40 Drug Rehab Centers in Ohio

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Rehab centers appear to be the last straw for people with chemical dependency to struggle with the disease. Different rehab facilities offer full-service support and assistance through individualized treatment programs, supervised detox, and a variety of other treatment types provided within sober and safe facilities.

Drug or alcohol rehab is a complex project with numerous operations and activities involved. The range of treatment services will depend on the substance abuse level, side effects severity, and other factors. For this reason, proper evaluation is required at the first stage. It helps to decide on the most appropriate treatment program.

Following the drug rehab program makes it possible to complete the detoxification recovery process in a friendly, caring, and safe environment. In or list, you will find 40 rehab centers with a variety of recovery plans for teens, adolescents, and adults.

1. Ohio Addiction Recovery Center

Ohio Addiction Recovery Center was founded to provide medical assistance and support when helping people struggle with addiction of any type. Certified experts and healthcare providers will guide clients through every stage of the rehab that may include supervised treatment intensive therapies, counseling, continuing aftercare, and many other medical services. A team of experts develops an individualized approach to cover all aspects of the recovery process including research-based treatment, 12-step programs, wellness-focused therapies, life skills training, etc.

Address: 1151 S High St, Columbus, OH 43206

Ohio Addiction Recovery Center

More Information on OhioARC.com

The rehab center offers full-scale substance abuse treatment that involves different approaches and methodologies. The facility comes with all baseline necessities for both recitational and IOP patients. The range of treatment programs includes medically monitored detoxification, addiction intervention, IOP, inpatient treatment, drug and alcohol rehab, intensive group and individual therapies, etc.

Recovery Center

The path to early recovery starts with an in-depth evaluation to define the most suitable and effective approach for every particular patient considering his or her addiction level, side effects, symptoms, and other crucial parameters. Then goes a fully-serviced and supervised medical detoxification to remove chemicals from the organism. Intensive counseling and therapies will empower patients to obtain and practice new life skills and [get back to normal life as soon as possible.


  • Decades of combined experience and operation.
  • Drug and alcohol serviced detoxification.
  • Great facilities located in central Columbus, Ohio.

Insurance plans accepted:

  • Core Source, GEHA, Humana, Aetna, Cigna, UMR, and more.

2. Arrow Passage Recovery – NAATP Accredited Rehab Center

Patients at Arrow Passage Recovery will benefit from the well-structured and organized addiction treatment to overcome substance abuse, alcoholism, mental disorders, and other side effects of chemical dependency. The main mission is to ensure a safe and sober environment letting residents keep the focus on their recovery. The rehab center delivers high-quality services approved by leading independent healthcare providers such as the Joint Commission and NAATP.

Address: 721 Lincoln Way E, Massillon, OH 44646

Arrow Passage

More Information on ArrowPassage.com

The range of programs and medical services involves IOP, partial hospitalization, residential addiction treatment, aftercare, intensive therapies, and more. The local staff consists of experienced and compassionate medical experts who successfully utilize innovatively and trusted treatment methodologies to ensure the most favorable outcome. The rehab center boasts 4 master-level therapists, 3 licensed addiction counselors, 2 ordained ministers, and other medical specialists always here to lend a hand when struggling with chemical dependency at any level.

Arrow Passage Rehab

The team applies different methodologies and treatment models. They range from dual diagnosis and 12-step programs to holistic treatment and traditional therapies. What’s more, the rehab center offers premier residential treatment for people who live in an unsafe environment, have several long-lasting addiction types, suffer from co-occurring mental disorders, and other health problems.


  • Accredited by NAATP and the Joint Commission.
  • Well-trained and experienced medical staff.
  • Multi-level residential treatment, IOP, PHP, and other programs.

Insurance plans accepted:

  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Anthem, Tricare, Medical Mutual, and some others.

3. Midwest Detox Center – Multi-Stage Detox for Men and Women

Midwest Detox Center is the best destination for those who seek full-scale multi-level addiction detox along with premier residential inpatient treatment to overcome different types of addictions and side effects. The rehab center differs from the majority of medical organizations in Ohio. It is not a hospital setting with traditional approaches and treatment models. It is a recreational high-quality facility to treat co-occurring disorders and mental illnesses with a safe, sober, and comfortable environment.

Address: 1757 Indian Wood Cir, Maumee, OH 43537


More Information on MidwestDetoxCenter.com

The rehab center consists of several settings and facilities located in a picturesque area. They include separate men and women detox centers to ensure successful gender-specific rehab. The range of medical services consists of supervised alcohol and drug detoxification, short and long-term substance abuse treatment programs, addiction treatment therapies, intensive counseling, dependency education, and more.

Midwest Detox Center

Local experts work with a focus on trusted inpatient rehab plans. They generally consist of several phases including detox, expressive and group therapies, trauma-focused treatment, motivational interviewing, family programming, co-occurring symptoms healing, etc. Clients will appreciate fast and simple admission along with flexible payment options and major insurance plans covered.


  • Advanced detox for men and women.
  • Premier facilities and detox centers.
  • A wide range of addiction treatment therapies.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • BBB accredited business, approved by the Joint Commission, NAATP accreditation.

4. Charak Center for Health and Wellness

Charak Center for Health and Wellness is a medical network with six rehab centers located in Ohio. The organization boasts a pool of experienced and certified healthcare providers that include well-trained professionals that will guide patients through the recovery path. They apply the most successful and proven treatment methods to help clients struggle with different types of addictions and co-occurring side effects. Innovative models include different methodologies and approaches such as transcranial magnetic stimulation and some others.

Address: 347 Midway Blvd Suite 210, Elyria, OH 44035

Charak Center

More Information on CharakCenter.com

The rehab center is a multi-service setting. It will be a good destination for those who suffer from slight emotional changes and severe mental illnesses as well as for those who want to fight back chemical dependency at different levels. The range of medical services to treat addiction disorders and other issues includes mental health rehab, clinical research, TMS therapies, case management, Reiki treatment, and more.


  • 6 locations across the state.
  • Full-cycle mental health and addiction treatment services.
  • DIY Mental health screening.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • BBB accredited business, Ohio MHAS, National Alliance on Mental Illness, the Joint Commission.

5. The Ridge Ohio

The Ridge Ohio offers round-the-clock admission and medical support to those who want to get rid of addiction and side effects. The rehab center was founded by the Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jeffrey Stuckert. He is a proven expert in the field of substance abuse treatment with decades of rehab practice. What’s more, Dr. Stuckert is a certified addictionologist with an in-depth practical knowledge of various treatment models, approaches, and techniques.  He boasts accreditation by the Joint Commission in addition to an impressive track record of patients recovered.

Address: 25 Whitney Dr Suite 120, Milford, OH 45150

The Ridge Ohio

More Information on TheRidgeOhio.com

Patients may expect a full range of medical services and treatment programs. They include intensive therapies and comprehensive addiction education with professional counseling in a sober environment. The main focus is made on a 12-step rehab with several phases. Additional options involve executive intervention and others.


  • Accredited professionals.
  • Decades of addiction treatment experience.
  • Comprehensive addiction education.

Additional benefits:

  • Video reviews from real customers.

6. The Recovery Village Columbus

To make addiction treatment as successful as possible, high-quality residential treatment is necessary. Professionals at the Recovery Village Columbus specialize in delivering premier inpatient programs to those who want to get back to normal life without chemical dependency. Experienced medical staff will guide residents through every stage of the rehab and ensure 24/7 monitoring, comfortable rooms, individual and group therapies, personalized medication management recreational therapies, and other medical services delivered out of the box.

Address: 3964 Hamilton Square Blvd, Groveport, OH 43125

The Recovery Village

More Information on ColumbusRecoveryCenter.com

The rehab center welcomes different groups of candidates. Whether patients need to complete a supervised drug or alcohol detoxification or fail to stop using drugs themselves, local specialists guarantee a safe and sober environment with a chance to focus mainly on the recovery process. Additional treatment programs include MAT, IOP, PHP, aftercare, teletherapy, and more.


  • Round-the-clock health monitoring.
  • Multi-stage drug and alcohol rehab.
  • Convenient facility location.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • The Joint Commission, SAMHSA, NAATP Provider Member, approved by NBCC.

7. Clinic 5

Clinic 5 differs from typical hospital settings. It is more a community of like-minded people who chose lives without drugs and alcohol. The rehab center has conveniently-located and easy-to-reach facilities in Columbus, Ohio. A small but professional team of medical experts delivers full-scale addiction treatment services available for patients in various forms and models. The organization is approved and licensed by major non-profitable organizations recognized not only in Ohio but also across the nation.

Address: 1466 Northwest Blvd, Columbus, OH 43212

Clinic 5

More Information on Clinic5.com

As stated earlier, clients may choose from a range of treatment programs. They mainly include substance abuse disorder rehab for people struggling with alcoholism and chemical dependency. Each program starts with assessment and evaluation. Patients may choose from residential treatment, IOP, relapse prevention, case management, and comprehensive educational videos.


  • Convenient location in Columbus, Ohio.
  • Helpful educational videos.
  • Well-structured addiction treatment programs.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Ohio National Health & Addiction Services, approved by the Joint Commission.

8. California Palms

Located in Youngstown, Ohio, California Palms introduces addiction treatment facilities for patients looking for efficient and high-quality residential programs. Local experts serve a range of drug, alcohol, and substance abuse medical services. They also include outpatient programs, evidence-based treatment, stress and depression healing, etc. The team of certified healthcare providers will help patients get rid of co-occurring traumas and symptoms.

Address: 1051 N Canfield Niles Rd, Youngstown, OH 44515

California Palms

More Information on Caliparc.com

All programs and recovery models are developed to treat different types of chemical dependency. They may refer to opioid addiction, alcoholism, PTSD, and some others. Although the main focus has been made on residential treatment, clients may count on full-cycle medical support delivered through life skills therapies, vocational programs, treatment plans for veterans, family reintegration, aftercare, and more.


  • Drug and alcohol abuse residential facility.
  • Accredited by MHAS and the Joint Commission.
  • Video galleries, facility photos, and educational resources.

Insurance plans accepted:

  • Molina, Buckeye, United Healthcare, Humana, and Tricare.

9. Comm Quest

Comm Quest is a rehab center that provides custom-tailored addiction treatment solutions developed with a focus on continuing care. Professional medical experts and counselors work as a team to ensure every patient gets the help he or she requires. Licensed and certified therapists will work with every client individually. They offer an array of medical services and treatment plans to cope with any substance abuse side effect or mental disorder.

Address: 625 Cleveland Ave NW, Canton, OH 44702

Comm Quest

More Information on CommQuest.org

The rehab organization has grown into a medical network with 17 facilities located in different cities across the state. Each facility refers to a particular niche. For example, clients will stay in different settings depending on the treatment they need. Comm Quests has drug and alcohol detox centers, facilities for outpatient treatment and counseling, family living centers, etc. The range of services includes addiction and recovery plans, mental health treatment, and social support at all levels.


  • 17 separate facilities to meet patients’ needs.
  • In-depth social support.
  • Addiction education and learning centers.

Social services:

  • Non-profitable projects, services for families, youth, and young adults, pyramid training, next-level employment, and others.

10. BrightView

BrightView was founded at the time when the Cincinnati community had to take a challenge in the face of opioid addiction. The rehab center appeared to be a brainchild of clinicians and therapists who decided to put their experience on the side of people seeking help when struggling with dependency. This is how the story of a trusted rehab center in Ohio started. Today, it delivers a variety of medical services including MAT, IOP, drug, and alcohol addiction treatment, opioid and heroin dependency healing, and other types of programs.

Address: 446 Morgan St, Cincinnati, OH 45206


More Information on BrightViewHealth.com

The organization has two separate MAT facilities and medical centers located in Ohio and Kentucky. BrightView is a different type of rehab center. It offers a blend of the evidence-based approach with the patient-focused treatment provided with compassion and care.  To cope with chemical dependency, patients will be able to choose from meth, opioid, and other addiction treatment types, as well as suboxone and vivitrol, guided plans.


  • Medically assisted treatment with suboxone and Vivitrol.
  • Two MAT facilities in Ohio and Kentucky.
  • Top Workplace 2019 and the Joint Commission approval.

Insurance plans accepted:

  • Aetna, Anthem, AultCare, Buckeye, Humana, Medicaid, and more.

11. West Chester Psychiatric Association

West Chester Psychiatric Association is a professional rehab center with a team of experienced doctors who handle the process of addiction treatment using suboxone-guided programs. They develop custom plans to heal different addiction types including opioid, heroin, alcohol, and other dependencies that result in not only physical but also psychological challenges. It is not just another pill-based rehab center. Local specialists ensure a caring and compassionate approach to every client with individualized addiction treatment programs.

Address: 8106 Beckett Center Dr, West Chester Township, OH 45069

West Chester Psychiatric Association

More Information on WCPATreatmentCenter.com

Local experts represent Suboxone-licensed doctors and therapists who have developed an efficient 4-step addiction treatment program. It starts with a fast admission and substance abuse education to make it clear for the patients how the rehab will take place. The next stage involves prescribed medication and supervised recovery followed by a stage of physical monitoring to check how patients’ organisms respond to the treatment.


  • Effective 4-stage treatment.
  • Suboxone guided rehab.
  • 5-star ratings from real customers.

Additional treatment services:

  • Subutex and Buprenorphine treatment.

12. MedMark Treatment Centers

MedMark Treatment Centers is a well-recognizable rehab network that delivers high-quality MAT treatment with a focus on opioid addicts. The network boasts dozens of facilities located across the country with MAT, medication, and support service centers in Ohio. The rehab starts with medically guided treatment to reduce patients’ cravings and major side effects. The next task is to help clients develop coping skills and improve their behavioral and social abilities. Experienced clinicians will provide guided treatment solutions through all stages of their rehab.

Address: 1521 Walmart Dr #901, Lebanon, OH 45036

MedMark Treatment

More Information on MedMark.com

MAT treatment consists of three major stages. The first stage involves the induction phase with the clinically guided use of methadone or buprenorphine depending on the addiction type, severity, and other factors. Then goes the stabilization phase. Patients will continue taking prescribed medication while staying in the facility. At this stage, patients reach proper dosage and have major physical symptoms reduced. The last stage is the maintenance phase with major skills restored and trained.


  • Multiple locations across Ohio and other states.
  • 3-step guided MAT treatment.
  • A combination of medication and counseling.

Addiction treatment types:

  • Clinically guided methadone and buprenorphine MAT.

13. Parkman Recovery Center

Parkman Recovery Center is a trusted rehab center in Ohio with a pool of experienced medical specialists. They deal with any kind of addiction at different levels. Patients will benefit from effective evidence-based treatment models that include symptoms evaluation, extended intensive treatment both inpatient and outpatient, in-house support, and individualized treatment plans for every client depending on his or her needs.

Address: 4930 Enterprise Dr NW, Warren, OH 44481


More Information on ParkmanRecovery.com

Professional therapists and doctors will guide patients through every step of the recovery process. Those steps include fast admission and monitored detoxification. Licensed counselors guarantee round-the-clock support with efficient 12-step detox plans. Clients will benefit from proper nutrition and recreational areas to have rest. Intensive extended treatment offers group and individual counseling, family programming, relapse prevention, crisis intervention, and other programs to ensure early recovery.


  • Well-structured addiction treatment.
  • 5-star ratings and reviews.
  • An array of medical services of residentials and IOP patients.

Payment options:

  • Self-pay, Medicaid insurance plans, private insurance.

14. Transformative Wellness

Transformative Wellness is a rehab center that offers all kinds of behavioral treatment to addicts, alcoholics, and people with mental disorders. It is a team of enthusiasts and licensed professionals who deliver dynamic treatment programs with high-quality outpatient rehab. They offer solutions to heal mental illnesses and different types of addiction.  The rehab center has facilities, counseling, and consultation centers located in Clinton County and Warren County.

Address: 815 S South St, Wilmington, OH 45177

Transformative Wellness

More Information on Transformative-Wellness.com

The local team consists of eight proven experts in their fields. Sharon Yockey is the counselor and Chief Executive Officer at Transformative Wellness. She boasts decades of practicing in the field of trauma-informed care, equine-assisted, and other types of therapies. Together with her colleagues, Sharon guarantees an individual approach and innovative methodologies to bring patients back to normal life as soon as possible.


  • Dynamic behavioral treatment.
  • An experienced team of 8 specialists.
  • Decades of combined experience.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Ohio CSWMFT Board, IATP, The Wellness Institute, verified by Psychology Today.

15. Mansfield UMADAOP

Mansfield UMADAOP is the Urban Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Programs center with two different locations in Ohio. It has been delivering high-quality medical services to heal addiction since 1980. Throughout many years, the center has grown into one of the state’s dominating organizations when it comes to addiction treatment, prevention, and education. Local experts do their best to meet patients’ needs delivering premier plans and rehab services to adults and adolescents.

Address: 400 Bowman St, Mansfield, OH 44903

Mansfield UMADAOP

More Information on MansfieldUMADAOP.com

The rehab center introduces a team of SUD-certified medical specialists. They are proven experts when developing programs and treatment solutions to struggling with substance abuse disorders, mental health problems, and other side effects of chemical dependency. They provide opioid treatment, SUD prevention plans, individualized rehab options, MAT, and other types of medically supervised services.


  • Separate assessment centers.
  • SUD certified medical staff.
  • Addiction treatment since 1980.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Ohio MHAS, SAMHSA, MH & RS.

16. DeCoach Rehabilitation Centre

Founded in 2016, DeCoach Rehabilitation Centre was opened to fight back the biggest substance abuse crisis in Cincinnati. Today, it offers premier MAT treatment programs to help patients struggle with alcoholism, opioid addiction, heroin and pill dependency, etc. The multidisciplinary team provides custom-tailored and personalized medical solutions with a holistic approach and innovative methodologies to ensure early recovery.

Address: 6570 Sosna Dr, Fairfield, OH 45014


More Information on DeCoachRehabCtr.com

The main mission is to offer effective and affordable solutions for people seeking a safe and sober environment when fighting back alcoholism and chemical dependency. The range of services is based on MAT treatment as well as intensive counseling. Multi-stage programs consist of proper withdrawal management, premier housing, and extended outpatient treatment programs.


  • Established in 2016.
  • Multidisciplinary medical team.
  • Medically guided Mat and outpatient programs.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Accredited by Ohio Mental Health and Addiction Services.

17. New Day Recovery

Located in Youngstown, Ohio, New Day Recovery is an accredited drug and alcohol rehab center serving patients with different types of dependency and occurring side effects. Clients may choose from a variety of medical services such as outpatient and residential drug rehab, withdrawal management, and other treatment programs developed for both men and women seeking professional help when struggling with substance abuse.

Address: 960 Boardman-Canfield Rd, Youngstown, OH 44512

New Day Recovery

More Information on NewDay-Recovery.com

The main philosophy is to develop treatment programs that heal not only the addiction symptoms but also the root cause. The team of local counselors and clinicians are ready to provide 24/7 support and assistance along with holistic alcoholism treatment, medically guided detoxification, sober residential treatment, IOP, and many other solutions to struggling with substance abuse disorders.


  • Operation since 2016.
  • Accredited by CARF and MHAS.
  • Certified counselors and clinicians.

Supported payment methods:

  • Self-pay, Ohio Medicaid insurance plans, and private insurance options such as CareSource.

18. Recovery Works Healing Center

Recovery Works Healing Center boasts a team of state-licensed doctors and counselors with decades of collective rehab experience. They deliver effective 1-on-1 and group counseling, case management, and addiction services designed for youth. Additional services involve crisis intervention, relapse prevention, trauma and family counseling, etc. Patients will have a chance to struggle with dependency thanks to individually developed medically assisted treatment with the use of Vivitrol, suboxone, Buprenorphine, and other prescribed medication.

Address: 100 Elmwood Park Dr, Dayton, OH 45449

Works Healing Center

More Information on RWHCOhio.com

The main mission is to ensure safer treatment programs if compared to methadone. The rehab center has three major facilities with a separate mental health center located in Ohio. Richard Confer is the founder and the spiritual leader of the medical organization. The website contains a helpful video and media library with all major addiction issues covered and explained.


  • Safer MAT options.
  • Services for families and youth.
  • State-licensed counselors and doctors.

Additional benefits:

  • Scheduled treatment plans with access to NIDA’s blog for teens and major addiction facts covered.

19. New Direction Treatment Services

New Direction Treatment Services delivers holistic addiction-related services for people struggling with a variety of chemical dependencies. Local experts successfully utilize a blend of individualized treatment planning, trusted programs, and alternative practices that have already proved to have success. Different rehab plans involve individual interaction and group therapies. Clients are to choose the recovery path that meets their own preferences and requirements.

Address: 1612 Chase Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45223

New Direction

More Information on NewDirectionTreatment.com

The main mission is to deliver affordable addicts services designed by certified and licensed specialists. The rehab center comes with a variety of plans anyone can afford. For example, assessment services with an in-depth evaluation and 1-hour consultations start at $90. Those, who need to manage anger and fight back impulsiveness, should pay from $30 per session. Individual counseling will cost clients from $50 per therapy.


  • Affordable addiction treatment.
  • Professional individual and group counseling.
  • 5-star reviews from real customers.


  • No info about insurance plans covered or payment options.

20. Miami Valley Recovery

At Miami Valley Recovery, they offer a well-structured blended addiction treatment program that consists of a medical service set. It involves non-intensive and intensive IOP, CBT, gender-specific plans, MI, relapse intervention, and other methodologies to ensure the most favorable outcome. Local specialists handle different therapies and sessions to train new life skills, practice anger management, and heal other substance abuse disorders.

Address: 1 Elizabeth Place Suite NWB40, Dayton, OH 45417

Miami Valley

More Information on MiamiValleyRecovery.com

Patients may choose from two baseline options. The first one is a non-intensive treatment plan featuring group therapies twice a week, family sessions, individual counseling every other day, and doctor appointments throughout the entire treatment program every thirty days. The second option is an intensive outpatient program with more weekly therapies lasting for not less than two hours and individual sessions. Each IOP plan includes regular case management.


  • Intensive and non-intensive outpatient treatment.
  • Weekly therapies and group sessions.
  • Daily doctor appointments.

Insurance plans accepted:

  • Paramount, Molina Healthcare, United Healthcare, Anthem, Buckeye, Cigna, and more.

21. Recovery Institute of Ohio

Recovery Institute of Ohio offers an array of customized addiction treatment solutions for patients of different categories. The main idea lies behind the philosophy of treating not only the body with major side effects but also the soul and mind. As a result, patients will benefit from multi-level programs that include addiction symptoms treatment, comprehensive substance abuse education, art, and music therapies, 12-step program meetings, etc.

Address: 1019 Pierce St, Sandusky, OH 44870

Recovery Institute of Ohio

More Information on RecoveryInstituteofOhio.com

The rehab center is a state-licensed organization with certified doctors, therapies, and counselors. The service quality has been approved by the Joint Commission. Apart from an intensive residential treatment featuring relapse prevention and aftercare, patients are free to choose from other treatment programs such as IOP, partial hospitalization, sober living, and more.


  • Approved by the Joint Commission.
  • Multi-stage rehab programs.
  • PHP, IOP, and sober living.

Insurance plans accepted:

  • Cigna, Humana, High Mark, HCSC, Kaiser Permanent, and more.

22. Women’s Recovery Center

Experienced medical specialists at Women’s Recovery Center work out effective addiction treatment plans with a focus on female patients. The main mission is to help people overcome the disease in the face of a variety of dependency types. Local experts deal with physical and mental side effects offering an array of mental illnesses healing solutions helping women to restore their social skills, health, and bringing them new hope.

Address: 515 Martin Dr, Xenia, OH 45385

Women’s Recovery Center

More Information on RecoveryCentersInc.org

Patients will take the advantage of a multi-phase recovery program that involves action-oriented, intense, and solution-based treatment solutions. A team of experts is divided into specific groups. They include a compassionate and caring administrative staff, certified alcohol and drug rehab specialists, professional counselors, nursing staff, case managers, inpatient treatment experts, nutritionists, and other medical specialists.


  • Gender-specific treatment plans.
  • 12-step involvement (AA, NA, etc.).
  • Child caring services and crisis intervention.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Ohio MHAS, NAMI, CARF, Ohio Women’s Network, MHRB, and many others.

23. Seacrest Recovery Center

If you look for a different rehab center with an innovative and efficient approach, Seacrest Recovery Center is definitely worth paying attention to. First of all, it offers affordable treatment plans to heal addiction and alcoholism. Secondly, it has a team of professional healthcare providers approved and accredited by major non-profitable healthcare organizations such as the Joint Commission, NAATP, and others. The treatment comes as a mix of holistic and traditional therapies delivered through residential treatment, IOP, PHP, and other programs.

Address: 6555 Busch Blvd Ste 100, Columbus, OH 43229


More Information on SeacrestRecoveryCenterOH.com

Additionally, clients may benefit from effective telehealth therapies. They start with introductory partial programming that may last from 2 to 4 weeks depending on the patient’s needs and dependency severity. The next phase involves intensive outpatient programming with 6–12-week rehab plans. At the final stage, local experts will check patients’ encouragement and new life skills. They will compose random drug tests to ensure good results by the end of the treatment.


  • Effective telehealth programs.
  • IOP, PHP, and residential treatment.
  • Accredited by the Joint Commission, NAATP, and Ohio MHAS.

Insurance plans accepted:

  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Anthem. Cigna, Aetna.

24. North Dayton Addiction

North Dayton Addiction is a rehab center that develops programs with the aim of treating opioid and heroin addiction along with alcoholism and some other types of chemical dependency. Although it offers a variety of treatment plans including residential and outpatient treatment, the main focus is made on MAT rehab. It involves multi-stage medically guided solutions with the use of Vivitrol, suboxone, and some other medications that are safer than methadone.

Address: 72 N Dixie Dr, Vandalia, OH 45377

North Dayton Addiction

More Information on NorthDaytonAddiction.com

Patients may choose from different MAT plans depending on the type of their addiction. For example, Suboxone maintenance is used in case of opioid addiction. Suboxone-based treatment may involve two different medications that make it possible to reduce cravings as well as major substance abuse side effects. The second option includes Vivitrol injections. The plan lasts for 28 days with the primary detoxification to remove opioids and alcohol from the organism.


  • Effective MAT plans.
  • Suboxone maintenance and Vivitrol injections.
  • Professional chemical dependency counseling.

Additional medical services:

  • Telemedicine treatment solutions for all rehab plans.

25. On Demand Counseling

On Demand Counseling is a state-based rehab network with addiction treatment facilities in three locations across Ohio. They include rehab centers in Austintown, East Liverpool, and Newton Falls. Local experts offer a variety of alcohol and drug dependency treatments delivered through outpatient drug rehab, mental health treatment, substance abuse counseling, medically assisted treatment, and more. The admission starts with pre-screening, insurance verification, and appointment to decide on the best-matching rehab solution to meet patients’ needs.

Address: 5760 Patriot Blvd suite c, Austintown, OH 44515

On Demand Counseling

More Information on OnDemandCounseling.com

Clients may count on individual care. All therapies are held within small intimate groups. They follow ASAM criteria when it comes to 1-on-1 counseling, crisis intervention, case management, and ongoing care. Local experts have worked out additional treatment plans for those seeking specialized medical care to struggling with alcoholism and substance abuse.


  • Experienced medical staff.
  • Three separate facilities in Ohio.
  • A range of addiction and alcohol treatment plans.

Medical services:

  • Mental health treatment, IOP, MAT, substance use counseling.

26. Asurgent Health

Asurgent Health develops effective IOP programs to treat alcohol and drug dependency. It has a premier facility located in Cleveland, Ohio. Patients will benefit from full-service assistance and high-level care delivered by a team of certified outpatient treatment specialists. All recovery plans are designed using evidence-based methodologies. They are customized to meet individual clients’ needs and ensure a sustainable path to early recovery.

Address: 2490 Lee Blvd #319, Cleveland, OH 44118

Asurgent Health

More Information on AsurgentHealth.com

Every aspect of work involves high excellence standards in reference to staff, facilities, and the treatment process. For patients, it means a sober and safe environment with comfortable therapies and counseling facilities, certified healthcare providers, and trusted recovery methods.


  • Accredited by Ohio MHAS.
  • High=excellence facilities and staff.
  • Evidence-based treatment for addicts and alcoholics.

Additional treatment services:

  • Outpatient treatment, partial hospitalization, IOP, and more.

27. Marion Recovery

Marion Recovery is a rehab center that helps patients to struggle with opioid addiction and some other types of chemical dependency. The main mission is to deliver high-quality physician and psychological care in addition to customizable medically assisted treatment with the supervised use of Suboxone and some other medications that ensure safer and earlier recovery if compared to traditional methodologies.

Address: 390 E Center St, Marion, OH 43302

Marion Recovery

More Information on MarionRecovery.com

The medical center takes pride in its pool of certified and licensed specialists. They offer an array of treatment services to heal substance abuse and mental illnesses. Major programs include MAT with the use of such medications as Suboxone, Buprenorphine, and others. Behavioral health counseling involves individual and group therapies, social and work skill training, etc. The staff consists of four major specialists with doctor and owner Michael Kirwin in charge.


  • Effective MAT programs;
  • Behavioral services;
  • Certified and licensed.

Medications used for MAT:


28. Arizona Counseling & Consultation Services

Individuals with different types of addiction and alcoholism who might look for efficient dependency treatment should consider Arizona Counseling & Consultation Services with high-quality facilities located in Columbus, Ohio. Local exerts deliver trusted methodologies and programs to help patients struggle with opioid, alcohol, and other addictions. Healing programs include evidence-based plans, MAT opiate treatment, substance replacement therapies, 1-on-1 therapies, and individual counseling.

Address: 3035 W Broad St #101, Columbus, OH 43204

Arizona Counseling

More Information on ArizonaCounseling.co

At the rehab center, the team of licensed specialists does its best to ensure individualized clients’ care. They have designed a selection of treatment services that will suit different patients depending on the addiction type, level, and occurring side effects. The list of services includes not only counseling and MAT but also crisis intervention, case management, screening, education, and more. As a result. We have an example of a full-service rehab center to meet everyone’s needs.


  • Professional counselors and therapists.
  • Screening and case management.
  • Effective substance replacement therapies.

Medications used for MAT:

  • Vivitrol and suboxone.

29. House of Hope

If you are looking for high-quality inpatient addiction treatment, House of Hope might be a good option. Conveniently located in Columbus, Ohio, the rehab center delivers effective residential treatment programs designed for men. They help male patients to fight back not only drug dependency but also alcoholism. Most services come as a combination of methodologies and approaches to ensure a full-scale treatment with fast results and early recovery.

Address: 825 Dennison Ave, Columbus, OH 43215

House of Hope Ohio

More Information on HofHope.org

At House of Hope, recovering men will get all required information through counseling sessions, therapies, substance abuse education, and skills practice. When residential treatment is over, most recovered men get a chance to find new work and quickly socialize. Additional rehab plans include a 90-day MAT Vivitrol program, outpatient treatment, recovery residences, etc.


  • Gender-specific treatment programs.
  • Effective 90-day Vivitrol treatment.
  • Working opportunities after the recovery.

Sponsorship opportunities:

  • Six different sponsorship packages for recovery partners, advocates, and allies.

30. Wellness and Addiction Recovery Services Center

Located in Mansfield, Ohio, Wellness and Addiction Recovery Services Center delivers professional medical assistance whenever patients require addiction treatment or family medicine services. Local specialists establish a holistic approach to heal different types of addiction. All programs are 100% confidential and discrete.

Address: 390 Marion Ave, Mansfield, OH 44903

Wellness and Addiction Recovery Services Center

More Information on WellnessAddictionCenter.com

Addiction treatment services combine various approaches to heal tobacco, alcohol, and drug dependency. They come as a blend of guided medication counseling and therapies to provide addiction education and evidence-based experience to patients at any level. With family medicine services, clients will have a chance to restore their relations.


  • Family Mediation services.
  • Addiction treatment programs.
  • Professional and friendly staff.

Insurance plans accepted:

  • Medicare, Medicaid, Humana, Anthem, Molina, Buckeye, and others.

31. McKinley Hall

At McKinley Hall, they deliver full-cycle addiction treatment through intensive residential programs. They typically last from 30 to 45 days depending on the substance abuse severity and side effects. With each program, patients get round-the-clock medical assistance and care along with comfortable rooms, a safe environment, and compassionate staff to meet every need.

Address: 2624 Lexington Ave, Springfield, OH 45505

McKinley Hall

More Information on McKinleyHall.org

The road to recovery starts with an assessment and evaluation. Therapists and patients work as a team to decide on the best-matching treatment program and determine recommendations for state improvement. Men’s residential facilities at McKinley Hall offer 14 beds with a high-quality level of care, fundamental skills training, and other programs delivered through full-scale recovery support, IOP, outreach services, etc.


  • Addiction treatment developed for men.
  • 14-bedroom facilities.
  • Outreach services and aftercare.

Medical services:

  • Outpatient treatment, residential treatment, recovery support, outreach services.

32. Recovery Services of Northwest Ohio

Recovery Services of Northwest Ohio is a full-service organization that delivers addiction treatment programs designed for women. Founded in April 1999, the rehab center boasts over two decades of successful operation featuring thousands of female patients successfully recovered from dependency and alcoholism.

Address: 511 Perry St, Defiance, OH 43512

Recovery Services of Northwest Ohio

More Information on RSNWO.org

The organization has an intimate and cozy facility located Northwest of Ohio. It offers 16 beds of residential treatment. Unlike another rehab center ready to host hundreds of addicts, Recovery Services of Northwest Ohio prefers delivering personalized treatment with attention to every patient’s need. The key rehab disciplines available at the rehab facility include residential inpatient treatment, outpatient programs, telehealth methodologies, etc.


  • Established in 1999.
  • Decades of rehab practice.
  • Addiction and alcohol treatment for women.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Accredited by CARF and Ohio MHAS.

33. Angel Sober Living

Addiction treatment requires a sober and safe environment to ensure the most favorable outcome. It helps to make addiction treatment as effective as possible featuring early recovery and healing not only the body but also mind and soul. Experts from Angel Sober Living specialize in providing drug and alcohol-free accommodation for those who struggle with different kinds of dependency. The rehab center offers amazing opportunities to have a fresh start in a new location with full medical support and care to cope with a disease.

Address: 123 S Washington St, Van Wert, OH 45891

Angel Sober Living

More Information on AngelSoberLiving.com

All facilities come with round-the-clock security and cameras located both inside and outside the property, which is located in Van Wert, Ohio. Each room is equipped with a biometric door lock to ensure maximum security. Special measures are taken to keep away anyone who does not belong to the rehab center. Along with sober living facilities, the center provides outpatient treatment as well as on-site IOP.


  • Secure environment;
  • On-site IOP;
  • Therapies and participations 9 hours a week.


  • No information about price, insurance plans accepted, admission, etc.

34. Recovery Hope Treatment

Recovery Hope Treatment serves addicts and alcoholics in Columbus, Ohio. It offers an array of addiction treatment services to improve not only physical health but also mental state. Local specialists have enough experience in treating psychological and physical dependency, co-occurring symptoms, major substance abuse side effects, and many other health problems.

Address: 605 N High St v268, Columbus, OH 43215

Recovery Hope Treatment

More Information on RecoveryHopeTreatment.com

Patients will benefit from fact-based and well-structured treatment plans. Each program can be customized and changed to meet clients’ specific needs. The rehab consists of several baseline phases. The first stage involves withdrawing, which means removing substances and chemicals from the organism. The next stage lets patients participate in various types of counseling sessions and therapies. The main mission here is to keep clients aware of their problems and ways to cope with them. At the last stage, local specialists teach to prevent potential relapses.


  • Behavioral modeling therapies;
  • 1-on-1 and group counseling;
  • Every-day trips to the gym.

Treatment services:

  • Alcohol rehab, drug addiction treatment, detoxification, intervention.

35. Clean Slate

At Clean Slate, certified and licensed medical experts offer various types of opioid and alcohol rehab for patients seeking help. They have developed a unique customizable recovery model that consists of 4 baseline steps. The main idea is to meet the unique needs of every patient despite the addiction level and side effects. What’s more, by the end of the program. All clients will appreciate an improved quality of life as one of the rehab center main guarantees.

Address: 10475 Reading Rd #206, Cincinnati, OH 45241

Clean Slate Alcohol Rehab

More Information on CleanSlateCenters.com

As stated earlier, the rehab program consists of four fundamental phases. In the first stage, local experts develop individualized treatment plans for every client. Then, certified clinicians prescribe FDA-approved medication for the drug replacement therapy. They may involve Suboxone, Subutex, and others. The third stage includes proper medication management to see how the organism reacts. At the last stage, the patient receives full-spectrum care in collaboration with other health centers and organizations.


  • Multi-stage rehab;
  • Supervised MAT;
  • Care coordination and patient’s engagement.

Treatment services:

  • Opioid and alcohol addiction treatment programs.

36. Wood County Hospital

Wood County Hospital is a well-recognizable medical network with 13 different centers located across Ohio. Local experts specialize in different fields and treatment types. They are proven experts in such areas as autism and nutrition services, child development, sleep disorders, substance abuse, and more. The network boasts several premier settings that include separate cancer care, wounding treatment, and surgery centers. They offer gender-specific treatment programs to improve women’s health.

Address: 950 W Wooster St, Bowling Green, OH 43402

Wood County Hospital

More Information on WoodCountyHospital.org

Apart from an array of medical services. Local experts hold regular classes. They keep patients aware of diseases and health problems they need to overcome. Professional counselors and therapists encourage clients to improve their wellness and develop new essential skills as well as restore the lost ones because of the chemical dependency.


  • 13 locations in Ohio.
  • Separate treatment and rehab centers.
  • A wide range of medical services.

Insurance plans accepted:

  • Anthem, Meridian, Aetna, Emerald Health, Cigna, Unicare, and many others.

37. Drug Rehab Akron

A few medical centers can boast the same variety of alcohol and drug addiction treatment services as Drug Rehab Akron. It offers different rehab choices for people with different health problems resulting in substance abuse. Local experts provide supervised detoxification and symptoms withdrawal along with a safe and sober environment. When the detox stage is over, patients will have a chance to join the rehab center with intensive therapies, professional counseling, and aftercare.

Address: 135 S Broadway St, Akron, OH 44308

Drug Rehab Akron

More Information on DrugRehabAkron.com

Clients will have several baseline treatment options depending on the addiction type and overall situation. The first one involves intensive residential treatment with all stages described earlier. The second option is IOP with professional counselors and therapies ready to help you cope with the disease. The rehab center has grown into a medical network with dozens of facilities located across the state.


  • Regular and residential treatment programs.
  • IOP and PHP.
  • Dozens of health centers across the state.

Payment options accepted:

  • Sliding fee scale.

38. Sunrise Treatment Center

Sunrise Treatment Center boasts several rehab centers in Ohio located in Cincinnati, Milford, Middletown, Forest Park, and some other cities across the state. A team of local experts specializes in a variety of treatment plans to let patients struggle with opioid and alcohol addiction, mental illnesses, and more. Clients will be able to choose from general medical admission, IOP, pregnancy care, etc.

Address: 6460 Harrison Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45247

Sunrise Treatment Center

More Information on SunriseTreatmentCenter.net

When it comes to healing chemical dependency, local experts utilize some of the most trusted and proven methodologies in the face of medically assisted treatment, case management, urinal screening, individual and group counseling, crisis intervention, and many other options that ensure early recovery.


  • Medical services for men and women.
  • Multiple rehab centers in Ohio.
  • MAT, IOP, and residential addiction treatment.

Insurance plans accepted:

  • More than 17 plans including Medicare, Buckeye, Molina, Anthem, Humana, and others.

39. The Road to Hope House

The Road to Hope House is a non-profitable charitable organization created with the aim of helping and supporting men suffering from substance abuse and alcoholism. They do not accept payments from patients while fundraising is the main source of revenue for the rehab center. Clients may apply for residential treatment or participate in weekly alcoholics’ anonymous meetings held in the rehab center’s event hall. By the way, two more facilities are about to open in the nearest future to help even more men struggling with addiction.

Address: 158 Irondale St, Elyria, OH 44035

The Road to Hope House

More Information on Road-to-Hope.org

The medical organization boasts numerous prestigious awards and memberships in non-profitable healthcare associations and boards. It offers numerous donating opportunities to keep on developing its abstinence-based addiction treatment along with a sober environment and recovery delivered through 12-stage programs. Cost-effective housing and a cozy atmosphere will ensure early recovery.


  • Affordable housing;
  • Weekly anonymous meetings;
  • Non-profitable organization.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • The member of MHARS and MHARB, Official BPC Best Practice Charity, and more.

40. Mental Health and Recovery Board of Erie and Ottawa Counties

Erie-Ottawa Counties is not just a separate rehab center. It is a board of several organizations involved. In other words, the organization presents a collaboration of proven healthcare providers located across Ohio. They mainly include non-profitable and charitable organizations that establish responsive and customer-oriented approaches when developing efficient drug and alcohol addiction treatment services.

Address: 1907 E Perkins Ave, Sandusky, OH 44870

Mental Health and Recovery Board of Erie

More Information on MHRBEO.org

The main mission of the board is to deliver comprehensive support to people who struggle with different kinds of addiction and alcoholism at any stage. They also deal with mental disorders and illness as a result of substance abuse and co-occurring symptoms. What’s more, another mission for the board is to keep control over funds directing, improved continuum behavioral health services, and more.


  • A network of proven rehab centers.
  • Non-profitable service providers.
  • All kinds of alcohol and drug rehab.

Medical services:

  • Detox, IOP, MAT, drug, alcohol, and gambling addiction treatment, recovery housing, SAMI, and dozens of other treatment plans.

The Situation With Drug Addiction

Ohio surprisingly found itself in the top 10 states with the biggest number of non-medical use of pain relievers and other prescribed medications among people aged from 12 to 17. Although the situation with some drugs has improved over the years showing decreasing stats, substance abuse is still one of the biggest problems causing thousands of mortalities every year.

Only in Ohio, 4,028 people died of an overdose in 2019 following the 7% increase if compared to the previous year. What’s more, the majority of those deaths were caused by unintentional or accidental overdose, which means a total lack of control over the usage and dosage. It all comes from inefficient addiction education and the lack of disease awareness.

When there is no one to help around, people with chemical dependency usually indulge in various substances or alcohol without understanding the horrible consequences. They refer not only to physical health but also other symptoms and side effects that prevent them from living a normal life and making full use of it in terms of career, relations, earning opportunities, etc.

Common Side Effects

The majority of people often underestimate the consequences of addiction. They are 100% sure they will give up any time without any hassle. In reality, a few of them have enough courage to stop taking drugs. Most patients find themselves at the bottom with ruined relations, lost jobs, and no one to lend a hand. Besides, they are left on their own with severe mental problems and physical disorders.

To make it clear for the patients, all side effects can be divided into several groups in accordance with the way they affect our organism:

  • Physical Influence – like any other chemical substance, drugs, and alcohol have a negative defect on our body. It weakens the immune system making our organism less resistant to outer threats in the face of infections and other diseases. The most common side effects in this group generally include blood infection, liver damages, eating disorders, which may lead to rapid weight loss, bad memory, unstoppable pains, and more.
  • Mental Influence – chemical dependency ruins our nervous system and has a negative influence on brain activity. Rapid cravings and relieves lead to mental disbalance. People start losing temper and behave aggressively. They cannot control the anger. Impulsiveness is one of the most common mental side effects. Other symptoms may involve bipolar disorders, low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, etc.
  • Behavioral Influence – it refers to social side effects and patients’ inability to socialize or interact with society. People fail to get on well not only with colleagues but also with relatives, spouses, and children. As a result, they have ruined families and lost jobs.

The main challenge here is that separate side effect groups never walk alone. Addiction usually leads to a blend of symptoms. Together, they have a strong impact on all aspects of individuals’ life making them miserable. However, proper substance abuse treatment will restore lost qualities, skills, and physical state making patients feel better and moving faster back to normal life.

Main Challenges When Treating Chemical Dependency

As we have discussed earlier, rehab is a complex and multi-stage process. Each stage is designed individually for every patient depending on his or her side effects. With so many rehab centers offering various methodologies and approaches, we need to highlight several baseline concepts that can be customized and changed following patients’ needs.

When looking for rehab centers, you will probably come across the following:

  • Medically assisted treatment – this model is one of the most popular approaches. It may include various stages from detox and drug replacement therapies to aftercare. Some rehab centers combine MAT with outdoor activities and different events for patients to get involved and learn to live a normal life the same way as during the pre-addiction period.
  • Counseling – it is a set of therapies either group or individual aimed at delivering proper addiction education. The model helps to restore lost skills or relations with family. As a rule, it does not involve any medication.
  • Faith-based Treatment – this one generally refers to churches and other organizations that build their rehab plans on a faith-based approach. As a rule, the process does not involve any medication treatment. It is mainly focused on dedication to the church, physical exercises, outdoor activities, etc.

To choose the right approach, a professional evaluation is needed. It will help to define the most effective treatment types that ensure early recovery.

How Rehab Centers Can Help

With modern rehab centers, people with chemical dependency will have a chance to restore their health as well as vital life skills. Patients will benefit from full-service medical assistance with an array of methods and approaches to heal addiction at any level. The first thing to do is to evaluate the side effects and addiction severity to decide on the best-matching treatment plans.

Types of Treatment Programs

To choose a proper method, it is vital to identify the main side effects and health problems. Different treatment programs apply to different levels of dependency. They may come as a combination of several approaches or a single plan with a focus on a particular disease. No matter what you choose, you need to consider the list of common addiction treatment types just to be aware:

  1. Residential Treatment – just like inpatient programs, this type involves different operations. The main idea is that clients stay in the facility to benefit from MAT or drug replacement therapies (with the use of different medications such as Suboxone, Vivitrol, and others), multi-level detox, aftercare, case management, and medical monitoring.
  2. Outpatient Treatment – it may involve IOP, partial hospitalization, and a wide range of therapies. Patients may select from individual or group counseling, addiction education, family sessions, life skill training, and more. As a rule, this particular treatment type does not require stating in the facility.

None of the models mentioned should be considered as a stand-alone option. Addiction treatment requires a multi-level approach with an overview from different angles. In other words, professional medical assistance will generally contain different methodologies combined in a single treatment plan.

Choosing A Rehab Center

After we have defined side effects and treatment types to cope with them, we need to look for a rehab center with services we require. Dozens of medical organizations offer addiction treatment in Ohio. However, choosing the one that meets your needs might also be a tough challenge. Here are some crucial points to consider when selecting a facility:

  1. Proven results – this point may combine various factors. It is not only about how long the rehab center has been operating but also about real clients’ reviews, the number of patients successfully recovered, reputation on the web, etc.
  2. Accreditation – it proves that the facility is licensed to provide safe addiction treatment. As a rule, trusted rehab centers are approved by such non-profit organizations as MHAS, the Joint Commission, CARF, NAATP, and some others. You should look for this information on the official website. The same refers to the medical staff. It should be certified and licensed as well.
  3. Treatment Programs – if you are looking for a full-service rehab center, make sure it provides all types of rehab programs. If you look for IOP or MAT only, then you may consider other settings.
  4. Facilities – they define the atmosphere and environment during the treatment process. Make sure you will feel comfortable when staying in the setting. The location also matters, especially if you do not have a car.
Apr 11, 2024