40 Drug Rehab Centers in Georgia

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Rehab centers offer advanced and holistic medical solutions delivered through modern modalities, care, and compassion. Besides, comprehensive education is also necessary to keep graduates away from addiction threats and let them follow a sober living lifestyle. In other words, a multi-model approach is needed as the only way to ensure fast returning to normal life along with health stabilization.

Substance abuse is a complex disease with multiple side effects that harm our wellbeing and reduces our quality of life. In most cases, it requires versatile treatment that covers not only biological and physical aspects but also mental and behavioral issues. The only supportive and judgment-free environment will encourage patients on long-lasting recovery.

Following the drug rehab program makes it possible to complete the detoxification recovery process in a friendly, caring, and safe environment. In or list, you will find 40 rehab centers with a variety of recovery plans for teens, adolescents, and adults.

1. Mount Sinai Wellness Center

Located in Dahlonega, Georgia, Mount Sinai Wellness Center claims to be one of the most comprehensive rehab centers not only in the state but also across the country. It offers premium quality medical services to treat dual diagnosis as well as other crucial symptoms and side effects of alcoholism and chemical dependency. The rehab center is approved by the Joint Commission. Besides, it obtained accreditation from some other nation’s leading independent healthcare institutions and organizations, which makes Mount Sinai Wellness Center a great destination for everyone seeking help when struggling with substance abuse.

Address: 330 Mount Sinai Rd Drive, Dahlonega, GA 30533

Mount Sinai

More Information on MtSinaiWellness.com

The facility boasts a luxurious campus that occupies 43 acres of beautiful land surrounded by wild and scenic nature. It has separate centers to handle medically supervised detoxification as well as offer patients’ full-scale residential programs to treat alcoholism and addiction. More medical services involve pain management, dual diagnosis healing, substance abuse rehab, and other time-tested and 100% proven treatment methodologies. They are followed by expanded aftercare and support after graduation, which makes it possible for clients to cope with major challenges and safely get back to normal life.

Mount Sinai Wellness

The local team introduces a pool of top US clinicians and physicians to handle multi-level detox and aftercare. As for the amenities, clients will appreciate premium quarters with private rooms, comfortable accommodation facilities, and a stress-free environment to focus on recovery. Additional perks include exceptionally prepared meals by local chefs, and a high-end campus with everything you might need from recreation areas to gyms, gaming zones, and other community spaces.


  • 4-star chefs prepare nutritious meals;
  • 43 acres of amazing views and high-quality amenities;
  • Approved by the Joint Commission.

Insurance plans accepted:

  • Humana, Cigna, MultiPlan, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and more.

2. Purple Recovery Center – Effective 12-Step Programs

Purple Recovery Center is a rehab facility established with a focus on commitment where every patient is treated as a part of a big family. Those are the core values promoted by Brett and Joel – the father and son who founded the rehab center utilizing their personal real-life addiction experience. They have developed an efficient 6-month residential program that is mainly based on counseling sessions, physical activities, and intensive therapies instead of replacing one substance with another. For almost two decades, they have been helping men from Lawrenceville and other regions of Georgia to fight back chemical dependency and have a fresh start without addiction.

Address: 1958 Cruse Rd NW, Lawrenceville, GA 30044


More Information on PurpleTreatment.com

After working as a counselor for a long time in different residential facilities, Joel came up with an idea to open his own center. He used to struggle with substance abuse himself and managed to recover thanks to a compassionate and supportive approach, which appeared to be the foundation of Joel’s rehab plan. After years of planning and developing a combination of proven and holistic modalities, Joel and Brett eventually launched Purple Recovery Center back in 2003.

Purple Recovery Center

To recover, patients will need to complete a 6-months treatment plan that consists of different phases and therapies. The day starts with morning reflection, life and coping skills training, and other sessions as a part of the prior 5-weeks intensive program. Clients will take part in 1-on-1 and group sessions, participate in 12-step programs as other specialty therapies that help to build a strong foundation for future recovery.


  • 6-month residential programs;
  • 12-step programs and exercise;
  • Real-life experience and true success stories.

Treatment costs:

  • $3,000 per month of $4,000 flat-rate fees.

3. Atlanta Detox Center – NAATP-Accredited Facility

Atlanta Detox Center offers an absolutely different detoxification experience. It is not just another addiction clinic with a brick-to-mortar treatment approach. Here, clients will benefit from compassionate doctors and high-quality amenities that will make it possible to get rid of substance abuse and have a brighter future without dependency. Patients are offered intensive residential detox programs provided within a safe and stress-free environment.

Address: 277 Medical Way, Riverdale, GA 30274


More Information on AtlantaDetoxTreatment.com

Besides, the rehab center offers a variety of additional treatment programs that involve men and women addiction treatment, DBT and CBT, individual and group therapies, family programming, etc. The team of certified and state-licensed experts introduces professionals who specialize not only in guided multi-level detox but also dual diagnosis treatment, relapse prevention, co-occurring mental and behavioral disorders, and more. They develop tailored plans to heal not only the physical state but also the patient’s spirit and soul providing emotional relief.

Atlanta Detox Center

What’s more, local specialists design gender-specific treatment programs for patients with special needs and prior mental health issues. Residential treatment includes round-the-clock assistance and support to help clients cope with bipolar disorders, anxiety, depression, and other alcoholism and drug addiction side effects.


  • Gender-specific rehab programs;
  • Separate detox centers for men and women;
  • Multi-level guided detoxification.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • BBB Accredited business, NAATP membership.

4. Ridgeview Institute

Since 1976, Ridgeview Institute has been welcoming patients with substance abuse and alcoholism from eastern Atlanta, Georgia. For more than 45 years, local experts have been serving over 90,000 people who were looking for medical assistance when struggling with anxiety, depression, and despair. All clients may count on individual approaches and personally-developed treatment programs. The quality of medical services has been approved by leading healthcare organizations such as the Joint Commission, GHA, and other institutions.

Address: 3995 S Cobb Dr SE, Smyrna, GA 30080

Ridgeview Institute

More Information on RidgeviewInstitute.com

Located in suburban Atlanta, the rehab center has two separate campuses to offer various healing plans and treatment modalities. They include residential programs for adult patients with round-the-clock nursing, medication management, crisis stabilization, and ongoing assessment. Clients may also benefit from partial hospitalization featuring addiction education, therapies, and lectures. Additional medical services involve dual diagnosis treatment, psychiatric and support groups, continuum care, family workshops, and programming, etc.


  • Established in 1976;
  • Two high-quality campuses in Atlanta, Georgia;
  • Residential treatment and PHP for adults.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Accredited by GHA, the Joint Commission, and the National Association of Psychiatric Health Systems.

5. Centered Recovery Programs

Centered Recovery Programs is a local-based rehab network with three separate rehab facilities located in Georgia. They include outpatient centers in Marietta and Roswell as well as an alcoholism treatment facility in Atlanta. All facilities operate following the same philosophy that is centered around treatment without medication. Major medical services involve outpatient care and IOP, PHP, and addictions education along with a 12-step healing program that has proved its efficiency over the years.

Address: 1250 Upper Hembree Rd Suite E, Roswell, GA 30076


More Information on CenteredRecoveryPrograms.com

The main idea is to combine conventional methods with holistic modalities delivered through individual counseling and group therapies. All programs are specifically designed to meet clients’ needs. Besides, they are well-balanced to ensure full-spectrum and long-lasting recovery. IOP programs involve 3-5 days of intensive therapies per week. Partial hospitalization offers daily treatment plans that last from 9 am to 4 pm and may also include various levels of care. All clients are divided into 13 groups to complete a 12-week education program.


  • Three separate rehab centers in Georgia;
  • Accredited by NAATP, BBB, Georgia Department of Community Health, and other organizations;
  • PHP, IOP, and comprehensive addictions education.

Insurance plans accepted:

  • Anthem, Aetna, Cigna, United Healthcare, Humana, MultiPlan, and more.

6. The Christian Family Center

Founded by a visionary preacher Rev. Robert Kea, the Christian Family Center is a faith-based rehab center launched to help people fight back alcoholism and substance abuse in different forms. It is a non-profit Christ-centered organization that delivers treatment solutions to adult men letting them restore lost skills and reunite with suffering families.

Address: 21 Outreach Lane, Soperton, GA 30457

The Christian Family Center

More Information on TheChristianFamilyCenter.org

Patients may choose to form a variety of treatment options. They include non-medication solutions and plans featuring a 12-step program, relapse prevention, DUI school, refocus programs, and sexual addiction treatment. The ordinary day starts at 7:15 am with a nutritious breakfast and ends up by 11 pm, when the lights are out. It consists of morning classes, recovery therapies, and breaks for personal time.


  • Decades of rehab experience;
  • Addiction treatment for men;
  • Intensive daily schedule.

License and accreditations:

  • Accredited by NAADAC and GACA.

7. Project ADAM

Project ADAM is a rehab center accredited by CARF. It delivers high-level residential treatment to men aged 19 and higher. All offered modalities and healing plans meet the standards of ASAM Level III.1 substance abuse treatment. It means great results along with early and long-lasting recovery.  Inpatient programs generally last for at least 12 months. They include full-spectrum medical services featuring anger management, relapse prevention, group, and 1-on-1 therapies. Trauma healing sessions, family support and programming, employment assistance and job coaching, etc.

Address: 8100, 112 Lanthier, Winder, GA 30680

Project ADAM

More Information on ProjectADAM.org

Patients will be well-prepared for returning back home thanks to comprehensive transitioning living programs. Clients will learn how to plan their budget and socialize with people after graduating and leaving a sober environment. The facility itself is a 39-bed center that utilizes the concepts of 12-step programs and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings with more holistic approaches and additional medical services such as drug testing, medication-assisted treatment, and more.


  • DUI school;
  • Drug court and outpatient services;
  • ASAM Level III.1 treatment.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Accredited by CARF.

8. Southeast Addiction Center

Southeast Addiction Center represents a perfect combination of a premier rehab center and affordable treatment plans. In other words, everyone may count on superior medical support delivered through a range of treatment options. They generally include medication-assisted treatment with the use of Vivitrol and other FDA-approved substances, PHP and IOP, outpatient care, aftercare support, and other specialty programs. Every plan is individually designed to meet clients’ needs and help them recover as soon as possible.

Address: 3020 Holcomb Bridge Rd Suite C, Norcross, GA 30071


More Information on SoutheastAddiction.com

Over the years, the rehab center has expanded into a locally-based rehab network with facilities not only in Georgia but also in Tennessee. It has separate MAT and detox centers, addictions treatment facilities, and other amenities to ensure full-spectrum medical support to different patient groups and help them struggle with heroin, fentanyl, GHB, and other types of chemical dependency.


  • Rehab facilities in Georgia and Tennessee;
  • Licensed and certified medical staff;
  • Advanced MAT and PHP programs.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Approved by the Joint Commission, monitored and certified by Legitscript.com.

9. The Summit Wellness Group

The Summit Wellness Group serves addicts and alcoholics from Atlanta, Georgia, in its two separate rehab centers that offer high-quality residential and outpatient programs. Residential treatment comes with a bunch of holistic healing solutions and modalities such as talk therapies, neurobiological intervention, and other effective techniques. Outpatient care delivers an array of additional services available in the form of partial hospitalization, IOP, and some other solutions for the family of four distinct outpatient plans.

Address: 745 Hembree Pl, Roswell, GA 30076

The Summit Wellness Group

More Information on TheSummitWellnessGroup.com

The medical team consists of experienced specialists ready to treat different types of disorders and addiction treatment in all possible forms. They help patients to recover from substance abuse and alcoholism, anxiety and depression, trauma, panic, and obsessive-compulsive disorders, suicidal thoughts, ADHD, and other side effects caused by different types of addiction. Patients will have full access to medical services including sober living, 12-step programs, day treatment, PHP, and other plans.


  • Tips to get through addictions;
  • A blog with useful articles;
  • Intensive residential treatment.

Additional medical services:

  • IOP, day treatment, PHP, and outpatient care.

10. Mary Hall

Founded in 1996, Mary Hall is the women-only rehab facility located in Atlanta, Georgia. For many years, it has been serving adult women as well as female patients with special needs. They include homeless and disabled people as well as veterans and their families. Today, the rehab center also provides free housing to those who cannot afford paid accommodation and medical services. The facility is currently hosting more than 250 women and over 80 children to take care of. Local experts help more than 1,000 patients annually to recover and get back to normal life without dependency.

Address: 8995 Roswell Rd, Sandy Springs, GA 30350

Mary Hall

More Information on MaryHallFreedomVillage.org

The center delivers trusted and effective services accredited by CARF. The facility itself boasts accreditation from the Stage of Georgia Department of Community Health. It means that every woman will recover gender-specific and well-structured healing plans that include not only physical but also mental, spiritual, and behavioral treatment. Recovery takes place with a focus on addiction education, time-tested behavioral models, 12-step programs, and other proven concepts.


  • Rehab services since 1996;
  • Ober 1,000 patients are served annually;
  • Support to homeless people and veterans.

License and accreditations:

  • Accredited by CARF and the State of Georgia Department of Community Health.

11. Serenity Grove

Serenity Grove is located in a peaceful area in Athens, Northeast Georgia. The facility is situated not far from Atlanta airport making it easy for clients to get to the center by public transport. Patients may choose from private or semi-private rooms with all needed amenities to focus on recovery. Local experts provide comprehensive treatment for all types of drug addictions and alcoholism. Clients will appreciate effective residential programs provided within a safe and comfortable environment.

Address: 315 Newton Bridge Rd, Athens, GA 30607

Serenity Grove

More Information on SerenityGrove.com

The rehab center offers several healing modalities to choose from. They include a multi-disciplinary inpatient program that covers mental, physical, and behavioral issues. Additional medical services involve outpatient care with comprehensive substance abuse education and therapies. Besides, patients will receive lifetime family and continuum care in addition to alcohol and drug medical detox.


  • Beautiful and peaceful area;
  • Approved by the Joint Commission;
  • Easy-to-reach location.

Insurance plans accepted:

  • Aetna, Tricare, Magellan, Humana, Beacon, First Health, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

12. Black Bear Lodge

While being a part of the Foundations Recovery Network, Black Bear Lodge offers full-spectrum chemical dependency treatment to patients from Atlanta, Georgia. Patients may choose from various treatment modalities that meet the highest healthcare standards, which lets the rehab center enter the top 5% of addiction treatment facilities not only in Georgia but also across the country. Clients may choose from effective residential plans, outpatient drug and alcohol rehab, etc.

Address: 310 Black Bear Ridge, Sautee Nacoochee, GA 30571

Black Bear Lodge

More Information on BlackBearRehab.com

The main focus is made on inpatient treatment. It means that a client is supposed to stay in the facility with a chance to access round-the-clock assistance and supervision whenever needed. It is very important, especially when considering early recovery and primary rehab servicing that consists of not only medically managed detoxification but also medication management, health monitoring, specialty therapies, counseling, sessions, and other medical options.


  • A part of the Foundations Recovery Network;
  • Drug and alcohol addiction education;
  • Access to a pool, chef-prepared meals, and meditation.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Accredited by NAATP, BBB, and the Joint Commission.

13. Willingway

Willingway boasts over 50 years of medical practice helping alcoholics and addicts get rid of their dependency once and for all. Local experts establish the most effective and proven approach to addiction treatment that starts with complex and multi-level detox under the supervision of the ASAM-certified medical director. He is in charge of a professional team of clinicians who strictly follow detox protocol and use FDA-approved medication to ensure effective withdrawal with comfort and safety for the patient. Additional treatment options involve inpatient and outpatient care, short-term and extended programs.

Address: 311 Jones Mill Rd, Statesboro, GA 30458


More Information on Willingway.com

The facility is located in Statesboro, GA. Here, patients may benefit from different medical services and intensive treatment plans that consider staying inside the facility from 90 days to 18 months depending on the addictions and side effects severity. Treatment also involves group and individual therapies, community services, life and job skill classes, budget management, financial education, and other specific modalities.


  • 50 years of medical practice;
  • Short and long-term treatment programs;
  • ASAM-certified medical specialists.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • A proud member of NAATP, approved by the Joint Commission.

14. Twin Lakes Recovery Center

Twin Lakes Recovery Center is a beautiful 17,000-square feet wooden facility located in Monroe, Georgia. The campus occupies the territory of 35 acres near the twin lakes in a peaceful and scenic area where clients may focus on rehab and ensure long-lasting recovery. Here you will find an ideal environment that encourages healing along with some time-tested and effective treatment programs that mostly include residential treatment, medical detox, outpatient care, IOP, family recovery therapies, and continuum care.

Address: 398 State Hwy 11, Monroe, GA 30655

Twin Lakes Recovery Center

More Information on TwinLakesRecoveryCenter.com

The property has been renewed recently to deliver maximum comfort to every patient. Clients will appreciate semi-private rooms with a shared kitchen serving chef-prepared meals. Besides, the center has separate areas for exercises, outdoor and wellness activities, horse riding, fishing, sports, and hiking. Treatment mainly relies on 12-step programs, daily processing groups and therapies, co-occurring disorder treatment and substance abuse education, CBT, DBT< and other specialty therapies.


  • Located in a peaceful area near Twin Lakes;
  • 35 acres of scenic nature;
  • A wide spectrum of recreational activities.

Insurance plans accepted:

  • Magellan, MHN, Aetna, Anthem, Optum, Humana, Value Options, Health Partners, and more.

15. Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital

Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital has been serving patients from Valdosta, GA for many years. It has grown into one of the local best and leading rehab centers to cope with literally all types of substance abuse. Local experts have enough qualifications to cover different practice areas and provide a set of comprehensive treatment solutions in the form of inpatient and detox plans for adolescents, outpatient care for adult clients, PHP, support for veterans and seniors, etc.

Address: 2209 Pineview Dr, Valdosta, GA 31602

Green Leaf

More Information on GreenLeafHospital.com

The rehab center has been marked by the Jason Foundation and the Joint Commission for the superior quality of medical care delivered out of the box. Treatment plans rely not only on baseline solutions but also on such holistic modalities as acute inpatient care, psychiatric assistance, intensive mental and behavioral care, self-harm and suicidal ideation prevention, etc.


  • Marked by the Joint Commission and the Jason Foundation;
  • A Valdosta leading addiction rehab facility;
  • Multi-modal substance abuse treatment.

Insurance plans accepted:

  • Cigna, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna, Tricare, United Healthcare, and others.

16. Blue Ridge Mountain

Blue Ridge Mountain is not far from Atlanta. Located in Ball Ground, the rehab center delivers comprehensive treatment to fight back chemical dependency and addiction side effects. Local experts have enough experience to provide different levels of care as well as heal co-occurring disorders, mental illnesses, and behavioral issues. Patients will take advantage of full-spectrum assistance and multi-level care delivered through a variety of healing modalities.

Address: 255 Depot St Suite 200, Ball Ground, GA 30107

Blue Ridge Mountain

More Information on BlueRidgeMountainRecovery.com

The range of medical services is very wide. Clients may choose from alcohol and drug detoxification as a prior stage to sobriety in addition to intensive residential treatment, continuum and family care, specialty therapies, and more. Inpatient programs generally take from 35 to 45 days to complete. It involves therapies that help to overcome anxiety and depression. The plan also includes educational sessions and classes, job and life skills training, psychiatric support, etc.


  • Located near Atlanta, Georgia;
  • Full-spectrum addiction treatment;
  • 12-step meetings and recreational activities.

Insurance plans accepted:

  • Aetna, Beacon, Cigna, Humana, Tricare, United Healthcare, Magellan, and more.

17. TANG

Also known as the Safety Net, TANG is a rehab center that specializes in providing sober living and recovery residences for people who have already graduated but still need to stay within a safe environment to prevent relapses and indulging in alcohol. It is not just a typical clinic operating with a focus on medication management, The main mission is to create a home-like environment where patients will feel safe and protected from outer threats. To achieve that, local specialists use several baseline principles.

Address: 3656 Highlands Pkwy SE, Smyrna, GA 30082

Safety Net

More Information on SafetyNetRecovery.com

Faith, willingness, grace, and purpose – those are the core values utilized by local experts to ensure safe residence for clients. The rehab center has three separate properties to serve patients from different states. They include not only Georgia but also South and North Carolina. Here, individuals get a chance to obtain independence and dignity while staying in a drug and alcohol-free environment. Premier facilities offer fully-furnished rooms, high-speed internet connectivity, fully-equipped kitchens, BBQ and yoga areas, an outdoor pool, and other superior amenities.


  • Convenient location to main shopping areas;
  • Three residential facilities in Georgia and other states;
  • Premier facilities for indoor and outdoor activities.

Additional benefits:

  • Private counseling offices and spacious meeting rooms.

18. Bluff Plantation

Addiction evolves and comes in new forms with unexpected side effects. Along with the disease, substance abuse treatment also changes, becoming more up-to-date and efficient. Bluff Plantation is an example of an advanced rehab center that follows the latest addiction healing trends and technologies delivered through neuroscience-driven modalities to treat dual diagnosis, handle pain management, and struggle with alcoholism and drug dependency. All programs are designed to let patients achieve sobriety as fast as possible and restore essential life skills.

Address: 963 Bennock Mill Rd, Augusta, GA 30906

Bluff Plantation

More Information on BluffPlantation.com

The local team introduces a pool of multi-disciplinary specialists including well-trained nursing staff, certified physicians and clinicians, licensed therapists, and experienced counselors. The facility is located in Augusta, Georgia offering a serene and peaceful environment with green landscapes and beautiful views. Patients may choose from an array of medical services such as medically guided detox, inpatient and outpatient treatment, equine therapies, and family programming.


  • Neuroscience-driven treatment modalities;
  • A peaceful area in Augusta, GA;
  • Different levels of care.

Insurance plans accepted:

  • Aetna and Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

19. Foundations Atlanta at Roswell

Foundations is a nationwide rehab network with facilities located in Georgia, Michigan, and California. The property in Atlanta at Roswell offers a blend of treatment options that combine drug addiction and alcoholism treatment with psychiatric approaches to restore mental health and heal behavioral issues. Overall, the network has five separate properties with Talbott Recovery and Black Bear Lodge to serve clients from Georgia. All programs are individually designed to let clients achieve their specific recovery goals.

Address: 310 Black Bear Ridge, Sautee Nacoochee, GA 30571

Foundations Atlanta at Roswell

More Information on FoundationsRecoveryNetwork.com

The facility in Atlanta combines a detox and residential center where people can benefit from various levels of care. They include detoxification, aftercare, family support, 1-on-1 and group therapies, and separate treatment programs designed for adults and youth. The property offers multiple ways to forget about dependency and involve in outdoor and indoor activities including a pool recording studio, rope courses, lounge, yoga, or meditation areas, etc.


  • A widely-spread rehab network with facilities in Georgia;
  • Superior amenities with different zones and activities to offer;
  • Full-spectrum addiction and mental treatment.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Approved by the Joint Commission, accredited by CARF.

20. Ascensa Health

Ascensa Health is a part of St. Jude’s recovery Center serving men and women struggling with chemical dependency and alcoholism. It is the best destination for individuals who seek round-the-clock support and monitoring to stay away from harmful substances as well as heal addiction side effects. The center offers different services that include supervised detox, medication-assisted treatment, and other therapies focused on opioid and other substance withdrawal. This procedure will let clients move to the next stage of the sobriety path.

Address: 139 Renaissance Pkwy NE, Atlanta, GA 30308

Ascensa Health

More Information on AscensaHealth.org

Apart from detox, local specialists offer intensive residential and day treatment as the next step of recovery. Clients will have a chance to take part in well-organized and structured meetings, group and individual counseling sessions, 12-step programs, and some other proven and time-tested modalities. Additional services involve relapse prevention, basic coping skills practicing, health and employment services, etc.


  • Supervised detox and intensive residential programs;
  • A separate family care center;
  • Outpatient services and continuing care.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Best Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center in Atlanta 2020 by Expertise, accredited by CARF.

21. Cobb County

Located in Marietta, Cobb County is a multi-modal rehab center that welcomes adolescents and adult patients who have different substance abuse and mental challenges. Local experts offer a range of medical and support services provided through a range of different facilities that include a residential center for mothers, an intensive inpatient treatment facility, recovery properties, and more.

Address: 729 Lawrence St NE, Marietta, GA 30060

Cobb County

More Information on CobbCSB.com

Patients may choose a treatment type that meets individual recovery goals. The team of addiction specialists has developed various types of residential plans. They include programs for adolescents and teens aged from 13 to 17 to let them cope with co-occurring symptoms and different mental challenges. A separate program for pregnant women has been designed. It includes gender-specific and trauma-based modalities for women and kids 12.


  • Addiction treatment for adolescents and adults;
  • Gender-specific programs for pregnant women and mothers;
  • Several specialized facilities in Georgia.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • A three-year CARF accreditation.

22. Newport Integrated Behavioral Healthcare

Newport Integrated Behavioral Healthcare represents a pool of dedicated and compassionate addiction specialists guided by board-certified doctors and psychiatrists, social workers, nursing staff, and counselors who deliver gender and age-specific treatment programs. Patients can benefit from separate plans designed for teens and adolescents as well as a comprehensive and intensive treatment for adults. Both programs involve PHP, inpatient and outpatient care, behavioral therapies, supervised detox, and some other medical options.

Address: 1810 Moseri Rd, Decatur, GA 30032

Newport Integrated Behavioral Healthcare

More Information on NIBHInc.com

A residential plan comes as a combination of integrated treatment modalities. It usually takes patients from 5 to 45 days to complete the course depending on their recovery goals. To enter the program, patients need to complete the stage of detoxification. It will let them access other methodologies such as MAT followed by 28-day rehab, medication management, group training, and counseling, etc.


  • Programs for teens, adolescents, and adults;
  • Board-certified medical staff;
  • Long-term sobriety guarantees.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Accredited by CARF.

23. Palm House Recovery

Founded in 2005, Palm House Recovery appeared to be the leading non-profit organization in Georgia to provide professional and non-professional assistance to people with substance abuse and behavioral issues. It was initially launched as a recovery center to welcome men and women struggling with chemical dependency. Today, it offers a wide range of services delivered by compassionate and caring staff. The facility is approved by major healthcare institutions such as GARR, THOR, and some more, which proves the high quality of services delivered out of the box.

Address: 610 Oglethorpe Ave, Athens, GA 30606

Palm House

More Information on PalmHouseRecovery.com

The rehab center offers a community-based environment where individuals can stay in touch, interact with each other, and benefit from round-the-clock monitoring. Newcomers are generally supervised by senior patients who guide them through different stages of rehab. Besides, clients will work closely with house coordinators and nursing staff to ensure safe and sober living.


  • Peer-based recovery support;
  • A non-profit rehab center;
  • Established in 2005.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • The facility is accredited by THOR, RPH, and GARR.

24. Abba House

Abba House is a faith-based residential center for women where specialists lead broken female patients and teach them to control their lives without addiction. The facility specializes in a custom-tailored long-term residential treatment plan developed to support not only women but also their kids giving them a chance to restore relations and get back to a happy life.

Address: 336 Highway 9 South, Dawsonville, GA 30534

Abba House

More Information on AbbaHouse.com

Unlike many high-volume rehab centers that focus on various treatment modalities, specialists at Abba Center offer only one plan in the form of a long-term residential course that lasts for not less than 15 months. The plan consists of four baseline phases. Each face offers comprehensive training and educational solutions that help students to obtain new life skills, plan their budget, develop leadership, heal mental and physical disorders, etc.


  • Residential treatment for women and moms;
  • A 15-month treatment plan;
  • Comprehensive education and skills training.

Additional benefits:

  • A non-profitable 5-1c3 rehab center.

25. Highland Rivers Health

Highland Rivers Health is a state-wide rehab network that delivers addiction treatment services across 12 counties in Georgia. The network introduces eight wellness and outpatient treatment centers along with separate crisis stabilization facilities, additional units for men and women to receive gender-specific assistance, and residential treatment settings where individuals and families can benefit from full-spectrum medical services.

Address: 323 Roland Rd, Jasper, GA 30143

Highland Rivers Health

More Information on HighlandRiversHealth.com

The main focus is made on a residential program developed to provide supportive and permanent housing for the homeless and patients with special needs. Facilities serve patients not only with alcoholism and drug addiction but also with AIDS/HIV. The main mission of the program is to develop self-sufficiency and teach patients to obtain new life and coping skills, let them participate in various community activities, volunteering, and more.


  • 8 rehab centers in Georgia;
  • Serving across 12 counties;
  • Permanent living for homeless and other patient groups.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • A CARF-accredited rehab center.

26. Eagle Overlook Recovery

Eagle Overlook Recovery offers high-quality substance abuse treatment developed to meet specific adolescents and ten needs. Local specialists have enough experience and expertise to cover different practice areas ranging from mental health treatment to alcoholism and addiction rehab programs. Medical services are available for young male and female patients aged from 13 to 18. All plans are designed by certified and state-licensed psychiatrists, doctors, therapists, and counselors.

Address: 45 Eagle Overlook Dr, Dahlonega, GA 30533

Eagle Overlook

More Information on EagleOverlookRecovery.com

Apart from direct medical care, clients will benefit from a local in-house education center where everyone may count on peer support, comprehensive psycho-education, anger management, group, and 1-on-1 counseling, and a wide range of outdoor activities to take part in. Another benefit includes amazing facilities surrounded by natural views.


  • Addiction treatment for teens aged 13-18;
  • Professional medical services and education;
  • Holistic therapies based on art and nature.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Approved by the Joint Commission.

27. Hickey House

Hickey House is the best destination for those who seek not just effective substance abuse treatment but also tools to become a valuable member of modern society. In other words, local specialists not just heal the cause of chemical dependency but also provide comprehensive education programs in the form of 12-step meetings, individual and group counseling, specialty therapies, and other treatment options.

Address: 130 Taylor Rd, Helen, GA 30545

Hickey House

More Information on HickeyHouse.com

The rehab center was founded in 1986. For more than 35 years it has been serving people from Helen. GA. Patients will appreciate structured and sober living as a part of the residential program along with round-the-clock accountability, weekly alcohol and drug tests, employment assistance, and more.


  • Long-term living spaces;
  • 12-step programs;
  • More than 35 years of rehab practice.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Listed by the Georgia State Pardons and THOR.

28. The Agora House

If you fail to cope with the side effects of chemical dependency and alcoholism, the Agora House might be a good place not just to escape from a harmful environment but also to treat major addiction symptoms and eventually get back to normal life without dependency. The rehab center is located in Gainesville, Georgia. It specializes in long-term residential treatment what consists of different specialty therapies, educational programs, etc.

Address: 360 Oak St # F, Gainesville, GA 30501

The Agora House

More Information on TheAgoraHouse.com

Local experts are trained to treat substance abuse in different forms as well as ensure relapse prevention by the end of the course. The facility is nestled close to the North Georgian Mountains next to Lake Lanier offering amazing views, fresh air, and scenic nature. Here, patients can benefit from different medical services such as community meetings, family programming, 12-step meetings, job coaching, recreational therapies, and more.


  • Located on Lake Lanier;
  • Effective residential treatment programs;
  • Random drug screening and tests.

Additional details:

  • The rehab center is a men-only recovery facility.

29. Tanner Health System

Tanner Health System is a medical network with facilities serving patients across Georgia and Alabama. The network consists of five separate rehab centers that operate as non-profit organizations. Local experts follow the latest technologies and healing modalities when developing custom-tailored plans to ensure stable recovery for patients of different ages and gender.

Address: 20 Herrell Rd, Villa Rica, GA 30180

Tanner Health System

More Information on Tanner.org

As a non-profitable organization, Tanner Health System uses all revenues to reinvest in advanced treatment options and improved medical services delivered through expanded and renewed facilities with premier amenities, comprehensive educational programs, community-based outreach, emergency care, and other options developed with the aim of fighting back chemical dependency and other health disorders.


  • A non-profit medical network;
  • 5 separate medical centers in Georgia and Alabama;
  • Urgent care, classes, and events.

Additional benefits:

  • A user-friendly navigation system to find the nearest rehab center.

30. Aspire

Aspire is a nationally recognized behavioral rehab center that also delivers development disability services. It welcomes individuals with different mental health disorders as the result of alcoholism, substance abuse, and other types of traumas. The center is a great destination for those who seek support combined with comprehensive and professional treatment designed by state-licensed and certified behavioral specialists and psychiatrists.

Address: 55 R E Jennings Ave SE, Arlington, GA 39813


More Information on AspireBHDD.org

The main focus is on long and short-term residential care. During the program, experienced specialists will take care of patients’ nutrition, physical state, mental health, and living needs. They provide a range of services including medication management, addiction education, budget planning, and other life aspects that will help you become an active community member able to socialize.


  • A proven behavioral health center;
  • Development disability services;
  • Intensive residential care.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Accredited by National Health Service Corps and CARF.

31. Clayton Center

Clayton Center opened its doors for the first time back in July 1971. It is one of the oldest and longest-running rehab centers in Georgia. It was initially launched as one out of three federal community programs to help people struggle with alcoholism and substance abuse. For more than 26 years, the center has been a part of the Clayton Community Service Board. It is a state-licensed facility with a selection of treatment modalities developed for adults.

Address: 853 Battle Creek Rd, Jonesboro, GA 30236

Clayton Center

More Information on ClaytonCenter.org

The main mission is to deliver client-centered medical services that cover various practice areas. They are designed to heal different types of disorders and addiction side effects such as mental illnesses, chemical dependency, development disabilities, and other programs specifically designed for children with developmental delays, critical behavior, or emotional issues.


  • 5 primary locations;
  • Several residential settings;
  • Programs for children and adults.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Accredited by CARF and the Georgia Department of Community Health.

32. View Point Health

View Point Health is a state-wide rehab network with four outpatient facilities located in Norcross, Lawrenceville, Conyers, and Covington. It is a community-based rehab center with a team of professional nurses and social workers, certified counselors and psychiatrists, as well as other professionals who work as a team to provide high-quality behavioral assistance as well as means to treat substance abuse side effects.

Address: 175 Gwinnett Dr, Lawrenceville, GA 30046

View Point Health

More Information on MyViewPointHealth.org

The rehab center serves different patient groups. They include underinsured and uninsured patients, low-income individuals, war veterans, and other people who seek professional assistance when struggling with addiction side effects and symptoms. The list of medical services includes intensive outpatient care, day treatment plans, intensive residential treatment in a 32-bed facility, and more.


  • Adult crisis stabilization units;
  • 4 outpatient centers in Georgia;
  • A 32-bed residential facility.

Insurance plans accepted:

  • Medicaid and Medicare.

33. Assisted Recovery Center of Georgia

Assisted Recovery Center of Georgia serves not only medical but also legal and business needs. It is a full-spectrum medical organization with high-end evidence-based treatment and urgent care for everyone in need of medical assistance in case of chemical dependency and different types of health disorders. Patients may choose from programs developed to heal alcoholism, addiction to prescription drugs, pain medication dependency, etc.

Address: 102 Oglethorpe Professional Blvd Suite 6, Savannah, GA 31406

AssisRecovery Center of Georgia

More Information on ARCofGA.com

Each program at ARCG is different. Some plans consider obligatory residential treatment, which means a client is supposed to stay in the facility all the time. Others involve long-lasting aftercare and support that may last up to five years depending on patients’ needs. Additional services involve drug screening, 12-step programs, physical assessment, and more.


  • Medical, legal, and business services;
  • Expanded treatment programs with mandatory residential plans;
  • Long-term support and aftercare up to 5 years.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Accredited by CARF, BBB Accredited Business.

34. Recovery Place

Recovery Place is a comprehensive and up-to-date rehab center offering a variety of treatment modalities. They are designed to help patients cope with drug misuse, alcoholism, co-occurring disorders, health diseases, mental illnesses, and other issues. The range of services involves IOP and outpatient care, individual counseling, group therapies, virtual treatment plans and telehealth, family programming, and more. From now, every patient can receive professional medical assistance remotely or on the go via a smartphone or tablet.

Address: 835 E 65th St #102, Savannah, GA 31405

Recovery Place

More Information on RecoveryPlace.org

The team consists of certified and licensed medical and clinical service providers. They carry out personalized treatment solutions with attention to individual client’s goals and preferences. The healing process takes place in a tranquil and relaxing residential area where guests can access outpatient services, PHP, residential plans, and other medical services delivered by 45 licensed addiction specialists.


  • Behavioral and clinical therapies;
  • A pool of 45 licensed healthcare providers;
  • Advanced telehealth and virtual treatment.

Additional benefits:

  • An 8-week addiction education program.

35. The Anchorage

Anchorage provides affordable and intensive addiction treatment to individuals who cannot afford luxurious recovery facilities. As a non-profit organization, it charges only nominal fees with no extra costs. Besides, it is a faith-based center that develops treatment programs with a focus on the power of God. Each plan is built upon Bible principles. To ensure early and long-lasting recovery, not more than 50 men can access the program at a time to guarantee an individual approach to every patient.

Address: 162 Hampton Ln, Leesburg, GA 31763

The Anchorage

More Information on AnchorageofAlbany.org

The program consists of two intensive phases. Phase 1 involves 12-step classes, Bible education, individual and group counseling, etc. It lasts for at least 120 days. Within the first 30 days, patients are not allowed to contact anyone from the outer world. Only written correspondence is available but no personal meetings. When the first phase is over, patients may follow the next stage featuring weekly meetings, AA groups, etc. At this stage, phone calls and visits are allowed.  Phase 2 also lasts for at least 120 days.


  • A faith-based recovery center;
  • Intensive 2-phase residential programs;
  • Strict rules and discipline to follow.

Additional benefits:

  • Not more than 50 patients at a time.

36. RiverMend Health Centers

RiverMend Health Centers is a behavioral health and addiction treatment center with representations in Augusta and Atlanta, Georgia. A team of certified specialists delivers a set of medical services to treat co-occurring symptoms and chemical addiction in various forms. They also handle health evaluation and a range of extra therapies to heal physical and mental disorders. Medical staff successfully utilizes neuroscience-driven modalities and other holistic approaches to improve all possible aspects of the patient’s life.

Address: 2812B, Hillcreek Dr, Augusta, GA 30909

RiverMend Health

More Information on RiverMendHealthCenters.com

A combination of medically-guided best practices and innovative methodologies ensures early and long-lasting recovery. A pool of board-certified addiction experts has enough expertise to treat different types of substance abuse through IOP and PHP modalities, residential care, family, individual, and group therapies, relapse prevention, professional counseling, comprehensive education coaching, and more.


  • Board-certified addiction specialists;
  • Different treatment modalities and levels of care;
  • Rehab centers in Atlanta and Augusta, Georgia.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • The center is affiliated with the Medical College of Georgia – a department in Augusta University.

37. Promise of Hope

Founded in 1999, Promise of Hope was initially launched as a women-only rehab facility. However, since 2011, It has been serving men struggling with substance abuse and alcoholism. The recovery center offers faith-based treatment concepts and modalities developed with a focus on Bible study, 12-step programs, community outreach, and comprehensive guidance. The facility welcomes clients aged 18 and over. Two separate programs for men and women are available at Promise Hope.

Address: 1257 Wayne Rd, Dudley, GA 31022

Promise of Hope

More Information on PromiseofHopeGA.org

Located in Dudley, a women’s residential facility offers 24-bed accommodation. The residential program lasts for 12 months. At the same time, men’s inpatient property in Cochran is a 26-bed setting offering intensive residential treatment with the same duration (12 months). When the program is over, each graduate can grant an extension if needed. The key factors that ensure long-lasting recovery include hygiene, healthy food, comprehensive education, and Bible study.


  • Dependency and codependency treatment;
  • Separate recovery facilities for men and women;
  • Established in 1999.

Additional benefits:

  • A broad sponsorship and support from recognizable and well-established brands.

38. Outback Serenity Center

Outback Serenity Center opened its doors to serve countless men to fight back addiction in 2013. For almost two decades, it has been providing an effective and high-quality residential program that utilizes a faith-based concept and the main recovery foundation. Located in the heart of Georgia, welcomes male patients to benefit from Christ-centered modalities that are time-tested and 100% proven.

Address: 255 Towns Bluff Rd, Hazlehurst, GA 31539

Outback Serenity Center

More Information on OutbackSerenityCenter.com

The center is certified and accredited by state major healthcare institutions including THOR, GARR, and some more. It offers effective treatment options as a part of the major residential program that lasts for approximately six months. This time is dedicated to teaching and understanding Bible principles, health examination, regular meetings, therapies, and counseling.


  • Founded in 2013;
  • Christ-centered treatment modalities;
  • 6-month residential rehab.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Accredited by the Georgia Association of Recovery Residences.

39. The Athens Addiction Recovery Center

The Athens Addiction Recovery Center is the Joint Commission-approved facility that offers a full range of addiction treatment tools. Local experts specialize in delivering individual and group therapies along with outpatient care as part of substance abuse and alcohol rehab. In addition, clients may benefit from comprehensive residential treatment as well as other types of healing modalities.

Address: 8801 Macon Hwy #2, Athens, GA 30606

The Athens Addiction Recovery Center

More Information on AthensBestRehab.com

Patients will find it easy to get to the facility, as it is conveniently nestled in the area of Athens Academy. It serves clients from Oconee and Clark counties as well as its surroundings. Treatment options involve supervised detoxification, dual-diagnosis treatment, continuum care, and more.


  • Convenient location in the area of Athens Academy;
  • Serving in two counties and surroundings;
  • Residential and outpatient treatment.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Approved by the Joint Commission, accredited by CARF.

40. MARR Addiction Treatment Centers

MARR Addiction Treatment Centers is a medical network with an in-house recovery center for men. It offers gradual addiction treatment that consists of several phases as a part of the local residential program. Additional medical services involve treatment for women and professionals, educational programs, coping skills training, aftercare, and other options.

Address: 2801 Clearview Pl, Doraville, GA 30340

MARR Addiction Treatment Centers

More Information on MARRinc.org

The team of addiction specialists introduces board-certified counselors and psychiatrists, licensed clinicians, family advisors, and nursing staff. The treatment program consists of three major phases. Phase 1 involves residential living, group and family therapies, dependency education, and specialty groups. It lasts for 6 weeks. Phase 2 additionally includes part-time job opportunities, while the last phase is the longest one and offers 12 weeks of aftercare.


  • Specific treatment plans for men;
  • Multi-phase residential care;
  • Career opportunities during treatment.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Accredited by NAATP and the Joint Commission.

The Situation With Drug Addiction

Georgia is among the states with the highest rate of substance abuse. According to recent stats, 6.51% of all state citizens are involved in taking drugs. The substances vary from marijuana and prescribed medications to opioids resulting in 60% of all deaths because of an overdose in 2018.

Despite all measures taken by the federal authorities, the situation is getting worse each year, showcasing an increasing number of opioid-addicted citizens since 2010. They include not only adults but also teens, seniors, and adolescents.

Substance Abuse Side Effects

Over time, even slight symptoms may grow into threatening and dangerous side effects that have a negative impact on every aspect of one’s life. Drugs prevent our body and brain from proper operation.

Our organism fails to react effectively to various irritators that we cannot even notice when not indulging in alcohol or chemical substances. Besides, some of those symptoms are quite hard to detect at first. They become evident when the treatment may have no use. This is why it is very important to identify them in the early stages.

The three major side effect types include:

  • Biological/Physical side effects generally involve eating disorders and rapid weight loss, different types of infections, heart and blood diseases, damaged liver, shaking and tremor, etc. Some side effects result from hygiene negligence.
  • Mental/Psychiatric side effects refer to mental disorders that usually include suicidal ideas, paranoia, anxiety, bipolar disorders, permanent depression, and so on.
  • Behavioral side effects describe inappropriate behavior as well as the inability to socialize and interact with other people. Addicts lose temper and cannot manage anger. Their mood changes drastically and makes unexpected swings all the time.

Over time, side effects become stronger making it more difficult for addiction specialists to detect and treat them. What’s more, we should take into account additional stumbling blocks in the face of substance abuse challenges patients have to take after graduating.

Common Dependency Challenges

When the treatment program is finally over, a patient should feel relief. However, returning home usually comes with new challenges and obstacles on the way to full recovery. They generally refer to mental and psychological issues people need to overcome:

  • Relapse – some people cannot stand without round-the-clock control. When they are left on their own with a new reality, graduates cannot resist the temptation and indulge in drugs and alcohol again.
  • Transitioning Home – as a rule, residential treatment may last for several months. People get used to the clinical environment and it is hard for them to quickly adapt to a new way of life, freedom, and lack of control. They need to find a new sense in life, new hobbies, or engaging activities. Otherwise, it may also result in relapse.
  • Essential Skills Restoration – lost life and coping skills need to be restored during rehab. However, using them in real life after treatment is also a challenge. Ex-addicts and alcoholics are ashamed of their past. This fact makes it hard for them to reunite with families or relatives as well as get back to work.

To take these challenges and help patients cope with them, addiction specialists utilize proven educational programs and therapies developed to help them obtain new essential skills seamlessly to adapt to a new life without addiction.

How Rehab Centers Can Help

Thanks to a growing number of rehab centers in Georgia, different patients can benefit from comprehensive and affordable medical services despite their background or social position. The state hosts numerous non-profit organizations as well as premier facilities for those who require premium accommodation and healing. No matter what one chooses, he or she can count on individually tailored programs that are developed to treat major addiction side effects.

Types of Treatment Programs

The only thing that ensures recovery success is the quality of a chosen treatment program. With so many new and advanced approaches, sometimes it is better to opt for time-tested and 100% proven medical services that have proved their efficiency over the years featuring thousands of patients who managed to recover. The most popular and effective methods include:

  1. Medication Treatment – the treatment type generally involves alcohol and drug detox along with medication-assisted treatment. In other words, drugs are going to be replaced by non-harmful substances until chemicals are totally removed from the organism.
  2. Inpatient treatment – residential programs are designed as full-term plans with all major healing phases involved. They include not only detox and MAT but also intensive therapies, daily counseling sessions, comprehensive education, and aftercare.
  3. IOP/PHP – when a patient does not require staying in the facility all the time, he or she may opt for partial hospitalization. It is a milder version of residential treatment when you may need to visit weekly meetings offering a flexible schedule. Staying in the rehab center round-the-clock is not mandatory.

A program must be selected accordingly. This is where the stage of assessment and evaluation plays a crucial role.

Steps To Select A Rehab Center

Selecting a trusted and reputable center is very important. You need to be 100% sure the treatment it delivers is effective. Otherwise, it will be nothing but a waste of time and money. So, here are some vital parameters you need to keep in mind when choosing a recovery facility:

  • Facilities – a rehab center must be conveniently located in a tranquil and beautiful area that will make you forget about outer threats. It should have all necessary amenities and additional options such as recreational areas. Gaming zones, gyms, etc.
  • Programs – a variety of programs does not always mean quality. At the same time, a single specialization may turn out to be effective. Make sure you choose a treatment plan that meets your specific recovery goals.
  • Accreditation – a rehab center must obtain accreditation and approval from state authorities and healthcare institutions. Generally, you may find badges and seals provided by SAMHSA, the Joint Commission, CARF, and other organizations.
  • Payment – treatment often costs a lot, especially if you call for premium care. Luckily, various insurance carriers let you cover up to 100% of all costs. Just make sure a chosen center supports your particular insurance issuer.
Jun 20, 2024