40 Drug Rehab Centers in Maryland

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Addiction treatment requires a versatile approach with individual attention to every patient. Rehab centers offer not only housing and traditional addiction treatment but also a chance to pick up new life skills, benefit from new career opportunities, and the ability to socialize without addiction left.

To make recovery as early and long-lasting as possible, a combination of healing models is needed. The rehab plan must combine traditional options such as medication-assisted treatment and detox as well as innovative concepts with outdoor activities, art therapies, and other holistic methodologies involved.

Following the drug rehab program makes it possible to complete the detoxification recovery process in a friendly, caring, and safe environment. In or list, you will find 40 rehab centers with a variety of recovery plans for teens, adolescents, and adults.

1. Tranquility Woods

Tranquility Woods is a luxurious alcohol and drug rehab facility located in Pasadena, Maryland. It offers premier accommodation with combined treatment and customizable programs to treat different types of chemical dependency at any level. A professional multidisciplinary medical team provides an individual approach to every customer letting one struggle with all underlying disorders and substance abuse side effects. The rehab center boasts accreditation by NAATP with high-quality services approved by the Joint Commission and some other trusted non-profitable healthcare organizations.

Address: 171A Ryan Rd, Pasadena, MD 21122

Tranquility Woods

More Information on TranquilityWoods.com

Clients looking for luxurious settings and multi-level addiction treatment will appreciate comfortable rooms, high-quality recreational areas, nutritionally rich cuisine, and other benefits within 23 acres of scenic views and an 18,000-feet mansion. All users will have a chance to take a 3D tour around the rehab center before admission with all major rooms and areas highlighted.

Tranquility Woods Center

As for the treatment, certified clinicians and doctors have developed an endless selection of programs and plans to treat alcoholism as well as addiction to opiates, prescription drugs, stimulants, and other substances. Apart from traditional treatment, the holistic approach involves such methodologies as yoga, acupuncture, meditation, nutrition, and many others.


  • More than 90 positive reviews on Google.
  • 23 acres of scenic nature.
  • Luxurious 18,000-freet rehab facilities.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Accredited by the Joint Commission and NAATP.

2. Avenues Recovery Center – A Team of 10 Certified Experts

Avenues Recovery Center introduces a team of 10 certified and licensed medical specialists with executive director Josh Goldstein in charge. The pool of experts consists of medical directors, addiction counselors, nursing practitioners, psychiatrists, and therapies who work as a team to ensure fast recovery delivered through holistic and effective addiction treatment programs. They follow the most trusted and successful evidence-based methodologies and offer inpatient and residential treatment to meet every patient’s needs.

Address: 125 Fairground Rd, Prince Frederick, MD 20678

Avenues Recovery

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The type of program will depend on side effects severity and addiction level. Residential treatment involves full-service therapies and actions within a 60-day community-based plan with remodeled contemporary approaches. Facilities look new and up-to-date to ensure a comfortable stay and safe environment for residents. The variety of treatment programs includes monitored detox, PHP, IOP, sober living, outpatient, and residential treatment.

Avenues Services

Located in Prince Frederick, Maryland, the rehab center is one of the most client-oriented treatment programs available across the state. Dr. Paul Kulpinski, who is a medical director at Avenue Recovery Center, has enough experience to provide customizable rehab plans from simple to the most complicated ones depending on patients’ requirements. He manages medically assisted treatment with the use of Vivitrol Subutex, and other substances.


  • 10 certified and experienced medical specialists at your service.
  • Remodeled facility located in Prince Frederick, Maryland.
  • Accredited by CARF and the Joint Commission.

Insurance plans accepted:

  • Anthem, Care First, Cigna, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Tricare, UMR, and others.

3. Ashley – Nearly 40 Years of Rehab Practice

The idea of creating a rehab center appeared back in 1964 when Father Joseph C. Martin, S.S met his future friend and business partner Mae Abraham at John Hopkins University. As a result, in 1983, the doors of the Ashely treatment facility were opened to patients for the first time in its history. It is one of the state’s longest-running rehab settings located in the picturesque area with basketball courts, comfortable rooms, outpatient centers, etc. The organization has a professional and compassionate team to help clients overcome substance abuse.

Address: 800 Tydings Ln, Havre De Grace, MD 21078


More Information on AshleyTreatment.org

The rehab center consists of two major parts. The first one is the main campus designed for inpatient treatment. The second space represents a high-quality outpatient facility. Here, residents may count on a variety of addiction treatment programs individually designed to meet patients’ needs. They include outpatient and extended, care, multi-level detox, medication-supported recovery, family services, and more. Such plans help to treat both mental and physical disorders.

Ashley Rehab

Inpatient programs have successfully adapted evidence-based methodologies that ensure long-term recovery with new life skills trained. Patients get a chance to get back to normal life fully-recovered. The main inpatient facility occupies 147 acres of Havre De Grace conveniently located in the Chesapeake Bay. Clients will appreciate green surroundings, the waterfront, and multiple insurance plans accepted to cover treatment costs.


  • Established in 1983.
  • 147-acre inpatient campus.
  • Great location in Chesapeake Bay.

Insurance places accepted:

  • Aetna, Humana, Magellan, Cigna, United Healthcare, and more.

4. Maryland House Detox

Maryland House Detox is an independent inpatient rehab center that delivers addiction treatment services with a focus on multi-level detoxification. The local staff specializes in on-demand detox along with additional rehab programs that generally include outpatient and inpatient treatment, addiction therapies, 12-step program, drug and alcohol rehab, dual diagnosis, relapse prevention, and more. Each patient will benefit from individual progress monitoring performed by experienced clinicians throughout the entire rehab process to ensure early recovery.

Address: 817 S Camp Meade Rd, Linthicum Heights, MD 21090

Maryland House Detox

More Information on MHDetox.com

All clients will be guided by certified professionals from the stage of the first call and admission to a full recovery and getting back to normal life. While the rehab center operates with a focus on detox, patients will be able to choose from a 30 or 90-day course depending on the dependency severity. It comes as a part of the full-scale inpatient treatment after detox care to prevent relapses, improve cognitive behavior through specific therapies, etc.


  • Detox-specialized rehab facilities.
  • Inpatient and outpatient treatment programs.
  • Certified medical staff.

Insurance plans accepted:

  • Medicaid, CareFirst/BlueChoice.

5. Powell Recovery Center

Powell Recovery Center welcomes everyone who struggles with alcohol and drug addiction. The rehab center appears to be the home for those who do not have access to healthy food or proper substance abuse treatment. Local experts help patients cope with all major addiction side effects as well as chronic diseases, physical and mental health issues, etc. Residents will take advantage of the Foundations Program that ensures safe housing, medically supervised treatment, regular and nutrition-rich daily meals three times a day, case management, and a variety of other medical services to help clients get back to normal life.

Address: 14 S Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21231

Powell Recovery Center

More Information on PRCinc.org

As a rule, it will take patients from 30 to 60 days in order to complete the foundation program and fully recover from chemical dependency. The program consists of several baseline medical services. They involve transportation to different off-site appointments, regular meals, individual and group therapies, MAT with the use of Suboxone, mental health counseling, engagement with psychiatric services, and more.


  • A full-service rehab center.
  • Professional psychiatric services.
  • Nutrition meals 3 times a day.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Best Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centers in Baltimore 202o by Expertise.

6. Tuerk House

Tuerk House is a multi-level residential treatment network with five different facilities located across Maryland. They include separate settings for women, recovery halls, and the main campus with a variety of addiction treatment solutions for patients seeking life-long recovery. Each program involves several vital stages that help to remove chemicals from the organism and get back to normal life with self-confidence, high self-esteem, and well-trained life skills. The rehab center managed to create a growing social network with all clients involved, monitored, and supported by certified medical specialists.

Address: 730 Ashburton St, Baltimore, MD 21216

Tuerk House

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The range of services at the rehab center is pretty wide. Local specialists have developed customized residential treatment of low, medium, and high intensity. Besides, patients may count on supervised multi-level detoxification, peer support, outpatient treatment, crisis stabilization, MAT, and other addiction treatment services delivered out of the box.


  • 5 different facilities across Maryland.
  • Specific addiction treatment for women.
  • Programs of different intensity levels.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Accredited by the Joint Commission.

7. Harbor of Grace

Harbor of Grace is a reputable and trusted healthcare provider in Maryland with decades of operation in the field of addiction rehab. It was founded by Ken Beyer and Dr. W. David Hill. They managed to bring some of the best medical specialties to one place. The team consists of certified seasoned therapists, doctors, counselors, and assistants managed and led by Tim Thompson, who is a state-leading substance abuse treatment expert with more than 24 years of medical practice. The range of treatment programs includes inpatient and outpatient treatment, PHP, family support, IOP, and some others.

Address: 437 Girard St, Havre De Grace, MD 21078

Harbor of Grace

More Information on HarborofGraceRecovery.com

The rehab center made a name for itself thanks to effective and customizable treatment solutions. What’s more, it boasts an intensive residential treatment program that brought back to life thousands of addicts and alcoholics. It involves several phases with supervised detox, evaluation, crisis and relapse prevention, group and individual therapies, etc. Traditionally, the rehab lasts for 28 days promising early recovery. However, the terms can be changed to meet patients’ specific requirements.


  • Decades of combined experience.
  • Highly-professional medical staff.
  • A powerful residential treatment program.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • CARF accredited rehab center.

8. Kent County Health Department

Kent County Health Department is a Maryland-based accredited rehab network with four different centers to help people struggle with substance abuse disorders. Patients may choose from different facilities. They include an inpatient rehab center with round-the-clock admission and medical support. It offers chemical dependency healing options for people aged 18 and over. Patients, who suffer from addiction and co-occurring disorders, may count on professional help delivered with compassion 24/7. A team of professional healthcare providers consists of experienced nurses, well-trained counselors, certified physicians, psychiatrists, care coordinators, social workers, etc.

Address: 300 Scheeler Rd, Chestertown, MD 21620

Kent County Health

More Information on KentHD.org

If one requires outpatient treatment, the rehab center has a separate facility for local admissions and direct care delivered through IOP plans and therapies. Additional services may include court-ordered assessments, jail-based medical services, AA and NA meetings, urinal screening, family support, and more.


  • Four different locations in Maryland.
  • In-house IOP services.
  • Intensive residential treatment.

Licenses and accreditation:

  • The rehab center is accredited by CARF.

9. Hope House Treatment Center

Everyone has the right to get effective addiction treatment despite the background or social position, Those, who cannot afford luxurious settings with the sea view or posh cuisine, still have a chance to struggle with substance abuse. Hope House Treatment Center is a non-profitable medical organization that offers different types of rehab programs. They include both inpatient and outpatient treatment as well as additional services to help clients and their families overcome the disease and get back to normal relations.

Address: 26 Marbury Dr, Crownsville, MD 21032

Hope House Treatment

More Information on HopeHouseMd.org

The rehab center operates as a dual diagnosis setting with two separate facilities located in Laurel and Crownsville, Maryland. Patients will receive help directly from certified and experienced medical staff that consists of well-trained nurses, social workers, associated counselors, certified therapists, treatment aides, and others. They all work as a team to let patients get back to normal life as soon as possible.


  • A non-profit rehab organization.
  • An array of treatment programs.
  • Well-trained medical staff.

Insurance plans accepted:

  • Aetna, Carefirst, Beacon, Tricare, United Healthcare, and many others.

10. Wells House

Wells House is a regionally-operated non-profit organization with addiction rehab centers located in Washington and Frederick Counties. Local experts deliver effective evidence-based treatment to help patients cope with substance abuse and alcoholism. They developed programs for behavioral treatment in addition to continuum care. Patients may choose from the residential treatment of different intensity levels along with peer services, case management, and other solutions to fight back the disease.

Address: 124 E Baltimore St, Hagerstown, MD 21740

Wells House

More Information on WellsHouse.org

As stated earlier, the rehab center positions itself as a non-profitable organization. It welcomes different categories of patients. Local medical staff is always ready to lend a hand to the unemployed or homeless. Clients may count on innovative and efficient approaches ensured through telemedicine, life skills training, job skills practicing, music therapies, and a variety of additional support services that will let patients have a fresh start.


  • Addiction treatment with Suboxone and Vivitrol.
  • GED classes.
  • Music therapies and job skills training.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Accredited by CARF.

11. Fresh Start

Fresh Start is a long-running rehab center with decades of operating and treating addicts from across Maryland. It boasts an impressive track record with thousands of clients successfully recovered and git back to normal lives. Proven results experienced medical staff, and a variety of substance abuse treatment plans makes the rehab center one of the best destinations for those struggling with chemical dependency and alcoholism. Each program is developed with the main focus on drug and alcohol recovery. Patients will participate in group counseling as the primary method used to treat dependency.

Address: 15886 Gaither Dr suite b, Gaithersburg, MD 20877

Fresh Start

More Information on FreshStartRecoveryCenter.com

The name of the rehab center speaks for itself. Every day starts in a fresh, clean, and warm bed. It encourages patients to make another move towards recovery. However, the first thing you will need to do is to undergo general admission and evaluation. They are used to collect necessary data about the patient and decide on the best-matching treatment program. Clients will appreciate nutritious meals three times a day in addition to various activities to get involved.


  • 4,000 people have recovered.
  • More than 14 years of rehab practice.
  • Nutritious meals 3 times a day.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • High-quality services are approved and accredited by CARF.

12. IAFF Center of Excellence

The IAFF Center of Excellence introduces a team of dedicated medical specialists with decades of rehab experience and a bunch of know-how approaches to treat substance abuse in all its forms at any level. The main focus is made on the evidence-based treatment model to ensure a life-long recovery. The main concept relies on the integrated approach of combining cognitive behavior treatment with pharmaceutical models and holistic therapies to heal not only the body but also the soul and mind.

Address: 13400 Edgemeade Rd, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

IAFF Center of Excellence

More Information on IAFFRecoveryCenter.com

Each member will benefit from multi-level care based on his or her needs. The range of treatment services includes clinically supervised detoxification to treat opioid, hypnotic, stimulant, and other types of dependencies. The goes full-cycle residential treatment, partial hospitalization, and IOP. In the face of a pandemic, local experts have developed an innovative online substance abuse treatment plan to help people struggle with addiction remotely.


  • Online rehab.
  • Round-the-clock medical support.
  • Experienced clinical staff.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Accredited by SAMHSA, NAATP, and the Joint Commission.

13. Foundations Recovery Center

Foundations Recovery Center is a great destination for those seeking support and assistance when fighting back against substance abuse. Local experts treat every patient with compassion and respect offering a variety of treatment programs and medical services. Full-cycle rehab plans involve different methodologies and models to successfully heal the mental, physical, and emotional aspects of our health. They make it possible to create a healthier foundation for better life without addiction. The range of treatment programs generally includes residential and outpatient treatment, partial hospitalization, community housing, and other solutions to treat alcohol and drug dependency.

Address: 1825 Woodlawn Dr, Woodlawn, MD 21207

Foundations Recovery

More Information on FoundationsRecoveryCenter.com

The staff consists of certified and licensed experts. Some of them have a deep understanding of how challenging the rehab can be, as they are in the process of recovery themselves. After fighting the disease back, they decided to dedicate their lives to helping other people overcome the problem. They developed really helpful models to treat alcoholism, opioid, and meth addiction, heroin and benzo dependency, etc. Additional services include mental health counseling.


  • Medical staff with real-life recovery experience.
  • Versatile treatment programs for all kinds of addiction.
  • Sober living and mental health counseling.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Accredited by CARF and NAATP, BBB Accredited Business.

14. Maryland Addiction Recovery Center

Maryland Addiction Recovery Center offers long-term addiction treatment along with reintegrated approaches that feature continuum care for everyone eager to fight back chemical dependency. The rehab center develops customizable programs based on the community living treatment models. It ensures great results when healing co-occurring disorders, dual diagnosis, mental health disorders, and other addiction symptoms.

Address: 8600 Lasalle Rd #212, Towson, MD 21286

Maryland Addiction

More Information on MarylandAddictionRecovery.com

Patients will have a chance to select a treatment plan that meets their needs. For example, they may opt for medically supervised detox followed by aftercare services and stabilization. Additionally, they may opt for 28-day programs as a part of intensive residential treatment. Additional medical services include a full range of solutions with MAT, PHP, IOP, family programming, drug assessment, and evaluation involved.


  • Community living treatment programs.
  • A full range of medical services.
  • High-quality facilities.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Services are approved by the Joint Commission and NAATP.

15. Phoenix Recovery Center

Phoenix Recovery Center is a CARF-accredited rehab facility in Maryland that relies on abstinence when developing its addiction treatment programs. Local experts believe that replacing one drug with another will not work. At least, such an approach will ever let a patient get back to normal life as during a pre-addiction period. Their mission is to provide access to all needed tools for patients to ensure early recovery. They include sober living, 28-day rehab programs, screening, and more. Patients may count on 100% safe and sober living facilities with regular meals, cleaning, cleaning, and sanitizing.

Address: 107 Edgewood Road, State Hwy 755, Edgewood, MD 21040

Phoenix Recovery Center

More Information on PhoenixRecoveryCenter.com

The medical center is a privately-owned drug and alcohol addiction rehab facility. Established in 2005, it boasts more than 15 years of successful operation with thousands of patients recovered and dozens of families reunited. High-quality accommodation and effective treatment let the rehab center stand out from other organizations located in the borough.


  • More than 4,000 patients were saved.
  • More than 15 years of operation.
  • Safe and clean facilities.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • CARF accredited rehab center in Maryland.

16. Hope’s Horizon

Hope’s Horizon is aimed at helping clients recover from substance abuse disorders offering personalized rehab models. In other words, every patient gets his or her own personal recovery plan with all major phases involved. The range of services includes alcohol and benzoyl detoxification, clinical assessment, traditional and intensive outpatient treatment, partial hospitalization, and some others. Most rehab plans are developed with a focus on intensive therapies as the foundation of the rehab process.

Address: 4111 E Joppa Rd Suite 101, Baltimore, MD 21236

Hope’s Horizon

More Information on HopesHorizon.com

To ensure sober living for patients after fighting back the disease, local experts deliver custom-tailored and holistic approaches in addition to traditional treatment such as 6-month programming, 6-week DUI education, 28-day housing recovery for residential treatment, level of care, ambulatory opioid detox, and many more. Such a range of features makes the rehab center a full-service recovery facility.


  • Alcohol and opioid detox.
  • Levels of care and addiction education.
  • Comfortable facilities for sober living.

Medical services:

  • IOP, PHP, housing recovery, assessment, ambulatory treatment, etc.

17. The Ranch

Located in Frederick County, the Ranch offers an array of addiction treatment programs. When used together, they will ensure safe and early recovery despite the dependency type and severity. Patients can benefit from different ways to fight the disease back. They include round-the-clock residential treatment, effective 12-step programs, intensive counseling, continuing support, outpatient programs, and more. With its 204-acre campus, the rehab center offers a variety of outdoor activities for patients to get involved in.

Address: 7902 Fingerboard Rd, Frederick, MD 21704

The Ranch

More Information on RanchMd.org

Residential treatment is considered the most effective way to get rid of substance abuse. At the Ranch, medical specialists develop treatment programs for men. The recovery plan comes with several fundamental phases such as outpatient treatment, 12-step meetings, individual or group counseling, life skills training, inspirational practices, and more. Besides, the rehab center currently offers different career opportunities for those who want to get involved and help other people recover fast.


  • Established in 1974.
  • Over 4 decades of operation.
  • Alcohol and drug rehab for men.

Treatment types:

  • Residential programs, 12-step meetings, counseling, inspirational programs, outpatient treatment, etc.

18. Awakenings Recovery Center

Awakenings Recovery Center is located in Hagerstown, Maryland. It was opened to welcome patients who want to get rid of alcohol and substance abuse along with co-occurring symptoms, mental illnesses, and physical side effects resulted in chemical dependency. The local staff consists of certified experts who deliver an array of high-quality treatment programs that have proved to be efficient. The main practice areas covered include addiction treatment plans, addiction therapies, and supervised substance abuse treatment. For each area, Awakenings Recovery Center specialists offer different approaches and healing models.

Address: 111 S Potomac St, Hagerstown, MD 21740


More Information on AwakeningsRecoveryMd.com

Apart from direct patient treatment, the local team offers support to families and friends who expect their beloved and dearest ones to get back to normal life as soon as possible. Besides, they assist clients at every stage of their addiction programs that generally include residential treatment, aftercare, rehab programs for men and women, alumni programs, and more.


  • Gender-specific drug and alcohol rehab.
  • Trauma-focused therapies.
  • Acceptance and commitment counseling.

Insurance plans accepted:

  • The Awakenings Recovery Center covers all insurance plans provided by Medicaid.

19. Walden

The rehab center got its name from the work of Henry David Thoreau. As a result. Walden was opened in 1973 to serve addicts and alcoholics from St. Mary’s County. The organization comes as a local community-based facility with a pool of licensed medical specialists and high-quality services approved by CARF and some other non-profit healthcare organizations. The rehab center has settings in two different locations such as Harford County and Charlotte Hall.

Address: 30007 Business Center Dr, Charlotte Hall, MD 20622


More Information on PyramidWalden.com

A team of clinicians, physicians, and therapists work with the aim of providing some of the following options for patients: medically supervised detoxification, clinical stabilization and crisis prevention, addiction counseling and education, recovery management, and support.


  • Operates since 1973.
  • Decades of rehab practice.
  • CARF-accredited rehab.

Insurance plans accepted:

  • Cigna, Magellan, OPTUM, and United Healthcare.

20. Suburban Hospital

Suburban Hospital is a part of the Johns Hopkins Medicine healthcare network with a range of facilities delivered across the state. This unit offers 24 beds for patients to treat their behavioral health as well as a chemical dependency through a variety of treatment solutions delivered out of the box. Healing programs are designed to assist both adults and adolescents in coping with their disease. Recovery consists of fast evaluation, treatment, and stabilization to prevent psychiatric crises and fight back chronic mental illnesses.

Address: 8600 Old Georgetown Rd, Bethesda, MD 20814

Johns Hopkins Medicine

More Information on HopkinsMedicine.org

Treatment programs generally come with two major stages. They involve residential treatment and aftercare planning. The main focus is made on the intensive group and individual therapies that include psychiatric and spiritual sessions, dual diagnosis groups, NA and AA therapies, pet and art therapies, health solutions, and many others.


  • A part of the nation-wide healthcare network.
  • 24 beds for residential treatment.
  • An array of effective therapies, to treat addiction.

Insurance plans accepted:

  • The rehab center offers full Medicare coverage.

21. The Orenda

The Orenda is a high-quality rehab center that boasts a 3.3 level of care with premier addiction treatment services delivered by a team of professional doctors and therapists. The facility offers accommodation and different rehab plans designed for female patients. With 25 beds and 28 compassionate and certified medical experts, the rehab center appears to be a good destination for every man struggling with dependency. The range of medical services includes outpatient treatment, PHP, residential programs, etc.

Address: 17645 Harbaugh Valley Rd, Sabillasville, MD 21780

The Orenda

More Information on TheOrendaCenter.com

Depending on the addiction level and severity, clients will benefit from a full-service residential program that lasts from 30 days. It meets all federal standards and requirements as well as offers a comprehensive blend of different approaches with on-site psychiatric and physical care, chef-prepared and nutrition-rich cuisine, trauma-informed therapies, yoga, and many other models involved.


  • 15 beds for men.
  • 28 professional medical specialists.
  • 3.3 level of care.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • CARF accredited rehab center.

22. Arundel Lodge

The idea of launching a rehab center in Edgewater, Maryland appeared back in 1975 when a group of parents had to help their adult children fight back substance abuse and mental disorders caused by the disease. This is how Arundel Lodge was founded to become one of the longest-running and reputable rehab centers in the state. Designed by Catherine Purple Cherry, who is a well-known architect, facilities were created with a focus on people with special needs. They meet the highest state standards as well as addiction treatment programs provided by local specialists.

Address: 2600 Solomons Island Rd, Edgewater, MD 21037

Arundel Lodge

More Information on ArundelLodge.org

Arundel Lodge is a non-profitable organization that offers plenty of donation opportunities. What’s more. It has a licensed and well-trained medical staff to handle a variety of addiction programs. Medical services include outpatient treatment, psychiatric rehab, evidence-based supported employment, special services for the deaf and people with hard of hearing.


  • A non-profit medical institution.
  • Support patients with special needs.
  • High-standard facilities.

Licenses and accreditation:

  • CARF accreditation, the Annapolis and Anne Arundel County Chamber of Commerce membership.

23. University of Maryland Medical Center

University of Maryland Medical Center is a full-service healthcare provider. It comes with a team of state-licensed specialists who deliver a variety of treatment services for those who suffer from diabetes, infection diseases, and some other health problems. Additionally, it helps alcoholics and addicts to fight back the addiction. Clients will get professional assistance delivered through intensive inpatient programs developed generally for adults with special needs.

Address: 827 Linden Ave, Baltimore, MD 21201

University of Maryland Medical Center

More Information on UMMS.org

A set of addiction healing solutions includes individual treatment planning, medical management, and monitoring, substance use treatment, etc. All services are delivered by licensed professionals. The medical team consists of well-trained social workers and nurses, experienced psychiatrists and pharmacists, recreational and occupational therapists. They all work as one team to ensure an effective evidence-based treatment followed by an early and long-lasting recovery.


  • Full-cycle medical center.
  • Experienced rehab staff.
  • Effective inpatient addiction treatment.

Additional benefits:

  • A comprehensive patient portal with all necessary information listed.

24. Recovery Centers of America

Conveniently located in the Town of Bracebridge, Maryland, Recovery Centers of America offers premier facilities situated between Delaware and Baltimore. The campus covers more than 560 acres of scenic surroundings and picturesque views. All residents will feel at home while staying in a sober and safe environment. The rehab center was created with the aim of helping addicts and alcoholics overcome the disease. Local experts have developed holistic treatment solutions to cope with different types of addiction including heroin, Xanax, cocaine, meth, and other dependencies. Thanks to years of operation and experienced medical specialists the Recovery Centers of America is considered one of Maryland’s best rehab centers.

Address: 314 Grove Neck Rd, Earleville, MD 21919

Recovery Centers of America

More Information on RecoveryCentersofAmerica.com

Patients will have a chance to select the best-matching treatment program. The range of medical services includes drug and alcohol rehab, detoxification, residential treatment, family programming, etc. Additionally, local experts offer other ways to heal addiction through a variety of outpatient programs including telehealth and in-person therapies, medically assisted treatment, and others. With the director of facilities KC Poore in charge, the medical staff consists of master-level therapists, nurses, doctors, and psychiatrists who successfully utilize evidence-based treatment as well as some other trusted approaches.


  • 560 acres of scenic views.
  • One of the best rehab centers in Maryland.
  • Accredited by NAATP and the Joint Commission.

Insurance plans accepted:

  • Aetna, Magellan, Humana, First Health Network, Cigna, and many more.

25. Phoenix Health Center

If you are looking for individually-optimized ways to treat addiction, Phoenix Health Center can be a good option. It provides medical services with a focus on not only patients but also their families affected by the disease in the face of substance or alcohol abuse. The main mission is to take possible measures and improve clients’ quality of life and general wellness with both mental and physical states. A variety of medical solutions were designed to treat various health problems and dependency side effects including behavioral disorders, co-occurring disorders, complex pains, hepatitis C, and others.

Address: 217 E Antietam St, Hagerstown, MD 21740

Phoenix Health Center

More Information on PhoenixHC.org

The rehab center has some trusted and well-established affiliates in the face of non-profitable organizations and healthcare institutions such as the American College of Prevention Medicine, Maryland Department of Health and Hygiene, and others. This fact ensures a professional approach in addition to effective and certified opiate and other addiction types treatment using methadone, Subutex, Vivitrol, and some other medication types depending on the addiction level, severity, and other factors identified during the evaluation process.


  • Certified opiate treatment.
  • Approved by state authorities and healthcare organizations.
  • Professional psychiatrists and counselors at your service.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Accredited by SAMHSA, CARF, MedChi, ASAM, ACPM, and many others.

26. New Season

New Season is a nation-wide rehab network with 70 facilities to treat alcohol and drug addiction located in 22 states including Maryland. Established in 1986, the organization offers a selection of recovery programs developed by certified medical experts. Hagerstown Treatment Center is a Maryland-based facility that welcomes patients from Frederick, Martinsburg, Greencastle, and other areas. The medical staff consists of dedicated doctors, counselors, nurses, and other addictions specialists who offer an array of treatment solutions including MAT, family, group, and individual counseling, outpatient services, and more. Every client may count on a dedicated approach and 100% confidentiality.

Address: 16110 Everly Rd, Hagerstown, MD 21740

New Season Maryland

More Information on NewSeason.com

When treating chemical dependency, local experts generally rely on effective medically assisted treatment and substance replacement therapies with the use of Suboxone, methadone, or buprenorphine. The medication is selected in accordance with a treatment plan and other factors to ensure early and long-lasting recovery. Additional services involve addiction education, family programming, mental disorder therapies, and more.


  • Established in 1986.
  • Facilities in 22 states nationwide.
  • 70 rehab centers across the country.

Additional benefits:

  • The rehab center is a part of a Colonial Management Group.

27. Sandstone Care

Sandstone Care was launched to deliver effective addiction treatment solutions and tools to help teens cope with substance abuse. The drug and alcohol rehab center utilizes holistic approaches along with traditional programs to ensure a perfect healing blend of models that will make it possible for teenagers to fight back the disease within a safe and sober environment. Local experts will help to overcome mental disorders, different types of chemical dependency, and other health problems using trauma-based treatment plans.

Address: 11820 Parklawn Dr Suite 403, Rockville, MD 20852

Sandstone Care

More Information on SandstoneCare.com

Located in Crownsville, Maryland, the rehab center has several facilities for teens and young adults. A selection of medical services includes intensive residential treatment featuring 16-week programs with scheduled therapies and counseling sessions. Additional options involve IOP within a sober and safe environment. Additionally, patients will benefit from age-specific treatment, family involvement, vocational and academic support, etc.


  • Drug and alcohol rehab for teens.
  • Age-specific care.
  • Family programming and 16-week rehab plans.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Accredited by NAATP, Maryland Department of Health, and the Joint Commission.

28. Serenity Treatment Center

Serenity Treatment Center is a well-known medical organization with two separate drug and alcohol rehab facilities located in Frederick and Hagerstown, Maryland. Local experts introduce their holistic treatment programs to let adult men and women cope with substance abuse disorders. The main benefit that lets the rehab center stand out from other facilities is the unique combination of traditional healing models and innovative approaches with alternative therapies, exceptional care, and individualized programs to meet patients’ needs.

Address: 420 E Patrick St, Frederick, MD 21701


More Information on SerenityTreatmentCenter.com

The main mission is to create an intimate, confidential, and friendly environment for every client. Treatment is held in small patient-centric groups. A range of medical services includes 48-hour assessment and evaluation, alcohol and drug addiction rehab, Vivitrol injections, 12-hour DUI education classes, criminal justice specific programs, IOP, MRT, group and individual sessions, rando, urinal screening, and more.


  • Well-trained medical staff.
  • Two separate locations in Maryland.
  • Educational, treatment, and other therapies for all patient groups.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • CARF accredited rehab center.

29. Columbia Treatment Center

Columbia Treatment Center or CTC for short made its debut back in 1988. It is one of the longest-running rehab facilities with a separate outpatient rehab center in Maryland. For more than three decades the founders Dr. William Schlothober, a renowned psychologist and Eileen Dewey program administrator and clinical supervisor has been delivering effective alcohol and drug addiction treatment in a healthy and safe environment where there has never been a place for judgments and blame.

Address: 5570 Sterrett Pl #205, Columbia, MD 21044

Columbia Treatment Center

More Information on Columbia-Treatment.com

As stated earlier, the Maryland facility was opened to offer high-quality outpatient treatment services. The path to recovery starts with a thorough evaluation to understand what programs and healing solutions will ensure early recovery. At this stage, professionals will explore patients’ mental health, substance use history, family dynamics, physical health, and other crucial factors. Then go substance use groups, therapies, aftercare, and other state-licensed treatment programs.


  • More than 30 years of rehab experience.
  • Established in 1988.
  • State-licensed outpatient rehab center.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Accredited by SAMHSA, MDOT, NASW, Psychology Today, etc.

30. Man Alive

Man Alive boasts more than 50 years of medical practice. It managed to help thousands of patients struggling with alcoholism and substance use disorders. Local experts were the first to introduce some of the most proven healing tactics and treatment programs. What’s more, the Maryland first clinic to utilize methadone maintenance and supervised MAT. The level of expertise makes it possible to handle various types of treatments that can be related not only to chemical dependency but also to mental and physical health.

Address: 2117 Maryland Ave, Baltimore, MD 21218

Man Alive

More Information on ManAliveInc.org

The rehab center welcomes patients in its two separate facilities. The first one is the Lane Treatment Center. Here, clients may benefit from intensive outpatient treatment programs along with in-house OMHC, flexible scheduling, comprehensive assessment, and a range of other medical services delivered by licensed therapists, clinicians, doctors, and other specialists who utilize evidence-based programs. At the Health Home, patients will get high-quality healthcare coordination with health navigation, community resources, and more. Additionally, the rehab center offers full-cycle DUI and DWI education programs.


  • More than 50 years of experience.
  • Several treatment centers.
  • Addiction rehab and education.

Additional services:

  • Food, housing, clothing, transportation, and education.

31. Outlook Recovery

Outlook Recovery operates with a focus on delivering methadone maintenance treatment that helps to prevent chronic diseases that result in chemical dependency as well as improve mental health and help patients to get back to normal life. The first goal is to ensure psychological addiction stabilization and remove factors that may lead to possible relapse. At the same time, addiction treatment services are delivered to heal not only mental and physical health but also meet emotional and spiritual needs.

Address: 21030 Point Lookout Rd Unit 10, Callaway, MD 20620

Outlook Recovery

More Information on OutlookRecoveryllc.com

To help patients recover as soon as possible, local experts have developed personalized rehab plans that consist of MAT with the use of methadone and a range of treatment services delivered through outpatient solutions. Each program involves educational classes, individualized treatment planning, individual and group counseling, etc.


  • Self-help groups and education.
  • Methadone maintenance to treat addiction.
  • Supervised drug screening.

Additional medical services:

  • Urinal drug tests, Buprenorphine and Suboxone maintenance, case management, etc.

32. Addiction Treatment Centers of Maryland

Addiction Treatment Centers of Maryland represent a medical network with drug and alcohol rehab facilities located in Frederick, Woodlawn, and Westminster, Maryland. Each program delivered by local specialists involves medication-assisted treatment to heal opioid dependency. The medical staff consists of licensed therapists, medical care providers, counselors, and doctors who establish individual approaches when working with every patient.

Address: 6401 Dogwood Rd #201, Woodlawn, MD 21207

Treatment Centers of Maryland

More Information on AddictionTreatmentCentersofMd.com

The majority of MAT programs rely on the use of methadone and Suboxone. They help to reduce cravings and remove opioids replacing them with other substances. The range of medical services is pretty wide. Patients may opt for individual addiction counseling, IOP, DWI Approved classes, referral services, medical reviews, random screening, and more.


  • 3 locations in Maryland.
  • Opioid addiction treatment.
  • Medication-assisted treatment.

Substances used:

  • Suboxone, methadone, Zubsolv, and some others.

33. Hudson Behavioral Health

Hudson Behavioral Health will be a good option for those seeking continuum care and a holistic approach to treating different types of addiction at any level. At the rehab center, every client will receive individualized treatment plans that meet specific life circumstances and health disorders. Local experts guarantee to-quality care and a safe environment to let patients focus on the process of recovery. Clients may choose from treatment programs of different lengths and intensiveness. They include multi-disciplinary and evidence-based rehab, patients’ education, and more.

Address: 1505 Emerson Avenue, Campus, 1506 Harting Dr, Salisbury, MD 21801

Hudson Behavioral Health

More Information on HudsonHealth.org

To make the most of intensive residential treatment, local experts have developed multi-phase levels depending on clients’ needs. The path starts with withdrawal management followed by inpatient treatment levels 3.5 and 3.7. They include a medium and high level of intensity when healing alcohol and drug addiction in a peaceful facility located in Salisbury, Maryland. Those, who require milder treatment, can benefit from 3.1-level residential programs and recovery housing.


  • Multi-level residential treatment.
  • Recovery support groups.
  • Higher-power yoga and Narcan training.

Additional services:

  • Extra plans for families, patients, and referrals.

34. Glenwood Life Counseling Center

Glenwood Life Counseling Center offers a range of addiction treatment services and daily medications to get rid of various dependency types. The rehab center operates in the form of a non-profit organization with hand-crafted and improved MAT plans, comprehensive addiction education, individual and group therapies, case management, and other recovery services to ensure fast rehab and the ability for patients to get back to normal life as soon as possible.

Address: 516 Glenwood Ave, Baltimore, MD 21212

Glenwood Life

More Information on GlenwoodLife.org

The organization has a rich rehab experience successfully serving more than 700 clients. Established in 1971, the rehab center boasts decades of recovery experience and premier medical practice that meets requirements and standards. It is a state-licensed healthcare provider with a variety of addiction treatment services that include not only medication-assisted treatment but also mental health screening, referrals, peer recovery services, IOP, and many others.


  • Established in 1971.
  • Serving more than 700 patients.
  • New life counseling centers were added in 2020.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • Premier-quality services accredited by CARF.

35. Chrysalis House

Chrysalis House is a rehab center that provides medical assistance to women and children. The organization was founded in 1986, which means more than three decades of exception addiction treatment services and recognition not only in Maryland but also across the country. It comes with a comfortable and convenient facility located in Crownsville along with a separate 10-bedroom setting in Pasadena, Maryland for residential and other types of substance abuse treatment. The local medical staff helps over a hundred women each year to recover and get back to normal life.

Address: 1570 Crownsville Rd, Crownsville, MD 21032

Chrysalis House

More Information on ChrysalisHouses.org

The main philosophy is to ensure effective treatment and a safe environment that would help women change their lives for the sake of the kids and their future. With intensive therapies and counseling, experienced specialists find it possible to improve patients’ talents, inner strength, potentials, and skills. Addiction treatment assistance is delivered through 12-step programs, assessment and co-occurring symptoms healing, 1-on-1 and group counseling, peer groups, etc.


  • Rehab services for women and kids.
  • Two separate facilities in Pasadena and Crownsville.
  • More than 100 patients are served annually.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • CARF, NAATP, Maryland Charity Campaign, Guidestar Platinum Transparency 2021.

36. Porto Treatment Center

At the Porto Treatment Center, patients may count on professional residential and outpatient substance abuse treatment delivered by certified specialists and medical experts. The rehab center welcomes people with co-occurring mental disorders as well as physical problems and other addiction side effects. Residents will have a chance to choose the length of the rehab program. It may last for as long as they need to ensure full and long-lasting recovery. However, the minimum term is 28 days.

Address: side entrance, 125 Fairground Rd, Prince Frederick, MD 20678

Porto Treatment Center

More Information on PortoTreatment.com

The rehab center is about to receive National Accreditations. For now, it delivers medical services that are approved and accredited by the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. The team consists of primary therapists and counselors with master’s degrees and state certification. They offer a range of medical services that involve in-depth assessment with full diagnosis, alcohol and addiction treatment, aftercare, etc. What’s more, local experts collaborate with state courts and attorneys when handling DUI and other cases.


  • Licensed and certified addiction treatment programs.
  • National Accreditation is in process.
  • Undergoing $500,000 renovation project.

Insurance plans accepted:

  • Cigna, Aetna, Anthem, United Healthcare, Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

37. Damascus House

If you are looking for a trusted and well-known residential rehab facility in Baltimore, Maryland, the Damascus House will be the right option. It offers a high-quality inpatient treatment facility along with well-structured medical services and assistance in struggling with all forms of substance abuse. All treatment programs are delivered with a focus on men who have the courage to realize they have a problem and a strong desire to fight it back. The main mission is to ensure a safe environment and develop a healthy lifestyle and recreational habits. Patients will appreciate a variety of affordable treatment plans and compassionate medical staff.

Address: 4203 Ritchie Hwy, Baltimore, MD 21225

Damascus House

More Information on DamascusHouse.org

Apart from serving male residents from Baltimore (both city and county), the rehab center welcomes residents from a bigger metropolitan area as well as from Anne Arundel County. Executive director Lisa Mankin is in charge of an experienced and well-trained team that consists of counselors, operation managers, house managers, and executive assistants always here to help.


  • Residential treatment for men.
  • Welcomes residents from Baltimore and Anne Arundel Counties.
  • Experienced and certified medical staff.

Additional benefits:

  • Affordable plans and a variety of 12-step meetings (NA, AA, CDA, and others).

38. I’m Still Standing by Grace

At I’m Still Standing by Grace, experiment healthcare providers offer residential and outpatient treatment to help patients overcome mental health disorders and substance abuse at any level. They offer full-scale support with programs ranging from detox to co-occurring symptoms treatment and relapse prevention. The local team has developed and established the ISSBG Program to meet the highest standards as well as patients’ specific requirements. The program will suit both men and women struggling with alcoholism and drug addiction.

Address: 1003 E Patapsco Ave, Baltimore, MD 21225

I’m Still Standing by Grace

More Information on ImStillStandingbyGraceMd.com

To learn more about the facilities and services provided, the organization provides a short video introduction. If you require more information, it is better to contact rehab center representatives directly to schedule the admission. To make it easier for clients, the website comes with working hours and schedules published.


  • Residential and outpatient treatment.
  • Drug and alcohol rehab for men and women.
  • Experienced medical staff.


  • No detailed information about treatment, insurance, or team.

39. Lasting Change

Lasting Change is a non-profit privately-owned rehab center that develops substance abuse treatment for patients aged 18+. Clients may choose from residential programs to stay inside the facility during the whole rehab or outpatient treatment with regular meetings, therapies, and counseling depending on their needs and goals. All programs are developed with the aim of helping individuals struggle with dependency in all of its forms as well as understand the core of the problem, manage or remove symptoms, improve the quality of life, etc.

Address: 519 N Locust St, Hagerstown, MD 21740

Lasting Change

More Information on ThewHouse.org

If you choose a residential program, it will take up to 90 days until the full recovery. It includes group therapies and sessions five times a week. What’s more, patients will need to attend self-help meetings as well. As for the outpatient treatment, it may last from 3 to 12 months depending on the disease severity and addiction level. Additional services include assessment, individual counseling, life skills development, etc.


  • Addiction rehab for men and women aged 18+.
  • A full-service patients’ support.
  • Intensive residential and outpatient treatment.

Licenses and accreditations:

  • The rehab center is accredited by CARF.

40. Gaudenzia

Gaudenzia is one of the leading and longest-running rehab centers in Maryland. It has been delivering high-quality addiction treatment services since 1968, which means more than 50 years of medical practice. The range of services is very wide. It includes inpatient and halfway house services with multi-level Sub and co-occurring symptoms treatment, outpatient programs, and assessment sites, special plans for pregnant women and kids, etc.

Address: 4615 Park Heights Ave, Baltimore, MD 21215


More Information on Gaudenzia.org

A local team consists of certified experts with enough experience to cover different practice areas from withdrawal management and detoxification to medication-assisted treatment and continuing care. Patients may count on additional practices to prevent relapses and get full-cycle recovery support along with sober housing.


  • More than 50 years of practicing.
  • Established in 1968.
  • One of the leading rehab centers in Maryland.

Licenses and accreditations:


The Situation With Drug Addiction

In 2020, more than 2,000 people died in Maryland because of a drug overdose. They include fatalities involving different types of substances. Most deaths were caused by opioids. Other substances include heroin, prescription drugs, cocaine, etc. We should also mention that 423 people died after indulging in alcohol.

With so many challenges people have to meet, they often have no one to help and support in the face of the disease that makes their lives miserable. In this situation, professional rehab centers appear to be the last chance for people struggling with alcoholism and addiction on their own.

Common Side Effects

The first step to recovery is to realize that you actually have the disease. The main obstacle here is that a few people can accept the fact they are an addict. They might feel well at first without realizing major side effects. However, the longer they are indulged the more severe symptoms are likely to occur in the nearest future.

To make the picture look complete, here are three major side effect categories depending on the life aspects they harm:

  • Physical Side Effects – judging by the term, it is clear that these side effects refer to physical health problems. As a rule, they involve a weakened immune system, blood infections, inflammation, bad memory, overweight, eating disorders, orientation loss, bad eyesight, pains, etc.
  • Mental Side Effects – while physical symptoms are pretty easy to identify, the situation with mental symptoms is a bit more complicated. The most common problems include panic, fear, anxiety, depression, bipolar and other mental disorders, lack of self-confidence, and lowering self-esteem.
  • Social Side Effects – also known as behavioral symptoms, these side effects prevent patients from being able to socialize or get on well with people surrounding them (colleagues, friends, spouses, relatives, parents, etc.). Addicts easily lose their temper. They grow too impulsive and unable to manage anger. As a result, they lose jobs and ruin relations with people they love.

Moreover, addiction generally leads to complex diseases with several types and groups of side effects involved. This fact makes the recovery process more complex. It needs a full-spectrum approach with flexible treatment plans that would cover each and every health aspect including mind, body, and soul.

Major Addiction Treatment Challenges

The main goal of dependency treatment is not just to remove chemicals from the organism. It is about bringing new qualities and restoring values to a patient’s head during the pre-addiction period.

The task is pretty hard. For this reason, trusted medical experts utilize various models and methodologies to take that challenge. They include:

  • Counseling and therapies – evidence or trauma-based approach that helps people to realize the problem and learn from others’ examples instead of simply replacing one substance for another. The concept applies to both traditional rehab centers and those who use a faith-based approach along with holistic therapies such as acupuncture, art sessions, etc.
  • Traditional treatment – a type of rehab with medication-assisted treatment, detoxification, and other typical actions to remove chemicals from the organism and ensure sober living and skills restoration. Apart from medication, the concept also involves therapies and counseling. However, the main focus is made on medically supervised actions.

Each concept considers different treatment types that will be prescribed and identified after admission.

How Rehab Centers Can Help

Getting back to normal life is very hard, especially with a lack of specialized attention and professional medical assistants. This is why the role of rehab centers should never be underestimated. This is going to be a starting point or a new lease of life for everyone who craves professional medical assistance within a sober and safe environment.

Addiction is a tough challenge for everyone who has ever indulged in alcohol or substance abuse. Certified medical specialists understand how hard it can be to cope with dependency. They develop multi-phase treatment of various types to cover all major life aspects such as mental and physical health, life skills, addiction education, and more.

Types of Treatment Programs

Medical specialists are responsible for picking the right treatment type. For this reason, they use admission to generate as much data as possible. It may include substance use history, symptoms, physical and mental conditions, etc. Depending on the information collected they prescribe some of the following options:

  • Inpatient or residential treatment – it is different from other treatment types as patients need to stay and live inside the facility for the whole rehab period. It may last from 30 to 90 days depending on the addiction level.
  • IOP – intensive outpatient treatment with weekly and monthly therapies, counseling, screening, and other options. Clients may benefit from bipolar mental disorder treatment, MAT, partial hospitalization, and some other popular methodologies that have proved to be quite effective.

The main point is not to rely on each of the treatment types solely. They work well only when used as a combination of different approaches. For example, residential treatment may involve not only detoxification, but also continuum care, life skills training, or counseling. At the same time, IOP may involve art and music therapies, acupuncture, meditation, massages, and other alternative treatment types.

Simple Steps to Choose a Rehab Center

Now, we know what addiction symptoms to treat and how. The last thing you need to do is to choose a rehab center that meets your needs. To do so, you need to take into account some of the following factors:

  1. Treatment success – trusted organizations highlight their proven results with the number of patients recovered. Also, pay attention to customers’ reviews and ratings published on the Internet.
  2. Certification – we recommend opting for facilities with service quality approved by leading non-profit healthcare providers. Look for accreditation information and such institutions as Maryland Charity Campaigns, CARF, the Joint Commission, SAMHSA, and others.
  3. Treatment Types – professional medical staff usually has enough experience to handle different types of treatment. So, make sure, you will get proper assistance, care, and attention delivered through therapies, counseling, sober living, and other medical services.
  4. Facility type – the location and type of facility will also matter. If you cannot afford luxurious settings, you may choose from simpler and more affordable options. Just make sure, it offers clean rooms, warm beds, and nutrition-rich meals.
Jul 10, 2024