30 Drug Rehab Centers in Orlando

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Rehab centers may appear to be the last straw for chemically dependent persons and their families. They help to not only cope with substance abuse but also teach to live after the recovery as a normal member of society. Experienced clinicians and counselors will help to develop interpersonal and professional skills, forget about pains and health problems, fight back anxiety, depression, and mental disorders.

Rehab centers provide a variety of recovery plans and programs to meet different patients’ needs despite the type of addiction, age, gender, and other factors. Residents will be able to choose a personalized substance abuse treatment service delivered by some of the most trusted and experienced clinicians, counselors, therapists, and other medical specialists.

Following the drug rehab program makes it possible to complete the detoxification recovery process in a friendly, caring, and safe environment. In or list, you will find 30 rehab centers with a variety of recovery plans for teens, adolescents, and adults.

1. Orlando Recovery Center

Orlando Recovery Center is a premier recovery facility with two rehab centers located in Orlando. It comes as a leading recovery service provider with a variety of treatment programs delivered out of the box. Experienced medical staff will help clients to cope with drug and alcohol addiction. Some of the rehab plans are aimed at healing eating and co-occurring disorders. Apart from an enhanced detox program, clients may count on dedicated aftercare planning, outpatients care, invidiously developed therapies, and other tools to get rid of the horrible consequences that resulted in substance abuse.

Address: 6000 Lake Ellenor Dr, Orlando, FL 32809

Orlando Recovery Center

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The medical staff introduces a pool of licensed and certified experts who specialize in a variety of addiction diseases, mental disorders, and other health problems caused by substance usage. The enormous background is drawn mainly from real-life experience. In other words, local physicists and therapists use their huge experience to work out special rehab and recovery plans that rely on their expertise. Clients will benefit from safe and assisted detoxification, therapies for individuals and groups, professional counseling for young couples and families.

Orlando Recovery Service

What’s more, local specialists are proven experts in such fields as dietary planning and nutrition counseling in case of eating disorders. They help patients to obtain and practice new life skills that will help them cope with the disease even when they get back to normal life within a society. The rehab center establishes mild fees and offers full insurance coverage supported by major policy providers. Facilities include a swimming pool, basketball courts, exercise gyms, smoking, and recreational areas.


  • Two centers are located in Orlando;
  • A wide spectrum of pans and treatment services;
  • Recreational facilities with a pool and courts.

Insurance plans accepted:

  • Orlando Health Network, Cigna, Healthcare Solutions Group, Humana, First Choice, First Health, and more.

2. WhiteSands

WhiteSands is the rehab facility that got the title of the #1 Addiction Treatment Center in Florida. Located in Orlando, it delivers a variety of recovery plans and medical services to patients who suffer from alcohol and substance abuse. Clients will benefit from an intensive residential treatment featuring well-structured recovery plans and a sober environment that will make them feel at home. Additional services include support and aftercare programs that help to get used to living a normal life when getting back to society.

Address: 56 E Pine St, Orlando, FL 32801


More Information on WhiteSandsTreatment.com

The path to normal life starts with an efficient and safe detoxification program. The next stage involves an inpatient rehab plan for those who have successfully completed the detox process. A residential rehab plan lasts from 30 to 60 days depending on the client’s needs and expectations. Above all, experienced medical staff conducts dual diagnosis treatment, individual and family therapies, relapse prevention, additional intervention programs, and many other advanced services that guarantee great results.

WhiteSands Rehab


  • Multiple residential treatment services;
  • Safe and efficient detox program;
  • Rehab centers in more than 20 locations across the country.

Additional benefits:

  • The #1 Addiction Treatment Center in Florida.

3. House of Freedom

For more than three decades, the House of Freedom has been delivering comprehensive addiction treatment to individuals and groups in Orlando, Florida. The pool of local experts boasts years of medical practice and real-life experience to use when developing efficient treatment and recovery programs. The main philosophy is to ensure individual care to every patient with sufficient care and recreational environment to ensure a fast and stable result.

Address: 2311 N Orange Blossom Trail, Kissimmee, FL 34744

House of Freedom

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The medical center provides high-quality assistance based on three major principles. They include Commitment, Caring, and Compassion. It helps the medical staff to incorporate patients’ specific inner resources, abilities, strength, and preferences to fight back substance abuse, mental disorders, traumas, and other health problems. The range of services includes comprehensive outpatient therapies, residential treatment, recreational therapies, family support, education, and career development, etc.

House of Freedom Rehab

The center has facilities located not only in Florida but also in Puerto Rico. The medical staff consists of experienced mental health professionals, counselors, psychiatrists, recreational therapists, certified and licensed health technicians, addiction experts, etc. They all work as a team to ensure the most favorable outcome and efficient treatment plans for every resident in particular.


  • More than 30 years of medical practice;
  • Facilities in Florida and Puerto Rico;
  • Highly professional and licensed medical staff.

Additional benefits:

  • Free consultations and medical assistance in English and Spanish.

4. New Season

New Season is the rehab network with up-to-date treatment centers located in Orlando and other cities across the state. It introduces a team of certified and accredited facilities where clients may count on professional opiate alcohol, and drug addiction treatment. Each member of the medical staff demonstrates care, dedication, and individual approach to every resident to ensure stable and continuous health improvement.

Address: 1002 N Semoran Blvd, Orlando, FL 32807

New Season Orlando

More Information on NewSeason.com

The rehab center made a name for itself thanks to advanced and innovative treatment techniques. Each of the accredited rehab plans they use to meet the highest medical standards. Each program consists of not only treatment but also patients’ monitoring and clinical assistance. The majority of treatment services are aimed at drug addiction prevention and opioid addiction symptoms. A team of medical specialists consists of program directors, medical doctors, treatment service coordinators, pharmacists, etc.


  • Rehab centers across the state;
  • A well-established industry name;
  • Innovative treatment techniques.


  • SAMSHA, DEA, State Board of Pharmacy, and others.

5. Next Step Village

Next Step Village introduces two rehab centers located in Orlando and Umatilla. As a part of the Advanced Recovery System network, each facility represents a dedicated team of medical professionals with medical and executive directors Dr. Huckbay and Michael Riggs. Together, they develop and design personalized treatment plans for clients who suffer from substance abuse. The range of rehab and recovery services involves not only addiction treatment but also sober living and aftercare.

Address: 8875 US-17, Maitland, FL 32751

Next Step Village

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Patients may count on a well-structured treatment and aftercare to get back to normal life as soon as possible. Facilities include sober living apartments and houses depending on clients’ preferences and needs. A senior resident will be assigned to every customer with the aim of support,  encouragement, and explanation of what sober living means.


  • FARR Certified Residence;
  • Sober living and aftercare;
  • Experienced medical specialists.

License and accreditations:

  • ARS network membership, NAATP Provider Member.

6. Recovery Solutions

Recovery Solutions is a rehab center that delivers medical services in Orlando and across Central Florida. The facility comes with a team of proven medical experts who help patients in fighting back addictions and mental health problems. They provide a wide range of treatment plans with the aim of curing substance abuse, traumas, and mental disorders. Clients can order treatment for themselves as well as for their beloved ones. The rehab center supports all major insurance policy issues to cover the costs.

Address: 4820 State Road 19a, Mt Dora, FL 32757

Recovery Solutions

More Information on RecoverySolutionsInc.net

Pamela Hand is the CEO and Clinical Service Director. She has more than two decades of practicing experience. For more than 26 years, Pamela has been helping people to treat substance addictions delivering stable mental health with individually crafted rehab plans. Pamela is a certified addiction specialist. Besides, she is an officially licensed clinical and social worker who is in charge of a professional team of therapists, assistants, case managers, and other experts.

The center boasts cozy rehab facilities to meet every client’s needs. Apart from a variety of treatment programs, local specialists ensure an improved recovery life with different activities for patients to get involved. Residents may try their skills in fishing and kayaking, boat races, yoga, sea plans, bowling, barbeque, and many other activities that will help you quickly get back to normal life.


  • Joint Commission Accreditation;
  • More than 26 years of medical experience;
  • A wide range of recovery activities.

Insurance plans accepted:

  • Cigna, Aetna, Value Options, United Healthcare, and many others.

7. Fresh Start Ministries

Fresh Start Ministries is a well-recognizable Orlando-based rehab center that offers long-lasting but efficient recovery programs for patients with alcohol and drug addiction. Local specialists work mainly with a focus on men. The center appears to be a niche-oriented facility with an experienced medical staff that includes psychiatrists, therapists, case managers, and program directors. Male residents with life-controlling problems will benefit from advanced facilities and effective treatment to recover from typical substance abuse.

Address: 4436 Edgewater Dr, Orlando, FL 32804

Fresh Start Ministries

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The recovery course lasts for one year. It includes not only effective residential treatment but also programs developed with a focus on patients’ support, aftercare, and education. The main idea is to bring men to normal life and let them keep their jobs as well as have good relations with families. The rehab center has a huge recovery experience. Established in 1986, it has been providing individualized treatment programs along with a safe recreational environment, biblical counseling, classes, individual and group support, etc.


  • Established in 1986;
  • Almost 3,000 addicts recovered;
  • More than 37,000 lives were touched.

Additional benefits:

  • A 1-year long full-cycle rehab plan for men.

8. Central Florida Recovery Centers

Central Florida Recovery Centers is a rehab facility conveniently located in Orlando. It has a team of dedicated therapists and medical experts who are ready to deliver a solution to different diseases and life challenges in the face of alcoholism and substance abuse. In the rehab center, patients will be able to not only get rid of an addiction but also receive professional help in case of psychological issues, mental disorders, and other health problems.

Address: 6900 Turkey Lake Rd, Orlando, FL 32819

Central Florida Recovery Centers

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Residents will appreciate the multi-level treatment and recovery programs. They include partial hospitalization as well as intensive inpatient programs. Additional services include DUI pans as well as co-occurring symptoms and disorders. As for the therapies, patients may choose from a list of medical tools including an efficient detoxification process, targeted case management physiological rehab plans, residential treatment, and more.


  • Conveniently located rehab center;
  • Multi-level recovery programs;
  • A wide selection of treatment services.

Insurance plans accepted:

  • Beacon, Cigna, Blue Shield, Florida Medicaid, Staywell, United Healthcare, and other policy providers.

9. Pasadena Villa

It does not matter if you only need a partial hospitalization or look for an intensive residential recovery program to fight back substance abuse and alcoholism. Pasadena Villa is definitely the right place to be with a staff of experienced medical specialists and licensed addiction treatment providers. With two rehab centers located in Florida and Tennessee, the facility provides a range of medical services to treat depression, various types of psychosis, anxiety, bipolar spectrum disorder, autism, and many other health problems. With caring admission staff it will take you several minutes to learn everything about the plans and services they offer during a free consultation online or on the phone.

Address: 119 Pasadena Pl, Orlando, FL 32803

Pasadena Villa

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The main philosophy of treatment methods delivered by the rehab specialists is the idea of self-motivation. Residents will find it easy to follow the recovery course with the recreational and physical environment along with different individual and group approaches. Treatment methods involve family dynamic groups, coping skills development, mental health relapse prevention, life skills modification, etc.


  • A wide spectrum of treatment methods;
  • Facilities in Florida and Tennessee;
  • Free consultations online and on the phone.


  • ARTA Member Facility and Joint Commission Accreditation.

10. NeuLife Rehabilitation

Located only 30 minutes from Orlando in Mount Dora, NeuLife Rehabilitation boasts one of the largest rehab facilities across the state. It covers an area of 43 rolling acres providing full access to outdoor recreational zones and group activities for all residents to get involved. Patients will enjoy perfect climate conditions in addition to superb residential facilities, effective treatment programs, and professional medical staff.

Address: 2725 Robie Ave, Mt Dora, FL 32757

NeuLife Rehabilitation

More Information on NeuLifeRehab.com

Local experts have developed exclusive rehab plans. The team of professionals includes dedicated experts in such fields as healthcare, worker compensation, and other fields. The center boasts CARF accreditation in Residential Rehab and Specialty Programs to treat brain injuries. Advanced facilities come with top-notch technological equipment that ensures more efficient recovery courses and fast results.


  • 43 rolling acres of space;
  • 30 minutes from Orlando;
  • Professional medical staff.


  • CARF Accreditation in Brain Injury Specialty Programs and Residential Rehabilitation.

11. Impower

Impower is the rehab center network that delivers treatment and recovery plans developed with a focus on teens and adolescents. If there is someone struggling with alcohol and substance abuse in your family, local specialists are ready to provide qualified assistance round-the-clock. Therapists, physicists, and psychiatrists work with patients aged from 13 to 17.  The average time to complete the rehab program is 6 months. It includes multiple treatment services such as substance misuse, services, mental health recovery, and many others.

Address: 111 W Magnolia Ave, Longwood, FL 32750


More Information on ImpowerFL.org

Each rehab program comes with several blocks. They include not only therapies and counseling but also educational plans to explain the consequences of chemical dependency. Patients will also learn how to behave in society after the recovery. They will be able to pick up practical skills that will support them ensuring a better quality of life quality. Individual and group therapies take place 5 days a week. Residents will have a chance to participate in a variety of events such as races, marathons, and other engaging competitions.


  • Programs for teens and adolescents;
  • Event calendar for maximum involvement;
  • Real success stories.

Additional benefits:

  • A non-profitable organization with a focus on funding and donations.

12. Central Florida Treatment Center

Central Florida Treatment Center has several facilities located in 5 cities across the state with the head rehab center in Orlando. Local medical staff develop recovery programs to treat addiction and other health problems that result in substance and alcohol abuse. Established in 1983, the center has been delivering medication to recover from pain, heroin, and other addictions for the last 40 years. The team of experienced specialists has a clear understanding of how to fight the opioid dependency back and help patients get back to normal lives.

Address: 1800 W Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32804

Central Florida Treatment

More Information on MethadoneWorks.net

The majority of rehab plans use suboxone or methadone to ensure a fast and efficient recovery process without pain. The website contains tons of useful information published in the News section and blog. Potential residents may learn about the main methadone myths and truth as well as stay tuned with the latest rehab center releases. To start the treatment course, clients may fill in a simple online pre-screen form.


  • Locations in 5 cities including Orlando;
  • Established in 1983;
  • Rehab plans with methadone and suboxone.

Insurance plans accepted:

  • Humana, Aetna, United Healthcare, StayWell, Prestige, Sunshine Health, and others.

13. My Freedom Quest

The main mission of My Freedom Quest is not just to help patients get rid of alcoholism and substance addiction but also to stop suffering from pains and mental disorders. Local therapists and counselors assist when rearranging relations with the family. Residents get a chance to start a new career and prepare to get back to society. Recovery programs differ from typical AA or NA plans. They consist of 12 different stages. Each stage contains treatments to heal anxiety, depression, loneliness, and other health and mental problems that interfere with the efficient recovery process.

Address: 2989 W State Rd 434 #100, Longwood, FL 32779

My Freedom Quest

More Information on MyFreedomQuest.com

Patients will appreciate personalized and holistic treatment methods developed to meet not only physical but also emotional and spiritual clients’ needs. The rehab center boasts JCAHO accreditation and supports all major insurance providers. Major medical services include intensive outpatient programs, counseling, and court order services.


  • 12-sate based treatment plans;
  • Real testimonials and reviews;
  • Rehab centers in two locations.

Additional benefits:

  • The founder Dr. Peter Butkins boasts more than 45 years of experience in helping alcoholics, addicts, and families to cope with the crisis.

14. SoberDoc

Dr. Kent S. Hoffman is the founder and spiritual leader of the SoberDoc rehab center. Mr. Hoffman has more than three decades of medical practice. He is licensed to deliver addiction treatment as well as family medicine. It has been 15 years since Kent has formed a team of medical specialists to deliver a range of services across Orlando and Maitland. Kent not just founded the rehab center but developed efficient programs and recovery plans to get over substance abuse and addiction.

Address: 406 Lake Howell Rd, Maitland, FL 32751


More Information on SoberDoc.com

The variety of treatment programs include detoxification for sober living, advanced drug rehab therapies featuring inpatient and outpatient treatment, withdrawal symptoms management, and addiction medication based on Buprenorphine, Suboxone, and Methadone. Patients will be able to select from the most advanced and efficient treatment options to ensure a fast recovery process.


  • Medical specialists with more than 30 years of practice;
  • Two rehab centers in Orlando and Maitland;
  • 15 years in business.

Additional benefits:

  • Free consultations and all treatment programs are described in detail.

15. Central Florida Men’s Center

Central Florida Men’s Center is one of the most recognizable rehab facilities in Florida with centers located in the suburbs of Orlando. It is about to complete the construction of a brand-new campus that will meet the highest residential and medical standards. For more than six decades, local professionals have been helping to recovery from alcohol and substance abuse. All plans consist of long-term rehab programs that managed to help thousands of people and bring them back to modern life.

Address: 3706 Sanford Ave, Sanford, FL 32773

Central Florida Men’s Center

More Information on CentralFloridaMensRehab.com

The rehab center introduces the longest-running and most successful medical community in the state. It has treatment centers located not only in Florida and the United States but also in other countries across the world. It currently boasts more than 1,000 rehab facilities worldwide. All medical services were developed with the focus on patients aged under 18. All patients are single-gendered. They will benefit from a clean environment, advanced facilities, up-to-date campus, and effective treatment programs for individuals and groups.


  • More than 1,000 centers worldwide;
  • The longest-running medical community;
  • Construction of a new campus in Rolando is in process.

Additional benefits:

  • More than 60 years of professional addiction and substance abuse recovery help.

16. Seminole Addiction Treatment Services & Counseling

SATSC is a full-cycle medical and rehab center created to help patients recover from domestic violence and mental health. The main specialization is drug addiction treatment that involves not only efficient but also affordable rehab plans. The key philosophy is to work in smaller gender-specific groups that generally include 4-6 people. Each group refers to a specific substance and age issues making it easier for the counselor to treat everyone equally.

Address: 2640 Hiawatha Ave suite e, Sanford, FL 32773

Seminole Addiction Treatment Services

More Information on SATSC.org

Local specialists have enough expertise to provide assistance in case of criminal charges. They help people blamed for drug possession and usage, DUI, intoxication, and more. The range of medical services includes 1-day probation costing $150 per day as well as long-term programs featuring substance abuse education, mental health evaluation, and more.


  • 1-day probation;
  • Long-term rehab programs;
  • Drug dependency education.

Payment options:

  • Residents may use debit and credit cards or pay in cash.

17. Parrish Healthcare

Parrish Healthcare boasts a more than 60-year history of serving clients in a variety of locations. It is not just a typical rehab center. It is a full-cycle medical facility with some of the finest medical experts specializing in orthopedic, occupational health, oncology, children and women’s health, etc. The center ensures some of the finest treatment environments across the country. It ensures maximum safety level in addition to efficient recovery programs for patients of all ages.

Address: 951 N Washington Ave, Titusville, FL 32796

Parrish Healthcare

More Information on ParrishHealthcare.com

The center represents an award-winning collaboration with different hospitals, social communities, insurance providers, and healthcare establishments to guarantee maximum treatment flexibility when it comes to alcohol and drug addiction, physical or mental disorders. They work with communities and develop state-of-the-art rehab programs for families and individuals despite their needs.


  • 60 years of medical experience;
  • Over 1,400 clients’ ratings;
  • Positive reviews and testimonials on Google.

Awards and accreditations:

  • Best Hospital Women’s Choice 2020, Joint Commission accreditation, Best Places to Work in Healthcare by Becker’s Hospital Review, and other prestigious awards.

18. Hope Centers of Central Florida

Hope Centers of Central Florida is a rehab network with facilities located in Orlando and some other cities across the state. It has a team of experts who mainly specialize in opioid treatment. They help patients to recover from drug and alcohol addiction and get them back on track to healing. Patients will have a chance to schedule a free appointment and decide on the best-matching recovery plan depending on their needs.

Address: 101 E Miller St, Orlando, FL 32806

Hope Centers of Central Florida

More Information on HopeCentersofCentralFlorida.com

The range of services includes not only opioid treatment but also telemedicine, alcoholism treatment, counseling, and suboxone treatment. Local experts help to cope with the side effects of substance abuse and prevent patients from relapse. Each plan contains treatment cycles based on different medications ranging from Naloxone to Buprenorphine. Besides, they utilize the most advanced and modern techniques to make the recovery process as fast and easy as possible.


  • A trusted rehab center;
  • Naloxone and Buprenorphine treatment programs;
  • Telemedicine and counseling.

Insurance plans accepted:

  • TriWest for veterans.

19. South Eastern Counseling Center

South Eastern Counseling Center offers two modern facilities located not far from Orlando. The rehab center was founded in 1989, which means more than two decades of efficient treatment and recovery from drug addiction. The main idea is to deliver efficient outpatient substance abuse treatment combined with intensive chemical dependency educational programs. The medical staff consists of experienced counselors who cover all aspects of detox, outpatient abuse, and inpatient rehab treatment.

Address: 2445 Lee Rd, Winter Park, FL 32789

South Eastern Counseling Center

More Information on SouthEasternCounselingCenter.com

Patients will have a chance to choose from various programs with different treatment methods and timeframes. They include 1-day educational seminars, weekly group, and individual therapy sessions, and so on. Each course consists of basic treatment and drug education. If that is not enough, residents may claim an intermediate recovery generally developed for people who often suffered from offenses, DUI, and other problems.


  • Established in 1989;
  • Multiple treatment options;
  • Comprehensive drug education.

Additional benefits:

  • Clear recovery calendar with all treatment programs described.

20. Choices Counseling Center

Choices Counseling Center introduces a pool of medical experts who have been helping families and individuals to get over devastating consequences of compulsive behavior, depression, anxiety, addiction, and other issues that caused mental and health disorders. The team of experienced counselors boasts more than three decades of combined experience. It developers rehab plans that involve alcohol and drug treatment, assistance with family issues, individual and group counseling, etc.

Address: 1331 Palmetto Ave # 203, Winter Park, FL 32789

Choices Counseling Center

More Information on ChoicesCC.com

The founder of the rehab center Maureen Traynor (LMFTM and LMHC) believes that the only way to ensure successful recovery is to provide deep compassion for every patient despite the health issue. Only participation and involvement will let patients get over their addictions and misbeliefs. For this reason, local experts mainly use community therapeutic models with long-term medical, emotional, and mental assistance.


  • More than 30 years of collective experience;
  • A team of 5 experienced specialists;
  • A wide range of medical services.

Additional benefits:

  • Main specializations include alcohol and drug addiction treatment, family counseling, extended care, psychodrama, and others.

21. The Transition House

The Transition House provides continuous medical services to alcoholics and drug addicts. The facility has just celebrated its 25th anniversary, which means more than two decades of high-quality rehab programs and plans to fight back substance abuse. Established in 1993, the rehab center boasts thousands of cured patients in addition to Joint Commission accreditation. The Transition House represents a recovery network with multiple counseling and treatment centers with a niche. Gender, or disease-specific services.

Address: 3800 5th St, St Cloud, FL 34769

The Transition House

More Information on TheTransitionHouse.org

As for the treatment plans, patients will be able to choose from residential, veteran, and re-entry programs for those who want to prevent substance relapse. The main mission is to ensure professional medical assistance not only to veterans, elderly people, and adults, but also to kids, teens, and adolescents. The team of dedicated therapists and counselors will identify substance disorder signs and symptoms as well as quickly eliminate them with the best-matching rehab plan.


  • A rehab network with multiple rehab and counseling centers;
  • Accredited by the Joint Commission;
  • Addiction treatment since 1993.

Insurance plans accepted:

  • AHCA, Medicare, Central Florida Cares, and some others.

22. Mindful Behavioral Healthcare

Founded by a respected and experienced psychiatrist Dr. Jose Gonzales, Mindful Behavioral Healthcare is a premier rehab center in Orlando representing a team of dedicated therapists, counselors, and physicists who develop efficient and personalized rehab plans to meet expectations for every patient.  Apart from substance abuse treatment, local professionals deliver an array of different medical services that range from patients’ and parental counseling to psychiatric evaluation, cognitive therapies, TMS, and many others. The rehab center accepts major insurance providers to cover the treatment costs.

Address: 717 E Oak St, Kissimmee, FL 34744

Mindful Behavioral Healthcare

More Information on MindfulBehavioralCare.com

The main mission is to deliver a wide range of treatment programs with a focus on adults, teens, or adolescents. Medical and rehab plans are developed to cover different practice areas that may include psychiatric and mental disorders, pains, and physical health problems resulting from alcoholism and drug addiction, and so on. The range of programs ranges from traditional health plans with more exclusive recovery solutions for patients who crave more comprehensive treatment.


  • Decades of collective experience;
  • Focus on patients of any age;
  • A variety of recovery plans.

Insurance plans accepted:

  • Hundreds of insurance plans including such major providers as Cigna, MEDICARE, Value Options, Vocational Rehabilitation, and many others.

23. Total Freedom Program

Total Freedom Program is a non-typical rehab center. Founded in 1999, it established a different approach to healing substance abuse and mental disorders. For example, patients will not be able to use mental health or non-narcotic medication. Recovery plans and rehab programs do not contain major substances like Suboxone or Vivitrol. Medical services are delivered with a focus on intensive counseling and drug dependency addiction to let patients figure out the main cause of their addiction.

Address: 1001 Idaho Ct, Ocoee, FL 34761

Total Freedom

More Information on TotalFreedomProgram.org

The name of the rehab center speaks for itself. The main philosophy is to set patients free from their dependency. Local specialists develop personalized rehab plans with counseling and therapies for each patient individually. Despite major mental health substances being prohibited, some cases may still require health-related medication. The average plan lasts for 90 days. What’s more, it is available for free to those who cannot afford the paid program.


  • Established in 1999;
  • Decades of collective experience;
  • 90-day recovery plans without mental health medications.

Treatment costs:

  • The rehab program is free for those who cannot afford it.

24. Premium Counseling Group

Premium Counseling Group represents a rehab network with facilities located in Orlando, Florida. The department was created with the aim of helping children and families to treat substance abuse using individual and group counseling, therapies, screening, treatment planning, and a variety of other medical services available at affordable prices. The main mission is to keep patients abstinent from mood-altering medications and substances as well as alcohol.

Address: 3501 W Vine St #352, Kissimmee, FL 34741

Premium Counseling Group

More Information on PremiumCounselingGroup.com

A team of experienced specialists develops recovery plans that incorporate spiritual recovery, biopsychosocial treatment, physical and behavioral practice to ensure the most favorable by the end of the rehab program. As a result, patients will appreciate fats and efficient rehabilitation within a holistic and sober environment. The clinical staff combines various common treatment approaches that include evidence-based recovery and innovative methods to meet the needs of individuals and families.


  • Innovative recovery approaches;
  • A trusted rehab network with facilities in Central Florida;
  • DUI and substance abuse charge probation.

Additional benefits:

  • A comprehensive knowledge base with all core issues described from DUI charges, legal drug use implications, and other legal and medical issues that might have serious consequences.

25. Liberty Lodge Ministries

Liberty Lodge Ministries delivers professional medical and counseling assistance to those who want to set free from drugs and alcohol once and for all. Patients will benefit from personalized recovery plans and rehab programs based on attention to every patient’s matter, professional counseling, inpatient and outpatient therapies, and so on. The clinical staff has designed a unique rehab program to help people get rid of chemical dependency.  While being a Ministry of Christ Central Church, the rehab center provides high-quality recreational facilities and a sober environment.

Address: 4235 Mt Sterling Ave, Titusville, FL 32780

Liberty Lodge Ministries

More Information on LibertyLodgeMinistries.org

The core treatment plan is based on an 8-month inpatient residential recovery program. It lasts for 32 weeks and utilizes some of the best practices in the form of professional counseling, individual and group therapies. The recovery process consists of several baseline stages. They include the inner healing, alcohol and drug addiction sin explained, the addiction recovery process, and final discipline training before returning to normal life.


  • The center is the Ministry of Christ Church;
  • Self-crafted rehab plans;
  • 32-week recovery program.

Additional benefits:

  • A multi-level treatment program with all major issues explained and addiction healing.

26. Open Homes Fellowship

Open Homes Fellowship was founded by Father Mike Grenier, who used to be a drug addict. Together with his wife, he suffered from a severe addiction to heroin but managed to fight it back in 1978. This is when the idea of creating a rehab center appeared. Mike and his team are well-aware of all obstacles, challenges, and pains patients need to face when struggling with alcoholism or substance abuse. With over 30 years of practical experience and 2.3 acres of occupied space, Open Homes Fellowship will be a good destination for those seeking recovery.

Address: 1831 Central Park Ave, Orlando, FL 32807

Open Homes Fellowship

More Information on OpenHomesFellowship.com

Huge facilities with areas for recreation and physical activities make it possible to house more than 40 patients at a time. The rehab center is actually a church that delivers counseling and mental assistance only to men. The rehab program contains a variety of events, musical festivals, competitions, and other events to ensure residents’ involvement. The program itself consists of two major phases and ends up with aftercare and support for those who need to get back to normal life and feel confident in society. At Open Homes Fellowships, they do not charge obligatory fees.


  • The rehab center is a church;
  • 2.3 acres of occupied space;
  • Ready to house more than 40 patients at a time.

Additional benefits:

  • A 2-phase rehabilitation with events, festivals, and holidays for patients to get involved.

27. Aspire Health Partners

Aspire Health Partners is a non-profitable rehab center. For patients, it means free medical services delivered at zero cost to treat drug and alcohol dependency. What’s more, the center comes as Central Florida’s largest non-profit recovery facility with a selection of treatment services and clinical solutions developed with a focus on physical and mental wellness, alcohol and substance abuse, and other health problems resulting from form chemical dependency.

Address: 1800 Mercy Dr, Orlando, FL 32808

Aspire Health Partners

More Information on AspireHealthPartners.com

Patients will appreciate a free and intuitive way to schedule a first free admission. The website comes with a user-friendly online form to schedule an appointment. You will only need to select appropriate adult males and females as well as families and kids. The range of medical services delivered consists of pharmacy, alcohol and substance abuse, mental health, homeless services, dependency prevention, and education, etc.


  • A non-profitable organization;
  • Free medical services and rehab programs;
  • Biggest non-profit rehab facility in Central Florida.

Treatment services:

  • Assessment and screening, mental health, substance abuse, alcoholism, education, prevention, etc.

28. Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center

Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center is a Florida-based facility that delivers intensive addiction treatment and recovery programs for patients of different ages. The main benefit is that all treatment services can be covered with major insurance providers, which makes it simpler to pay for recovery. Residents will appreciate acres of scenic grounds for recreation and sober living in addition to experienced clinical staff that ensures a 100% complete medical and psychiatric treatment.

Address: 1616 Malon Bay Dr, Orlando, FL 32828

Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center

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The rehab center boasts a Center of Excellence award in addition to custom-developed recovery plans and the ability to cover costs with all major insurance plans available in Central Florida and Orlando in particular. The pool of experts consists of qualified therapists, doctors, and counselors who will keep patients away from illicit or prescription drugs, alcohol, or opioids. The recovery plan consists of a 30-day intensive treatment program.


  • Complete psychiatric and medical care;
  • Scenic views and picturesque surroundings;
  • A 30-day intensive rehab program.

Insurance plans accepted:

  • Beacon, Cigna, Blue Cross, Aetna, Humana, Value Options, and some others.

29. Lifestream

Established in 1971, Lifestream is one of the most recognizable and successful rehab centers across Central Florida. For more than five decades, it has been helping people to cope with drug and substance addiction. Local specialists managed to help more than 24,000 patients through over 340,000 visits and clinical consultations. This is what makes the rehab center one of the best social and behavioral health service providers with facilities located in more than 30 regions across the country.

Address: 2020 Tally Rd, Leesburg, FL 34748


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The range of medical services includes intensive outpatient and residential treatment, chemical dependency education, case management, detoxification, and rehab plans, family and individual counseling, clinical assistance delivered to kids, adolescents, seniors, and adults.


  • More than 50 years of medical services;
  • Founded in 1971;
  • Over 30 facilities nationwide.


  • CARF and MHCA.

30. Evolve Recovery Center

Evolve Recovery Center provides medical support for all needs. It offers a wide range of rehab programs for people who want to get rid of drug and alcohol addiction. Clients will benefit from personalized treatment plans as well as a confidential and safe place with modern live-in accommodations for residents including gaming zones, gyms, personal chefs, and other great facilities that ensure an efficient recovery process.

Address: 2431 W Sand Lake Rd, Orlando, FL 32809

Evolve Recovery Center

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The recovery program consists of 12 different phases. Each phase is developed individually for every patient to ensure abstinence from substance abuse and chemical dependency. As a rule, the first stage involves detoxification and sober residential treatment.  Professional clinical staff delivers full-cycle support round-the-clock. They ate licensed and experienced enough to handle different treatment services that usually include group and individual therapies, mourning mediation, goal setting meetings, and professional counseling.


  • 24/7 medical support;
  • PHP and IOP treatment plans;
  • MAT and detox services.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Evolve Recovery Center is the NAATP Provider Member.

The Situation With Drug Addiction

America is facing a new challenge considering a growing number of drug addicts. Substance abuse is not just the reason for numerous mental and physical problems. It ruins relations and lives with more than 67,000 drug overdose fatalities reported in 2018 and almost 5,000 people died of overdose only in Florida. What’s more, we should consider that a huge percentage of addicts are teens and adolescents.

The key problem here is that parents sometimes fail to identify the dependency and provide on-time and effective medical, emotional and mental support. This is where rehab and treatment centers may come in handy.

Common Side Effects and Consequences

To understand the nature of drug use side effects, we need to clarify how they work and affect human’s organism. Every substance is actually a chemical that may influence our body and brain causing different side effects. They can be either physical, mental, or emotional.

The key downside is that even some light drugs may eventually be the reason for long-lasting and permanent consequences. Some of those consequences can be spotted even if a person stops using drugs. We will review three major directions that include the way drugs may affect people’s health, brain, and behavior.

Substance Influence on Health

This one mainly involves health and physical problems caused by chemical dependency. They may have either a short or a long-lasting effect depending on the substance type and usage frequency. Far-reaching side effects may be to the detriment of every human organ or part of the body. Here are some of the most common health problems:

  1. The poor immune system has the risk of occurring other diseases and infections.
  2. Abnormal heart rates, collapsed veins, blood infection, etc.
  3. Severe pains, nausea, fast abnormal weight loss, lack of appetite.
  4. Significant liver damages resulting in the organ’s failure and serious liver-related health problems.
  5. Serious brain damage and strokes.
  6. The lack of attention, worsening memory, poor decision-making abilities, breast development (men), and many other health problems.

Those are only a few consequences caused by substance usage. Depending on the chemical type, they can be even more severe and lead to sudden death or poor life quality.

Substance Influence on Brain

No matter what type of drug one uses (either illicit or pharmaceutical), it will definitely have a huge impact on the brain and the “reward” circuit in particular. While being an important part of our limbic system, it is responsible for people’s mood, state of mind, instincts, and other vital abilities that may emotionally define the level of our wellbeing.

Drugs damage the system with a huge amount of dopamine. It stimulates the sense of pleasure and other feelings without proper emotion regulation. In other words, a person feels pleased and on cloud nine without any reason for that. A brain gets used to such conditions and craves more dopamine in the relaxed state. What’s more, different substances may have even more serious mental problems as the result of brain chemistry changed.

Substance Influence on Behavior

Drug and alcohol addiction can be the reason for a variety of behavioral disorders. Some of them do not last for long while others appear to be long-lasting health problems that make patients’ lives miserable. The key side effects are as follows:

  • Paranoia and depression;
  • Anxiety and impulsiveness;
  • Lost self-control and confidence;
  • Impulsiveness and aggressiveness towards others;
  • Impaired judgment.

All these reasons are enough to ruin relations with friends, family, and people you live with. Only with properly developed treatment services, patients will have a chance to get rid of all drug usage side effects and disorders related to either health, brain, or social behavior.

Core Challenges of Substance Abuse Treatment

The chemical dependency treatment is a challenge itself. With such versatile health problems, deciding on a proper recovery plan might be a hassle. So, the first thing you need to do is to define the best-matching treatment service that will suit your needs keeping in mind all major side effects types we have discussed earlier.

As a result, patients will have to choose from two major rehab center types:

  1. A recovery center with a traditional treatment approach (emotional treatment combined with medications).
  2. Counseling centers are also known as faith-based centers that provide programs with a focus on mental and emotional development.

Depending on the dependency level, residents will be able to choose from a totally drug-free rehab plan with no medications or opt for a typical recovery program that comes as symbiosis or emotional and mental therapies with medications for pain and craving relief. After you have decided on the rehab center type, you need to consider all available treatment services as well as their types.

How Rehab Centers Can Help

With new drug trends evolving every year, people require an effective solution in the face of advanced treatment methods. Rehab programs have evolved. They are different from typical 12-stage recovery plans. Modern healthcare providers offer full-cycle programs based on either medication (methadone, Suboxone, Vivitrol, other FDA-approved medication) or mainly on counseling services, therapies, mental disorder treatment, and so on.

Main Treatment Approaches

Depending on the side effect severity, patients will have to decide on the most effective treatment plan. At the same time, we should consider some baseline steps that need to be taken despite disorders.

A proper rehab program should contain various fundamental steps that are as follows:

  • Detoxification – is the first phase for the majority of patients who suffer from substance abuse. The main mission is to set the organism free from toxic substances. The treatment helps to remove substance residues from the body. The longer drugs or alcohol stay inside the body, the more a person wants to indulge. Detox makes it possible to improve general physical conditions as well as cognitive abilities to ensure sober and safe recovery in the long run.
  • Inpatient treatment – this type refers to the medical recovery and consists of several phases. The first phase involves an assessment with a medical examination. At this stage, clinical experts define the health problem along with its capacity to work out an effective treatment course and aftercare recommendations. The second phase involves medication-assisted treatment and therapies required after the detoxification stage. Counseling (individual or group) with evidence-based therapies comes as the final rehab phase. It usually consists of psychological and social education and special skills to prevent chemical dependency in the future.
  • Residential treatment – it combines several approaches and treatment services to reduce physical and psychological symptoms, develop social skills and abilities, and let patients come back to normal life as soon as possible.

Social rehabilitation is a separate treatment program developed to help people improve their self-care skills as well as the overall well-being after the recovery. This is where different events and activities may help. Rehab centers make it possible for patients to interact and get involved when undergoing household activities, taking part in marathons, races, and other special events together with others. The main idea is to teach them to build good relations and get on well with other residents imitating real-life social relations.

Some centers develop rehab plans that include intensive psychological rehabilitation. Clinical experts utilize different methodologies and techniques that are aimed at coping with mental and emotional limitations. As a rule, this particular type of treatment may include several methods:

  • Psychological training;
  • Role-playing classes and activities;
  • Educational events and workshops;
  • Art therapies and more.

In some cases, a vocational rehab course is needed. It helps people who lost their jobs and earning opportunities because of chemical dependency. The idea is to help them restore their professional skills and keep them adapted to modern working requirements.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Rehab Center

To benefit from the most efficient and proper treatment, you need to be very careful when choosing a rehab center. One needs to consider a list of crucial pots that define a great facility with qualified clinical experts. To avoid mistakes, you need to answer the following questions:

  • Does the rehab center obtain a license of accreditations? The medical staff must obtain all certifications and licenses to provide medical services and addiction treatment. Accredited by leading healthcare organizations, they can guarantee success and patients’ wellbeing.
  • What treatment services does it provide? Every patient is supposed to select the treatment program accordingly. It is supposed to be well-structured and contains all needed steps for a full and early recovery.
  • What is the pricing policy? Apart from different payment options, a rehab center usually comes with support from major insurance providers. You should check the list of accepted plans to check if you can use it to cover all treatment costs.
  • How good are the facilities? Look for facilities photos. Some centers offer 3D virtual tours around the rooms, recreational areas, or gaming zones. Make sure your stay will be comfortable and safe throughout the entire treatment program, as you may stay in the rehab center for a long time.
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