About Us

Our project represents a social movement and community of like-minded people seeking help delivered by professional dependency specialists. We have a team of dedicated and compassionate researchers who thoroughly analyze, compare, and contrast rehab centers across the country to let users choose the one that meets their recovery goals and specific health needs.

Cindy Burns


Editor in Chief & Addiction Recovery Expert
Cindy Burns has a deep understanding of addiction recovery and focuses on mental health, and substance use disorder treatment. Cindy holds a degree in Psychology from the California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB). She is a mental health professional, educator and consultant with over 4 years of experience interacting with clients, community, and agencies.
Contact: questions@americanissuesproject.org

Our Approach

In our research, we consider some of the following factors to ensure the best pick for you or your loved one:

  1. Reputation – we check all reviews and real-life stories to ensure rehab success in the long run.
  2. Accreditation – each rehab center from our list is approved and licensed by some of the leading healthcare institutions. Each list contains centers accredited by SAMHSA, the Joint Commission, NAATP, and other reputable organizations.
  3. Treatment modalities – we select organizations with full-spectrum medical services that include various levels of care and treatment options to let you make the most from rehab and quickly get back to normal life.

Mission Statement

We strive to deliver comprehensive and in-depth information about major substance abuse issues as well as effective ways to treat them utilizing some of the most holistic medical approaches established by leading facilities across the US.

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