the State of Connecticut.

26. David Simon, M.D.

David Simon is a well-known and reputable addiction specialist in Connecticut. For many years, he has been serving alcoholics and addicts who want to start living without dependency. Mr. Simon is a state-licensed and certified medical doctor who has dedicated his life to deliver private practice to individuals and families from Mansfield Center, CN. Unlike high-volume rehab centers, Dr. Simon guarantees individual attention to every individual and never works with more than several patients at a time.

Address: 2 Ledgebrook Dr, Mansfield Center, CT 06250

David Simon

More Information on DoctorDavidSimon.com

David started his addiction treatment practicing back in 1997 after graduating from the Medical College of Virginia. Besides, he has successfully passed ASAM certification and became the board-certified member of ABAM since 2009. On the whole, Dr. Simon boasts more than two decades of successful substance abuse treatment experience offering a range of services that include opioid addiction treatment, Suboxone guided MAT, tobacco and smoking cessation, and more.


  • Medical practice since 1997;
  • Patient-centered private rehab services;
  • ABAM-licensed ad state-accredited addiction specialist.

Insurance plans accepted:

  • United Healthcare, Cigna, Aetna, Husky Plans, Medicaid, and some others.

27. Pivot Ministries

Faith-based addiction treatment programs have always been considered the most powerful modalities to heal substance abuse. This is why Pivot Ministries is so popular with individuals seeking help across Connecticut. Here, they will access an effective recovery program with a community-based and compassionate approach to every resident. The main benefit is that dependency and alcoholism are treated mainly as spiritual problems rather than physical disorders.

Address: 485 Jane St, Bridgeport, CT 06608

Pivot Ministries

More Information on PivotMinistries.org

The center guarantees 100% confidentially and comprehensive treatment solutions delivered through a variety of rehab plans. They include health recovery via residential substance abuse plans, outdoor activities, and regular events to take part in. The team consists of compassionate specialists with a pastor and executive director Reverend Richard T. Williams in charge.


  • A faith-based rehab center;
  • Full-spectrum residential treatment;
  • Spiritual modalities to heal addiction.

 Additional benefits:

  • A community-based approach with events and activities to engage.

28. Farrell Treatment Center

Those, who look for professional and dedicated medical assistance within the rehabilitation after substance abuse, will definitely find Farrell Treatment Center to be a good destination. Here, patients will get a chance to maintain their individual dignity and eventually fight back the disease. The story of the rehab center started back in 1973. 49 years ago, Monsignor Joseph Farrell decided to open a shelter for homeless male alcoholics and men in need. Eventually, it has grown into one of the most trusted and reputable rehab facilities in Connecticut.

Address: 586 Main St, New Britain, CT 06051

Farrell Treatment Center

More Information on Farrell-TC.com

Clients will access different medical services in a variety of treatment modalities. Local experts provide high-quality inpatient and outpatient care. Residential treatment usually takes men 28 days to complete with a chance to prolong the recovery plan. IOP consists of 3-hour sessions and therapies that may include individual and group counseling. Additional services involve relapse prevention, anger management, women issues, and other side effects.


  • Established in 1973;
  • Almost 50 years of rehab practice;
  • Real testimonials and success stories.

Medical services:

  • Residential treatment for men, IOP, women’s issues, etc.

29. Connecticut Counseling & Wellness

Connecticut Counseling & Wellness is formerly known as the Counseling Center of Waterbury. It is a cozy and intimate rehab facility to deliver high-quality outpatient care for individuals from the Greater Waterbury Area. For more than two decades, local experts have been helping patients to overcome chemical dependency in its different forms. The setting was founded in 1990 by Edward Edgar.

Address: 1776 Meriden Rd, Wolcott, CT 06716

Connecticut Counseling & Wellness

More Information on CCWellness.org

The main mission is to ensure a comfortable environment and safe atmosphere for patients striving to heal dependency-related issues. Local staff has enough expertise to cover different practice areas that include addiction intervention. The team consists of qualified counselors, experienced therapies, and state-licensed physicians.


  • More than 20 years of practice;
  • Small and intimate outpatient facility;
  • High-quality substance abuse treatment.

Insurance plans accepted:

  • Husky and other major insurance plans.

30. Stamford Clinical Services

Stamford Clinical Services is a rehab center for addicts and alcoholics that combines bilingual mental health services and mental health and coaching modalities. Patients may choose to form a pretty wide range of different methodologies. They include not only typical treatment services in the form of counseling and therapies but also some alternative and holistic options such as hypnosis, CBT, spiritual mentorship, and others.

Address: 6 Landmark Square #417, Stamford, CT 06901

Stamford Clinical Services

More Information on StamfordClinicalServices.com

A full spectrum of alternative modalities makes it possible to heal different side effects such as drug and alcohol addiction, domestic violence, weight loss, and eating disorders, LGBT counseling, and more. With a certified brain coach Alejandra Hochstedler in charge, local specialists help patients recover from trauma and dependency symptoms to ensure long-lasting recovery.


  • Holistic and innovative treatment options;
  • Full-spectrum of mental and brain coaching services;
  • Experienced staff with licensed specialists.

Licenses and Accreditations:

  • AMHCA membership, WOSB program certification, EMDR Trauma certified staff.

31. The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is the rehab center for men who seek effective ways to heal their addiction. Despite the fact that the majority of programs are developed to assist male patients, the center also has a separate women’s residential treatment center. The main mission is to create a comfortable and safe environment with all the necessary amenities and services needed for building a solid foundation for future recovery. Premier facilities and personal care are guaranteed to every client.

Address: 34 Elm St, New Canaan, CT 06840

The Lighthouse

More Information on TheLighthousect.com

It is a perfect destination for those who look for not just a typical clinic but luxurious accommodation with well-furnished and decorated rooms in addition to high-quality addiction treatment programs. A family-like community will enhance the process of rehab. Patients will also appreciate a private swimming pool, personalized care, and other perks.


  • 11,000 square feet of luxurious facilities;
  • Transportation to the community;
  • Chef-prépare cuisine.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • New Canaan YMCA Membership.

32. Authentic Recovery

An authentic Recovery is a perfect place for those seeking full recovery from chemical dependency and the opportunity to return to normal life. Local experts treat all common addiction side effects in the form of mental illnesses, behavioral disorders, and other symptoms. Utilizing evidence-based modalities, they make it possible to restore not only physical wellness but also hope for the better. Patients will appreciate industry-leading approaches to ensure continuous care and high-level treatment services.

Address: 100 Migeon Ave, Torrington, CT 06790

Authentic Recovery

More Information on AuthenticRecovery.org

Licensed experts can offer full-spectrum services that are selected specifically for patient care. They may include psychiatric therapies, round-the-clock monitoring and support, medication-assisted treatment, individual and group sessions to great alcoholism and drug addiction along with depression, anxiety, and other side effects.


  • Telehealth for remote treatment;
  • Virtual tours and video guides;
  • Full-service addiction programs.

Additional benefits:

  • The rehab center has established a partnership with Sturdy Memorial to ensure industry-leading treatment solutions.

33. Newport Academy

Newport Academy introduces a network of healing centers located in different states including a rehab center in Connecticut. Local specialists were trained to help teens and young adults overcome substance abuse and start a long-lasting recovery within picturesque and cozy facilities with lots of therapies and activities to get involved. The setting offers healing and accommodation to patients with addiction, eating disorders, mental health illnesses, and other symptoms.

Address: 64 Double Hill Rd, Bethlehem, CT 06751

Newport Academy

More Information on NewportAcademy.com

The health center differs from dozens of clinic-like rehab facilities. It offers multiple levels of care along with evidence-based modalities and gender-specific methods. The center has several residential facilities to house teens and young adult males and females separately. Besides, each program is developed specifically for a patient taking into consideration systematic family programming and support.


  • Multiple awards and certifications;
  • A regular appearance on major mass media;
  • Addiction programs for teens and young adults.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Approved by the Joint Commission, NATSAP, NABH, The Jason Foundation, and any others.

34. Perception Programs

If you need cost-effective and efficient addiction treatment, Perception Programs always has something to offer. Established in 1970, it is one of the longest-running rehab centers in Connecticut located in Willimantic, CN. The rehab center comes with affordable treatment plans, individualized treatment programs, a community-like and supportive environment, and high-quality medical assistance delivered in Spanish and English.

Address: 54 North St, Willimantic, CT 06226

Perception Programs

More Information on PerceptionPrograms.org

The main focus during the treatment is made on residential care that involves trauma-informed and judgment-free approaches delivered to adult women. An array of gender-specific solutions are developed to heal substance use disorder through individual and family therapies, IOP, medication management, and help provided to patients with special needs (adolescents, LGBT community, students, etc.).


  • Established in 1970;
  • Residential treatment for patients with special needs;
  • Affordable medical services.

Additional benefits:

  • Bilingual medical assistance in Spanish and English.

35. The Progressive Group

The Progressive Group is not just a rehab center. It is more like an institute where all patients can receive primary assistance when treating substance abuse and mental health side effects of chemical dependency. Local experts have enough experience to effectively utilize modern therapeutic modalities based on the CBT principles. It means a wide range of medical services involving motivational interviewing, CPT, DBT, and other forms of cognitive-behavioral treatment.

Address: 2 Trap Falls Rd Suite 120, Shelton, CT 06484

The Progressive Institute

More Information on Progressive-Institute.com

The name of the center speaks for itself. The main focus is made on patients’ progress during their treatment path. Each member of the medical team has successfully passed sensitivity and PTSD training to ensure a supportive environment and welcoming atmosphere for every client. Patients may choose from IOP and outpatient care, psychiatric assistance, individual therapies, family programming, drug testing, trauma-based counseling, and more.


  • Leveraging cognitive-behavioral treatment;
  • Well-trained and experienced medical staff;
  • Approved by the Joint Commission.

Insurance plans accepted:

  • Cigna, United Healthcare, Aetna, OPTUM, Beacon, MultiPlan, and more.

36. Retreat Behavioral Health

Initially launched as Retreat at Lancaster County, Retreat Behavioral Health has turned into a nationwide rehab center with facilities in South Connecticut, Palm Beach County, and other locations. Founded in 2011, the center offers full-spectrum inpatient and outpatient care for people with different types of mental and physical disorders as a result of chemical dependency. Retreat Behavioral Health was founded by Peter Schorr who boasts more than three decades of practicing experience in such practice areas as addiction treatment, alcohol abuse, etc.

Address: 915 Ella T Grasso Blvd, New Haven, CT 06519

Retreat Behavioral Health

More Information on RetreatBehavioralHealth.com

The facility was relaunched in 2019 and got a new name under which it is known today. The main specialization of local experts combines healing co-occurring disorders, full-functional psychiatric assistance and mental health treatment, Synergy Health Programs, and other options available for patients. The rehab center boasts a range of prestigious and honorable awards along with quality approval by Aetna, the Joint Commission, and other respected healthcare institutions.


  • A decade of successful addiction treatment;
  • Relaunched facilities in Connecticut;
  • Medical staff with decades of combined experience.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Quality award by Aetna, accredited by the Joint Commission and CARF, BBB Accredited Business, Verified by Psychology Today.

37. Bridges Healthcare

Bridges Healthcare is one of the oldest and most reputable rehab centers in Connecticut. Its doors first opened to welcome patients with chemical dependency and alcoholism back in 1957. 63 years have passed and local specialists still do their best to help addicts get back to normal life. Thousands of adult residents have recovered from the disease and successfully socialized. Bridges helped hundreds of families to move towards healing, rehab and restored relations. While being a certified community behavioral clinic, it offers exclusive substance abuse treatment solutions.

Address: 949 Bridgeport Ave, Milford, CT 06460

Bridges Healthcare

More Information on Bridgesct.org

The center comes as a state-designated mental health setting that is officially licensed to serve patients from Milford, West Haven, and Orange, CN. Clients may count on full-scale assistance delivered through inpatient care, addiction treatment programs for teens and adults, children and family support, primary healthcare and wellness, jail diversion services, and other options.


  • More than 60 years of rehab services;
  • Addiction treatment for adults and teens;
  • A state-designated rehab center.

Major donors and partners:

  • United Way of Milford, The First United Church of Christ, The Community Foundation of Greater New Haven, and many more.

38. CHR

CHR is one of the biggest rehab networks in the United States. It has facilities across the country with rehab centers in Connecticut as well. The main mission is to help individuals cope with substance abuse and traumas resulted in chemical dependency. The team of experts currently includes more than 700 dedicated specialists such as therapists, psychiatrists, clinicians, and counselors who have been helping more than 24,000 patients to struggle with addiction in all of its forms.

Address: 153 Hazard Ave, Enfield, CT 06082


More Information on CHRHealth.org

Addicts and alcoholics may access a variety of options to cope with the disease. The most efficient way is to opt for a 30-day residential program that can be prolonged if needed. Additional services include outpatient care, treatment plans for mothers and pregnant women, veteran support programs developed by Bryan Wade, Ph.D. who spent 11 years in the United States Air Force.


  • 60 years of rehab services;
  • Facilities across the country with centers in Connecticut;
  • Licensed and certified addiction specialists.

Additional benefits:

  • Medical support in English and Spanish.

39. Step Up Inn

Step Up Inn is a cozy and small rehab facility that operates as a part of the Connecticut Alliance of Recovery Residences. It provides gender-specific addiction treatment programs developed with a focus on women aged from 18 to 70. Patients are welcome in a 12-bed cozy residence at any stage of the dependency no matter how severe the disease development is. They may count on multi-level rehab delivered by certified and experienced addiction specialists.

Address: 541 Washington Ave, West Haven, CT 06516

Step Up Inn

More Information on StepUpInn.com

With every rehab plan, a patient gets access to clean and sober residences with spacious and beautiful rooms designed to meet the needs of every woman. Additionally, clients will be able to visit a local workout studio and prepare healthy food at a local self-serving kitchen. Free Wi-Fi and a large TV set are included in the package.


  • Relapse prevention;
  • Life planning and volunteering;
  • Yoga, meditation, and days out.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • The rehab center is certified and inspected by CTARR.

40. Oceanside Recovery

Apart from all major types of addiction treatment, Oceanside Recovery guarantees dignity, respect, and compassionate care to every patient. The path to recovery starts with the first phone call followed by evaluation, admission, the process of rehab, and recovery. The range of medical services includes behavioral, psychiatric, and other plans to heal every issue of disorders caused by chemical dependency.

Address: 30 W Main St, Niantic, CT 06357

Oceanside Recovery

More Information on OceansideRecovery.org

Every plan involves several treatment modules along with group work, individual counseling, medication-assisted treatment with the use of Vivitrol, suboxone, and other substances, specific diagnosis healing, and more. Local experts utilize evidence-based modalities of genomic testing, drug screening, and other services to ensure early recovery.


  • Compassionate and respectful staff;
  • Free consultations and admissions;
  • Telehealth and remote treatment programs.

Additional services:

  • Telepsychiatry for men and women.

The Situation With Drug Addiction

In 2011, Connecticut was found in the top 10 states with the highest rate of illicit drug addicts among individuals aged 26+. The statistics involved different types of substances with heroin taking first place among the most popular and widely spread drugs. With thousands of people annually suffering from different forms of chemical dependency, only 10% of them get qualified medical assistance.

Meanwhile, the majority continue suffering from major side effects or even die because of overdose each year. Only in 2018, 948 people died of opioid dependency resulting in fatalities.

Major Side Effects That Require Treatment

Actually, all dependency side effects call for urgent and professional treatment. However, identifying major symptoms is not as easy as it may seem. What’s more, an addict or an alcoholic will unconsciously deny he or she has them. To make things a bit clearer for future patients, specialists have divided all major side effects into three categories:

  1. Physical Wellness – addiction results in a weakening immune system and the inability of our organism to fight back the disease, especially in the case of long-running substance use. It all results in chronic pains, eating disorders, rapid weight loss, different types of infections, heart attacks, difficult breathing, damaged liver, and many other symptoms that require urgent medical involvement.
  2. Mental state – drugs make people happy for some time. However, when a person does not take drugs, the organism feels cravings. When he or she does not get a dosage, it results in depression, anxiety, obsession, and more. More serious symptoms may include bipolar disorder, paranoia, thoughts about suicide, etc.
  3. Social behavior – our ability to socialize is the one that makes us different from other creatures. Dependency worsens those abilities. Addicts simply fail to socialize and get on well not only with friends and colleagues but also with family members and spouses. It inevitably leads to ruined relations, lost wages or even earning opportunities, ruined careers.

Rehab centers offer a multi-disciplinary approach that covers every aspect of the addiction. Specialists develop specific plans with methodologies and programs to heal all side effects right at once instead of treating separate symptoms at a time. This fact ensures a full-cycle recovery. At the same time, it is very important to take into account major challenges.

Common Challenges

Completing the rehab provides only 50% of success. A full recovery is impossible without taking specific challenges an individual will have to take when getting back. The main obstacles on the way to a full rehabilitation generally include:

  • Relapse – when left alone without medical support and health monitoring, patients usually suffer from addiction relapse. They start taking drugs because of fear or boredom. They do not know how to act and what to do without substance abuse. This is where proper education and relapse prevention are needed as a part of the treatment program.
  • Transitioning home – simply saying, getting back home after the rehab is also a challenge. You have no one to watch for you. A person is no longer afraid of screening and drug testing. The lack of discipline may also result in further relapse. It is very important to teach patients how to set new life goals. Coping, job, and life skills need to be well-trained during therapies and counseling sessions.
  • Socializing – the type refers mainly to a reunion with families. Former addicts are embarrassed. They feel shame and guilt. On the other hand, no one is protected from the disease. It is very important to improve a patient’s self-esteem during the treatment that is provided in a judgment-free environment.

We should also mention career and job skills training. Patients get a chance to develop new talents and hobbies that would never think of during the period of dependency.

How Rehab Centers Can Help

Rehab centers generally come with full coverage offering solutions to heal not only physical state but also mental health, behavioral disorders, and other addiction side effects. Any disease requires multidisciplinary treatment.

When it comes to addiction programs, they are supposed to utilize an array of methodologies to ensure not only the body but also mind and soul healing. When choosing the right plan, it is very important to clearly understand the challenges and symptoms you have to struggle with.

Types of Treatment Programs

Chosen treatment type will define the recovery success. Medical centers may have different specializations. Some of them can be focused on therapies and counseling, others stick to faith-based and Christ-centered modalities. No matter what concept they follow, you will have to choose from the following baseline medical services:

  • Guided Detoxification – the main mission is to build a foundation for future recovery by removing all substances from the organism.
  • Residential treatment – a type of program where a patient must stay in the facility to be watched and monitored by doctors.
  • Medication-assisted treatment – it involves substance replacement therapy when professionals use FDA-approved medication such as methadone, Vivitrol, Suboxone, and some others in order to reduce craving.
  • Intensive outpatient treatment – IOP for short is a program where individuals are not forced to stay in the facility but still may access weekly and daily therapies, detox centers, and other services.
  • Cognitive-behavioral treatment – it includes CBT, DBT, CPT, and other modalities that are aimed at healing social and behavioral addiction side effects.

All plans usually combine psychiatric and physical assistance along with family programming and holistic approaches in the form of meditation, animal and art therapies, yoga, and more.

Things to Know When Choosing a Rehab Center

With dozens of rehab centers only in Connecticut, finding the one that meets your goals and requirements can also turn out to be a challenge. All centers promise fast results and recovery guarantees. However, not all of them are able to keep that promise. Not avoid mistakes and select a center that will help, you need to take into account the following aspects:

  1. Treatment programs – make sure the local team delivers treatment programs that meet your expectations.
  2. Facilities – take a virtual tour around the facilities, rooms, and other amenities. It is better to opt for residences in a tranquil and green area with open nature and scenic views. It will help to forget about the harmful environment.
  3. Location – make sure it is fast and safe to get to the rehab center by car or public transport, as you might want to meet your family and friends at some point in the rehab.
  4. Licenses and certifications – keep an eye on officially accredited centers with a golden seal from the Joint Commission or CARF approval. SAMHSA and NAATP accredited facilities will also be a good option.
  5. Payment options – apart from self-paid clients, rehab centers must also accept insurance plans. Check the list of supported policy providers to reduce the treatment costs.
Jun 2, 2024