40 Drug Rehab Centers in Alabama

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Substance abuse is more than just a bad habit – it usually develops into addiction, a deeply-rooted disease that’s conditioned by psychological and physical factors. It affects health, mental state, relationships and other spheres of life. In order to battle dependence, it’s not enough to force a person to cease using drugs. Only a professional approach and evidence-based practices can help.

Rehab centers provide a large scope of therapies and services aimed at eliminating addiction at both physical and psychological levels. They deal with various types of addiction and treat people on an outpatient/inpatient basis and provide detox services.

Following the drug rehab program makes it possible to complete the detoxification recovery process in a friendly, caring, and safe environment. In or list, you will find 40 rehab centers with a variety of recovery plans for teens, adolescents, and adults.

1. Wings of Life Recovery

This rehabilitation center offers a full-fledged program that’s aimed at overcoming addiction through faith-based activities. The residential program lasts 90 days and is based on biblical principles. It incorporates studying, worship, work and living in a community. An all-out approach allows customers to reach long-lasting sobriety.

Address: 800 St Louis St, Mobile, AL 36602

Wings of Life Recovery

More Information on Wings-of-Life.com

What is included in the program?

  • Bible training;
  • Web-based teaching;
  • Life skills training;
  • Group and personal studies;
  • Work therapy;
  • Outreach activities;
  • Family counseling.

For 90-day graduates, Wings of Life offers a transition program. They provide people with a stable home environment, and community partnerships ensure job training and placement services for people entering work full-force.

Wings of Life Recovery Treatment Services

Note that families are welcomed: husbands and wives can participate in the program simultaneously. To get admitted, customers should fill out a form and schedule an intake.

Wings of Life has many sponsors, so treatment is more than affordable (the cost of the program is discussed personally). Note that no insurance plans are accepted because the center is not a medical facility.

2. Bradford Health Services

Bradford center works with two groups of patients: young adults (aged 19-29) and adults (30+). It has been around for over 40 years and has an extensive experience of dealing with various types of addictions. A wide range of treatment options is available with separate facilities for women and men.

Address: 1189 Allbritton Rd, Warrior, AL 35180

Bradford Health Services

More Information on BradfordHealth.com

The treatment in Bradford Health incorporates:

  • Medical detox and stabilization with 24/7;
  • Access to family programs and support;
  • Transitional living after residential programs;
  • Programs tailored to professionals working in healthcare, law-enforcement, military, law, and sports;
  • Chronic pain management;
  • Trauma-informed care;
  • 12-step based principles.

Bradford Health Program

Patients are free to choose from outpatient, inpatient and transitional living programs. No matter what they pick, the professional team uses evidence-based research to craft individualized treatment plans for each patient and address their emotional, physical, psychological and lifestyle needs.

Bradford Health accepts various insurance plans and offers flexible payment options (loan program is also available). Overall rating is quite high, and people admit that the staff is professional.

3. ALR Sober Life

This rehabilitation center was established in 1999 to cure and educate patients while they are living in a supportive community. It accepts patients aged 19+ without history of violence, and if they are medically stable (detoxification services are not provided). The staff works with people 24/7 providing medical and psychological help.

Address: 1520 2nd Ave N, Bessemer, AL 35020

Any Length Resources

More Information on AnyLengthResources.com

There are four gender-specific locations in Alabama. They are fully equipped and provide all essentials for comfortable living.

What’s included in the program? It’s divided into 3 stages:

  • Phase 1 (at least 6 weeks) consists of assigned meetings.
  • Phase 2 and 3 (6 + 12 weeks) include volunteering events and require residents attend meetings at least once a week.
  • Phase 4 is dedicated to transitional living. Patients live offsite, attend sponsorship workshops and practice steps 11 through 12 with sponsors.

Residents with relapse history attend relapse prevention groups.

ALR Sober Life

Random drug testing is performed twice a month or more regularly. Residents acting suspiciously can be required to undergo testing any time.

While living in the residential center, patients should pay a weekly rent (all prices are published on the website) and abide by schedule. They are required to find or maintain employment, so this program is suitable for people who want to reap benefits of residential treatment without sacrificing their work.

4. Home of Grace For Women

This rehabilitation center helps female patients aged 18+. The 12-week residential program addresses all aspects of addiction and health, including spirituality. The ultimate goal is to help patients overcome dependence on physical and psychological levels and restore relationships with their families.

Address: 394 Aldock Rd, Eight Mile, AL 36613

Home of Grace

More Information on HomeofGraceforWomen.com

What do patients get by working with Home of Grace?

  • Residential settings;
  • Supportive community with an emphasis on moral responsibility;
  • Coping skills teaching;
  • AA and NA groups;
  • Help with re-entry into the society;
  • Bible studying;
  • Family therapy;
  • Recreational activities.

Women who have finished treatment and don’t have family and place to go, can remain in Home of Grace under graduate status. They should seek employment and visit the Job Training Partnership Center.

Note that the center does not provide detox – it should be undergone in a third-party hospital before entering the program.

No payment information is published on the website – it should be requested personally. The vast majority of reviews are exceptionally positive with women being totally satisfied with services and the staff’s professionalism.

5. The Shoulder

Working with all types of addiction, The Shoulder center offers low-intensity residential programs and transitional living. Prior to receiving a personal treatment plan, each patient undergoes a detailed medical assessment. The latter is also provided for patients who need a referral. Counsellors can even perform assessment at the jail.

Address: 31214 Coleman Ln, Spanish Fort, AL 36527

The Shoulder

More Information on TheShoulder.org

What’s included in the low-intensity program by The Shoulder?

  • 12-step groups;
  • Spirituality classes;
  • Recovery orientation;
  • Equine therapy;
  • Individual counseling.

Patients choosing a high-intensity treatment program also have access to such services as physician’s counseling, emergency help, 24/7 nurse assistance, and a minimum of 25 hours of clinical services per week.

So far, The Shoulder provides male facilities only. The female facility will be available soon.

While undergoing residential treatment, patients are expected to maintain full-time (40 hours) employment. Treatment cost is based on a sliding fee scale which depends on the income, so it’s pretty fair.

The center rating in Google is pretty high, and customers got only positive experience with the program.

6. New Life For Women

This is a long-term, intensive, faith-based experiential program for women struggling with alcohol or drug dependence. It boasts a personalized approach and offers help from a highly qualified team. New Life For Women accepts female patients aged 18+.

Address: 102 Centurion Way, Gadsden, AL 35904

New Life for Women

More Information on NewLifeforWomen.org

Treatment is divided into three phases:

  • Phase I is designed to offer intensive therapeutic care. Women get rid of toxins in their bodies and get help with overcoming withdrawal symptoms.
  • Phase II lasts three quarters and is designed as a continued level of intense care.
  • Phase III is transitioning into a normal life. It is accessible for third-party clients who have undergone a detailed assessment by the center’s staff.

The length of stay is customized according to the patient’s needs and recovery progression. The program consists of group and individual counseling, relapse prevention, family counseling, anger management, coping skills, domestic abuse, and essential living skills. The center also partners with court systems to perform family assessment and referrals.

New Life For Women is certified by the Substance Abuse Division of the Alabama Department of Mental Health.

No payment information is available on the official website, so we recommend negotiating fees personally. Customer reviews are mostly positive but some people are repelled by the faith-based approach.

7. A Reprieve for Men

As its name suggests, the center works with men. Established in 2009, it aims to create a spiritually safe and supportive environment where patients overcome inner conflicts and fears, build relationships and inspire each other to grow. Goals are accomplished through the 12-step philosophy and various therapies.

Address: 401 S 9th St, Opelika, AL 36801

A Reprieve for Men

More Information on ExperiencetheReprieve.com

The 12-step immersion program includes:

  • AA and NA groups;
  • Spirituality classes;
  • Family programming;
  • Relapse prevention.

The holistic approach helps patients deal with all aspects of recovery. They work hard to improve spiritual well-being and become better selves. Negative behavioral patterns are replaced with useful habits. Besides, people manage to restore relationships with family and friends.

The program lasts about a year: phase I and II take 90 days each, and the final phase is 180 days long. During this time, patients get assistance from the multidisciplinary team and a lot of peer support. Family visits are allowed on Sundays, but they should be agreed in advance.

Note that A Reprieve For Men does not accept insurance plans. Treatment fees are discussed personally. Rating in Google is exceptionally high.

8. Royal Pines

If you are in search for a place with free treatment services, Royal Pines is the right choice. Their residential recovery program takes place in a rural facility and incorporates faith-based elements. The staff helps people affected by addiction, homelessness and poverty-thinking.

Address: 5 Guinns Cove Rd, Hayden, AL 35079

Royal Pines

More Information on RoyalPines.org

To put it simply, the recovery in Royal Pines boils down to three categories of services: vocation & education advancement, NAADAC certified counsellors, and no-cost recovery.

The Active Recovery program is based on six core principles:

  • Addiction awareness;
  • Finding motivation (what works for patients and what doesn’t);
  • Creation of a life plan;
  • Identifying values;
  • Value-based decisions;
  • Emotional maturity.

While being through recovery, patients live in a 40-bed facility in a tranquil countryside, far from triggers and distractions. They dedicated time not to counseling only – there’s a wide range of entertaining activities available. Also, residents are encouraged to say engaged in sports (basketball, softball, volleyball, etc).

Note that treatment in Royal Pines is faith-based, so customers are encouraged to visit the chapel. Graduates also volunteer to support the community.

9. RMC Tyler Center

The center offers a comprehensive behavioral health program for adults, families and seniors. It strives to improve the overall well-being of patients and provides an integrated approach. The staff uses research-based interventions and therapies which are proved to work. It deals with the most common diseases that lead to addiction: psychosis, bipolar disorders, and schizophrenia.

Address: 400 E 10th St, Anniston, AL 36207

RMC Health System

More Information on RMCCares.org

Customers can start their path to recovery with detoxification and then proceed to inpatient treatment. The program includes:

  • Individual and group counseling with a psychiatrist and case managers.
  • Recovery progress tracking and customization of treatment plans.
  • Behavioral therapies.

RMC center runs several facilities across Alabama with the Tyler Center being allocated for outpatient treatment only.

Since RMC is a multi-disciplinary medical center, patients can enjoy a wide range of services and work on their overall well-being. For example, they can combine counseling with additional services aimed at improving health. However, this is not a suitable option for patients in search of residential treatment and community support.

10. Northwest Alabama Mental Health Center

This center specializes on outpatient and crisis residential services. HWAMHC deals with all types of addiction and provides a decent range of services. It works with both adults and adolescents.

Address: Fayette, AL 35555

Northwest Alabama Mental Health Center

More Information on NWAMHC.com

The following services are available in HWAMHC:

  • Screening and assessment;
  • Intervention;
  • Individual and group therapy;
  • Medication-assisted treatment;
  • Follow-up and aftercare planning services.

Also, the center offers adolescent female crisis residential services – the START program is short but intensive. Note that all educational programs are limited in duration: as a rule, they last 12-16 weeks.

Also, HWAMHC provides a drug-free workplace environment and supportive services for patients in need of employment. If you choose this center, be prepared to pass random drug tests.

No payment information was found, so customers should ask about admission fees in person. Rating in Google leaves a lot to be desired, so we recommend doing your own research.

11. Freedom Center

This center specializes in treating opiate dependency and provides medication-assisted treatment based on Suboxone. Patients with addiction to painkillers (Norco, Oxycontin) are also welcomed. Throughout the course of treatment, patients work with the whole range of doctors – all certified and highly qualified (some – with over 30 years of counseling experience).

Address: 4373 Downtowner Loop S, Mobile, AL 36609

Freedom Center

More Information on FreedomCenterLLC.com

Treatment in Freedom Center consists of MAT and counseling. Group and individual therapies are available. It starts with the induction phase and medical stabilization. Patients’ progress is closely monitored. After that, they undergo supervised withdrawal.

The major objective of the staff is to help customers understand the roots of addiction and treat it efficiently.

Hence, the center would be suitable for people in search of quality counselling options, but it’s not enough to get rid of long-lasting opioid addiction that requires residential treatment and a complex approach.

Freedom Center runs four locations in Alabama: Montgomery, Foley, Bremen and Mobile.

Note that Freedom Center does not accept insurance plans, and payments are expected at the time of service. All rates are available on the website. Center rating in Google is pretty high.

12. Rapha Treatment Center

The center offers residential treatment services, and its programs are certified by the Substance Abuse Division of the Alabama Department of Mental Health. The staff does its best to address physical, spiritual, and life-skill needs of customers. Patients stay in a sober and supportive environment, which encourages them to grow and become better personalities.

Address: 677 W Covington Ave, Attalla, AL 35954

Family Life Center

More Information on FamilyLifeCenter.ws

What is included in the program by Rapha Treatment Center?

  • Individual and group counselling;
  • Anger management classes;
  • Virtual recovery resources;
  • Medication-assisted treatment.

Through the course of recovery, the staff evaluates the patient’s progress and makes timely adjustments to the individual plan. If necessary the staff can perform assessment during the course treatment.

Outpatient mode is also available – this is a great alternative for people who want to combine counseling with work and family life.

While working with a multidisciplinary counseling services team, patients learn about the roots of their addiction and overcome psychological disorders.

Since Rapha is a non-profit center, it offers affordable rates. Many insurance plans are accepted.

13. Columbus Metro Treatment Center

This center provides opioid addiction treatment for people from Columbus, Phoenix City, Bibb City, Fort Mitchell, Ellerslie, Cataula and surrounding areas. Patients work with a devoted team of counselors, physicians and other staff members. Each customer is offered an individual treatment plan after a thorough medical assessment.

Address: 1135 13th St, Columbus, GA 31901

New Season

More Information on NewSeason.com

The list of services in Columbus Metro includes:

  • MAT (medication assisted treatment) with Methadone, Buprenorphine and Suboxone;
  • Individual and group counseling;
  • Medical exams and screening;
  • Referrals to third-party services.

Counseling session hours are published on the website. This center is recommended for people who start treating opioid addiction or need consultations for relapse prevention after finishing their recovery.

Aside from receiving medical support, patients also get educated on addiction awareness, relationship building, and coping mechanisms. They can also participate in recreational activities and get assistance with employment.

Prices should be requested in person. Judging by feedback, patients are content with the staff and their helpful attitude.

14. Turning Point

This residential center is located 45 miles from Thorsby. The campus establishes a tranquil environment for residents to focus on recovery and self-improvement. Note that this is a faith-based organization, so residents are expected to pray, meditate and worship. The center works with male residents and has a 30-bed capacity.

Address: 1881 Co Rd 627, Thorsby, AL 35171

Turning Point Rehab

More Information on TurningPointAl.org

The residential program incorporates:

  • Individual and group counseling;
  • Team-building activities;
  • Bible studying;
  • Spirituality classes;
  • Evidence-based therapies;
  • Counseling with guest speakers.

The program lasts 90 days, which is enough for a full-fledged recovery. While living in the facility, residents abide by a schedule.

The campus amenities include a recreation room, media room, basketball court and a fishing pond. Residents stay in dorm-like and semi-private bedrooms. Family visits are allowed on certain days and should be scheduled beforehand.

All in all, this facility is recommended for people in search of a supportive community and faith-based programs. Rating in Google is good, and people claim that the program truly helped them transform their lives.

15. MedMark Treatment Centers

This is a methadone clinic that deals with opioid addiction. They focus on medication-assisted treatment on an outpatient basis. All patients are treated with understanding and compassion, and go through recovery according to individualized treatment plans. The staff deploys evidence-based therapies and supports customers in all possible ways.

Address: 118 Choccolocco St, Oxford, AL 36203


More Information on MedMark.com

The list of services in MedMark is limited by:

  • Methadone and Buprenorphine maintenance;
  • Individual counseling;
  • Family and group counseling;
  • Relapse prevention education;
  • Referral to community services;
  • Medical screening and supervision;
  • Discharge planning & support;
  • Medical evaluation.

Note that the center accepts pregnant women with addictions and dependent children. Addicted people using intravenous drugs can also participate in treatment.

MedMark is accredited by CARF. It accepts numerous insurance plans (Humana, Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Optum, Tricare, etc), including Medicare Part B.

Judging by customer reviews in Google, the center’s staff is very competent and supportive.

16. Clinic 5 Addiction Recovery

This clinic specializes in opiate and alcohol addiction treatment. Customers go through the entire way to recovery with full support and compassion. Each customer is offered an individualized treatment plan after a full medical assessment. According to the statistics on the official website, Clinic 5 managed to help over 12,000 patients since 2015.

Address: 1 Independent Dr, Rainbow City, AL 35906

Clinic 5 Addiction Recovery

More Information on ClinicFive.com

Clinic 5 uses FDA-approved medications for MAT: Suboxone, Zubsolv, Vivitrol and Sublocade. The program includes:

  • Addiction awareness growth classes;
  • Coping skills and healthy habits development;
  • Relationship building classes;
  • Relapse prevention.

The center also provides additional services for a separate fee: drug screening, vitamin injections, assessment, etc.

Clinic 5 is recommended for people in need of quality medication-assisted treatment, but it lacks services for residential treatment. It can be a great first step on the way to full recovery because customers may be referred to third-party treatment centers after finishing MAT.

The center works with direct payments – no information about insurance plans was found. Rating in Google is very high with former patients praising the staff for the attitude.

17. Medplex

MedPlex is a Suboxone clinic in Birmingham, it deals with heroin dependence and addiction. The staff’s ultimate goal is to improve patients’ quality of life and help them combat the disease physically and psychologically. This is an outpatient facility, and treatment is not limited in duration. Judging by the reviews and website’s claims, the positive effects of treatment don’t take long to come.

Address: 2124 4th Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35233


More Information on MedplexInc.com

Treatment in MedPlex mostly consists of individual and group counseling. Some educational material can also be found on the website. MAT is also available in the center.

Treatment rates are published on the website. There’s no information about insurance plans, so payment options should be discussed in person.

Customer reviews of MedPlex are mixed in Facebook, so it won’t hurt to do your own research of the facility. Patients recall payment issues, so make sure to ask about rates in advance. The center accepts direct payments in cash and credit cards.

18. Behavioral Health Group

This center helps both individuals and families deal with addiction. Patients work with a dedicated team of doctors, nurses, psychiatrists and other experts. Walk-ins are welcome. According to the statistics on the official website, 99% of BHG patients report better mental health and higher quality of life.

Address: 1001 Mimosa Park Rd, Tuscaloosa, AL 35405

Behavioral Health Treatment

More Information on Tuscaloosa.BHGRecovery.com

The list of services in Behavioral Health Group incorporates:

  • Medication-assisted recovery (methadone, buprenorphine or buprenorphine/naloxone);
  • Evidence-based therapies;
  • Family counseling;
  • Relase prevention;
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy.

Note that the center provides services on outpatient treatment: visit hours are published on the website. Behavioral Health Group  offers OTP (in-center dosing) and OBOT (prescription-based dosing) together in multiple locations.

The center accepts Medicaid and Humana insurance plans, as well as self-payments. Service rates are affordable. It is accredited by CARF, the Joint Commission, SAMHSA and other organizations.

Customer feedback is different because of staff members’ reputation. Find out more about physicians and other doctors your loved one will work with.

19. The Bridge

The Bride center offers Northwood Residential Treatment Program that’s aimed at male patients aged 12-18. The program is certified by the Alabama Department of Mental Health. The length of stay is determined by the customer’s health state and personal requirements.

Address: 3232 Lay Springs Rd, Gadsden, AL 35904

The Bridge

More Information on BridgeInc.org

The list of services includes:

  • Individual and group therapy;
  • Medical and nursing services (when needed);
  • Referral to third-party services;
  • Family counseling;
  • Physical wellness activities.

Each patient receives 1.5 hours of  individual therapy, 7.5 hours of group therapy, and 3 hours of peer support group per week.

Customers live in the campus and have access to all amenities and necessities for a comfortable stay. They abide by a schedule that includes studying, psychological therapies, counseling and recreational activities.

Note that the Bridge is a drug-free place, and residents violating the rules (abusing substances and treating others disrespectfully) are eliminated from the center.

Customer reviews are mixed – some people regret sending their boys there. We’d recommend communicating with personnel to see what their real attitude is.

20. South Central Alabama Mental Health

This is a 16-bed treatment facility that serves as a transitional home for adult patients (18+). The average length of stay is 6-12 months. While living in the facility, patients learn to cope with their mental illnesses and manage things independently. The center welcomes people with social withdrawal, poor socialization skills, bad interpersonal skills, inadequate problem-solving, and so on.

Address: 205 Academy Dr, Andalusia, AL 36420

South Central Alabama Mental Health

More Information on SCAMHC.org

Considering the type of problems patients deal with, treatment in SCAMH includes:

  • Group and individual counseling;
  • Psychiatric help;
  • Evidence-based therapies;
  • AA and NA meetings;
  • Case management;
  • Mental health first aid;
  • Parenting counseling.

This center is highly recommended for people in need of a strong community and wide choice of counseling classes. The SCAMH center is designed to encourage patients to develop their social skills.

Rating in Google is great but not much customer feedback was found. Call or visit the facility to make a final conclusion.

21. Phoenix House

Established in the 1960’s, Phoenix House is a non-profit transitional living facility. The length of stay is not limited and depends on the patient’e needs. The supportive environment built in the center helps patients get rid of triggers and enjoy inner and outer peace. Residents are provided with housing, food, shelter and all necessities for a fulfilled life.

Address: 700 35th Ave, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

Phoenix House Tuscaloosa

More Information on PhoenixHouseTuscaloosa.com

The program in Phoenix House incorporates:

  • Group and individual counseling;
  • 12-step meetings;
  • Life skills training;
  • AA and NA groups;
  • Vocational counseling;
  • Job training/placement;
  • Educational classes.

To qualify for treatment, patients should have a state substance abuse physical assessment.

All in all, this is a safe solution for people who don’t have insurance or any funds for proper treatment. The recovery process in Phoenix House is pretty comfortable.

Phoenix House collaborates with local communities and provides patients with all necessary resources for recovery and relapse prevention. Customers can count on aftercare support and further counseling opportunities.

Customer reviews in Google are mixed, so we recommend communicating with the staff before you make the final decision.

22. The Pathfinder

This is a non-profit residential center for men who struggle with alcohol and drug addiction and want to rebuild their lives. The organization was established in 1976 and helped thousands of men since them. The ultimate goal of treatment is to help patients become productive citizens and enjoy a fulfilled life.

Address: 3104 Ivy Ave SW, Huntsville, AL 35805

The Pathfinder

More Information on PathfinderHSV.com

The list of services offered by the Pathfinder includes:

  • 12-step meetings;
  • Life skills classes;
  • Coping skills classes;
  • Individual and group counseling;
  • Follow-up care for program alumni.

Note that the Pathfinder accepts people who have been drug- and alcohol-free for at least 72 hours. Patients with serious co-occurring disorders (suicidal inclinations, psychotic diseases, etc.) are not accepted for this environment.

The average length of stay is 90 days. During this time, patients are expected to have a secured job to pay for the participation in the program.

The cost of services is very affordable, and customers are expected to share a part of their income to cover for the expenses. All in all, this program is suitable for people who want to start living independently and learn responsibility.

Customer reviews concerning the program are positive, but people recall the facility conditions. Better visit it in advance.

23. Southeast Health

Among center’s numerous services, behavioral health treatment is the major specialty. Customers work with a team of certified social workers, counsellors, nurses and other clinical personnel. Each experts adheres to strict rules and treats clients without prejudice or judgement. The range of services includes psychiatric and licensed professional counseling, mental health helps and inpatient therapies. The center accepts adults and adolescents.

Address: 1108 Ross Clark Cir, Dothan, AL 36301

Southeast Health

More Information on SoutheastHealth.org

What to expect from treatment in Southeast Health?

  • Crisis stabilization with medication management;
  • Medical evaluation;
  • Individual therapy;
  • Family therapy;
  • Dual diagnosis and treatment of co-occurring disorders;
  • A 24-hour staff presence;
  • Discharge planning and aftercare.

During their recovery process, patients learn to solve problems without alcohol and drugs, boost self-confidence, develop trust, and resolve conflicts. They manage to elevate the general quality of life and enjoy a safe and secure environment.

Note that Southeast Health does not accept insurance plans but it works with online payments and cash. Overall rating is pretty high: clients say that the staff is professional, and therapies are efficient.

24. His Way

Established in 2007, His Way has been helping hundreds of men with drug and alcohol addiction. The Christ-centered residential program is aimed at improving social skills, coping mechanisms and addiction awareness. The center’s capacity is 50 beds, so patients stay in a large supportive community, which is a great advantage for people with impaired social skills.

Address: 582 Shields Rd, Huntsville, AL 35811

His Way

More Information on HisWayinc.org

The residential program in His Way lasts 9 months and includes:

  • Individual and group counselling;
  • Life skills coaching;
  • Volunteer work in the community;
  • Relapse prevention;
  • Relationship building;
  • Bible classes;
  • Aftercare planning.

Residents live in a dormitory-style home with two men sharing a bathroom and closet. Overall conditions are comfortable.

Alternatively, the ReDiscovery non-residential program is available for both men and women. It includes MRT (moral recognition therapy), Bible study, random drug testing and counseling.

All rates are available on the official website. Customer feedback is positive, all patients are content with the place and community.

25. CED Fellowship House

Established in 1968, CED is a clinically managed residential treatment program with high and low intensity options. It is certified by the State of Alabama Department of Mental Health. The 28-bed facility accepts male adults only. The recovery plans are highly structured and combine counseling with many other activities. The ultimate goal of treatment is to achieve personal growth and complete re-socialization.

Address: 4209 Brooke Ave, Gadsden, AL 35904

CED Fellowship House

More Information on CEDFellowshipHouse.org

What helps men recover while living in the Fellowship House?

  • 12-step meetings (AA and NA groups);
  • Psychiatric counseling;
  • Evidence-based therapies;
  • Family counseling.

While receiving treatment, men are expected to find employment and be able to pay for services. Prior to being enlisted for treatment, males undergo drug and alcohol screening. Note that sex offenders are not accepted. Generally, this center is recommended for people who want to improve socialization skills and establish a lasting foundation for sobriety.

All rates and fees are available on the official website. It’s possible to choose better living conditions for an extra cost. Customer reviews are mixed with some people reporting financial issues.

26. WellStone

WellStone offers residential treatment for adults aged 19+. It has multiple levels of care: living in supported apartments, group homes, crisis & acute care. Depending on the severity of addiction and mental health impairment, patients can opt for a suitable variant. Group living is organized in 3-, 10- and 16-bed facilities.

Address: 4040 Memorial Pkwy SW, Huntsville, AL 35802


More Information on Wellstone.com

Which services are available in WellStone?

  • Assessment of mental health;
  • Counseling with a psychiatrist;
  • Life skills;
  • Behavioral health treatment;
  • Individual and group counseling;
  • Coping strategies.

This center is recommended for people in search of strong outpatient counseling. It has a multitude of programs with each focusing on particular problems and mental disorders. Thanks to collaboration with a multitude of addiction treatment organizations and social centers, customers can get referrals to suitable services.

WellStone accepts various types of insurance, including Medicaid. The center serves all patients regardless of their ability to pay because a sliding fee scale is introduced. Rating in Google is quite high but patients have different impressions.

27. A Reprieve for Women

This rehabilitation center offers a 12-step immersion program that lasts 90 days and helps residents raise their spirituality, boost self-esteem and restore relationships with loved ones. Women learn to achieve fulfilled lives and enjoy every day without substances.

Address: 14332 Alabama Hwy 69 S, Tuscaloosa, AL 35405

A Reprieve for Women

More Information on ReprieveforWomen.com

What is incorporated in the program?

  • Individual and group counseling;
  • Family counseling;
  • 12-step meetings;
  • Self-discipline;
  • Career exploration and readiness;
  • Spirituality classes;
  • Grief and trauma recovery;
  • Relationship building classes.

Besides, the professional staff helps women restore their healthy body image, understand inner strengths and identify addiction triggers that should be eliminated.

A Reprieve for Women creates a safe and tranquil environment where residents can address their spiritual, physical and emotional problems without stress. Upon finishing the basic residential program, patients can opt for community living programming – the final phase lasts 180 days.

Judging by customer reviews in Google, this place is absolutely worth trying because women feel safe and comfortable in the facility and enjoy living in a supportive community.

28. Serenity Care

This center helps men with alcohol or drug addiction. It provides all essential services, housing and meals for customers to stabilize and get back to normal lives. The campus capacity is 37 beds, and it boasts family-like settings where residents feel safe and free from triggers.

Address: 1951 Dawes Rd, Mobile, AL 36695

Serenity Care

More Information on SerenityCareinc.org

The list of services in Serenity Case incorporates:

  • Counseling (group and individual);
  • Recreational therapy;
  • Relationship building classes;
  • Job placement and transportation to work;
  • 12-step program (AA and NA groups);
  • Counseling with psychiatrists.

This rehabilitation center is highly recommended for people who want to learn living independently but need strong community support. Aside from receiving the above-mentioned services, customers can also access community resources provided by Alabama State Mental Health organizations.

Since this is a non-profit organization that receives donations, Serenity Care has affordable rates. However, there is no payment information on the website, and it should be requested personally. No customer reviews were found, so consider visiting the facility in person.

29. East Alabama Mental Health Center

This rehabilitation center provides traditional and intensive outpatient treatment for people suffering from substance abuse. The staff guides customers through recovery and promotes a healthy drug-free lifestyle. During admission, the priority is given to intravenous drug users and pregnant women. Special gender-specific programs for women are also available.

Address: 2300 Center Hill Dr, Opelika, AL 36801

East Alabama Mental Health Center

More Information on EastAlabamaMHC.org

EAMHC offers the whole array of therapies and services:

  • Individual and group counseling;
  • Psycho-educational therapy;
  • Advocacy and social support;
  • Continuing care groups;
  • Case management.

Aside from providing counselling, EAMHC helps families with dependent parents and children.

East Alabama offers a discounted fee scale based on income and household size, so customers can afford treatment. As a part of this direction, the center offers Special Deliveries (home visitation program for pregnant women) and Parents as Teachers (PAT) – evidence-based home visiting model for children’s optimal development.

East Alabama Mental Health Center is recommended for people whose addiction is caused by mental disorders and who need dual diagnosis and proper treatment. Besides, it helps families and women in difficult situations.

30. Walker Creek Wellness

The center specializes on inpatient and outpatient services while offering individualized treatment plans. The duration of recovery is also personalized according to the customer’s needs and progress. Although customers are not engaged into any sort of community, they can share experiences in AA and NA groups, support each other and receive helpful guidance from caregivers.

Address: 2101 Eastern Blvd #223, Montgomery, AL 36117

Walker Creek Wellness

More Information on WalkerCreekWellness.com

The process of recovery in Walker Creek consists of:

  • Detox;
  • Therapy and counseling;
  • Relapse prevention treatment.

Special attention is paid to dual diagnosis. People with mental health problems receive help in priority order. The staff deals with such co-occurring disorders as depression, schizophrenia and others. No matter how long does treatment take, specialists do their best to achieve the ultimate goal – help customers live a sober and independent life.

All in all, Walker Creek Wellness is recommended for people in need of quality outpatient support. The list of its services is pretty limited, so patients should consider getting a referral to third-party services.

There’s no payment information available, so it should be requested personally.

31. Outreach Ministries Alabama

Outreach Ministries offers a Christian rehabilitation program for men with various kinds of addictions. It lasts one year during which customers stay isolated from addiction triggers and bad environments. Specialists work with all aspects of addiction: mental, psychological and physical. The majority of customers recover from chemical dependencies (alcohol, drugs, nicotine).

Address: 7352 AL-36, Laceys Spring, AL 35754

Outreach Ministries Alabama

More Information on OMAinc.org

Which services are available in OMA?

  • Individual and group counseling;
  • Worship and Bible study;
  • Family counseling;
  • Drug detox.

Note that family visits are allowed for immediate families only. The recovery process there is devoid of triggers and negative influences. This can be both an advantage or a downside – it depends on the patient’s personality. All in all, this center is recommended for customers who are ready for faith-based programs.

Since Outreach Ministries accepts donations, it helps customers for free or for a reasonable fee. Judging by customer reviews on third-party websites, the center’s staff is highly professional and supportive.

32. Aletheia House

The rehabilitation center provides residential and outpatient treatment programs for men and women with substance abuse disorder. The facilities have a 48-bed (male) and 16-bed (female) capacity. Following step-by-step treatment plans, customers manage to recover from addiction spiritually and physically.

Address: 135 Finley Ave W, Birmingham, AL 35204

Special Kind of Caring

More Information on SpecialKindofCaring.org

What to expect from treatment in Alethaia House?

  • Group and individual counseling;
  • Medication-assisted treatment (Suboxone);
  • Specialized programs (Game Changers, BCHIP);
  • Case management;
  • Prevention services for youth.

The center welcomes people with HIV, pregnant women and veterans. Transportation is provided for some groups of patients. Besides, customers can enjoy affordable housing (families and seniors get primary assistance).

This center is highly recommended for people who experience challenges adding up to their dependence: homelessness, poor credit history, incarceration, home violence, etc.

Aletheia House accepts Medicaid, Medicare and private health insurance plans. Customer reviews are mixed but the majority of clients are content with the quality of treatment.

33. Russellville Dream Center

One more religious rehabilitation organization in our list, Russellville Dream Center helps people restore and rebuild their lies. The residential program lasts six months and includes worship, education, counseling and a lot of community support. The staff addresses such problems as addiction, homelessness, and emergency cases.

Address: 206 Coffee Ave, Russellville, AL 35653

Russellville Dream Center

More Information on RussellvilleDreamCenter.net

The center accepts both men and women. During their stay, they access such services as:

  • Biblical teaching and application;
  • Family skills and parenting;
  • Relationship-building classes;
  • Decision making and habits;
  • Personal character and integrity;
  • Trauma-informed counseling;
  • Healthy and unhealthy mindsets.

All these classes make up for the spiritual and mental health of patients. Within 6 months, Russellville residents manage to overcome their fears and psychological problems to start over a new life.

Since this is a non-profit organization that receives donations, Russellville has affordable rates and helps some people for free. However, residents should be ready to support the community in any way they can. Center rating is pretty good but there are no informative reviews.

34. MOMS

MOMS is a non-profit rehab established in Florence in 2000. It helps people overcome various addictions through programs certified by the State of Alabama Department of Mental Health Substance Abuse Division. The program is faith-based and incorporates the 12-step approach and AA groups. MOMs is an all-inclusive center that accepts people regardless of their religious affiliation, race or gender.

Address: 414 E Tuscaloosa St, Florence, AL 35630

Mission of Mercy Shoals

More Information on MOMS-Inc.net

MOMs residents use the following services:

  • 12-step meetings (AA and NA);
  • Individual and group counseling;
  • Coping skills classes;
  • Anger management;
  • Relapse prevention classes;
  • Family counseling;

MOMs center works with patients aged 18+. While living in the facility, customers are expected to maintain full-time employment to pay for treatment. Random drug screening and tests are performed regularly, and people violating zero-drug policy can be discharged.

During the recovery process in MOMs, patients not only get support but also learn to live independently and stay accountable for their actions and choices.

MOMs is a non-profit organization, so recovery services are free. Center’s rating in Google is high.

35. Spectra Care

Spectra Care offers residential treatment facilities, as well as intermediacy and medical care, foster homes and specialized behavioral therapies. Besides, the multidisciplinary staff deals with co-occurring disorders like depression, schizophrenia and so on.

Address: 3542 Montgomery Hwy, Dothan, AL 36303

Spectra Care

More Information on SpectraCare.org

The list of services in Spectra Care includes:

  • Individual and group counseling;
  • AA and NA meetings;
  • Family therapy;
  • Case management;
  • Recreation therapy;
  • Lectures and educational classes.

Spectra Care helps pregnant women, IV drug users and people with dependent children. If necessary, it provides supportive housing. Teens’ parents should consider preventive programs that are aimed at warning addiction and bad habits.

This place is recommended for people in dire situations who need emergency help without huge expenses. It helps people set goals, eliminate symptoms of mental illness and eliminate the causes of addiction.

Spectra Care accepts the majority of regular insurance plans like Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross Blue Shield. Direct payments are also possible with financial assistance. Customer reviews are mostly positive, which proves this center is fairly helpful.

36. UAB Medicine

The rehab offers two treatment modes: detoxification and intensive outpatient. It offers a basic set of services for people with various addictions: alcohol, drugs, prescription medications, etc. The facility ensures total safety of patients while the staff strives to make the withdrawal process painless and stress-free.

Address: 1713 6th Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35233

UAB Medicine

More Information on UABMedicine.org

Services in UAB Medicine include:

  • Detox;
  • Group therapy;
  • Individual therapy;
  • Family therapy;
  • Peer support;
  • Medication-assisted therapy;
  • 12-step meetings;
  • Faith-based approach;
  • Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT).

When it comes to outpatient treatment, customers discuss a wide range of topics with specialists:

  • Relapse prevention;
  • Coping with stress;
  • Anger management;
  • Emotional awareness;
  • Grief and loss;
  • Guilt and shame;
  • Trauma issues.

Thanks to the holistic (whole-body) approach, specialists manage to cease addiction in customers, help them discover the real causes of dependence and get rid of underlying psychological issues.

37. Covenant Recovery Center

This is a faith-based outpatient rehabilitation center that accepts both adults and adolescents. It deals with physical addictions and psychological problems to address compulsive behavior and overcome problems in a confidential and discreet setting. The center creates a safe atmosphere and supports everyone who wants to find the right path.

Address: 3007 Memorial Pkwy SW unit 2, Huntsville, AL 35801

Covenant Recovery Center

More Information on CovenantRecoveryCenter.com

There are three major services available in Covenant Recovery Center:

  • Individual counselling;
  • Group counseling;
  • Medication-assisted therapy.

The staff’s ultimate goal is to help patients define the causes of addiction and deal with psychological problems underlying self-destructing behaviors. Besides, patients define triggers to prevent relapse and control cravings.

The multidisciplinary team consists of certified addiction therapists and doctors. They address a wide spectrum of personal issues, such as anger management, communication styles, grief, relationships and so much more. Many specialists have experience of dealing with dual diagnosis, so they can be helpful for patients with mental disorders, too.

No payment information was found, so it should be requested in person. Covenant Recovery Center has a pretty good rating and a great community in social media.

38. Living Free

Established in 2013, Living Free is an inpatient substance abuse recovery program for adult men suffering from substance abuse and addiction. The average duration of the residential program is 6-12 months. The center has a 35-bed capacity, which means residents are supported by a large community. They share semi-private and dormitory-style bedrooms, kitchen and laundry.

Address: 1577 AL-36, Hartselle, AL 35640

Living Free

More Information on LivingFree-Recovery.com

Which services are available in Living Free?

  • AA and NA groups, Cocaine Anonymous groups;
  • Celebrate Recovery;
  • Individual and group counseling;
  • Life and coping skills teaching;
  • Recreational therapies and activities.

Note that residents of Living Free are expected to actively participate in community’s life and give back by cleaning, maintenance repairs, laundry, food services and lawn care services. Weekly treatment rates are available on the website.

Note that medical treatment is received on a paid basis and it is patients’ responsibility. There is no onsite clinic.

39. The 4th Dimension

This is a ‘mindful recovery community’ that combines the most advanced practices for mental and physical health. As stated on the official website, the staff aims at patients reaching Equanimity – a state of psychological stability, mental calmness and resistance to disturbance from difficult situations.

Address: 4617 Summer Pl Pkwy, Hoover, AL 35244

The 4th Dimension

More Information on 4DSerenity.com

The Pre-Launch program in the 4th Dimension incorporates the following outstanding approaches:

  • 12-step recovery;
  • Recovery Dharma;
  • SMART Recovery;
  • Faith-based programs;
  • Medical-assisted recovery;
  • Individual and group therapy.

It lays the foundation for lasting sobriety, helps patients define and eliminate the causes of addiction and acquire coping skills. It lasts 90 days during which customers attend meetings.

For patients (both men and women) who reached 6 months of sobriety, the center offers the Launch Program – transition to independent living in a recovery community.

Alternatively, patients can opt for VASSA – the Buddhist recovery community located in Birmingham. Whatever program is chosen, patients need to find a sponsor to cover for treatment expenses, abide by rules and curfew.

Rates are published on the website. 4th Dimension accepts direct payments only. Customer reviews in Google are exceptionally positive, so this place is absolutely worth your time and money.

40. Elk River Treatment Program

This is a residential center for troubled teens that accepts patients aged 12 to 18. Their team performs diagnosis, assessment, education and therapeutic treatment services. They deal with substance abuse, mental health problems and behavioral issues. Residents live in a comfortable facility with outdoor and indoor amenities. Teens stay under 24/7 supervision and get all essential support.

Address: 4812 Commercial Dr NW, Huntsville, AL 35816

Elk River

More Information on ElkRiverTreatment.com

Each teen client of Elk River follows an individualized treatment plan developed by a multidisciplinary team of supervisors, clinicians, trained counsellors and parents. Common issues addressed by the team include anxiety, bipolar disorder, anxiety, grief, trauma, dual diagnosis and so much more. Specialists deal with various types of addictive behavior, including online gambling addictions and eating disorders.

The list of programs includes:

  • Addiction treatment;
  • Lifestyles;
  • Nutrition;
  • Academics;
  • Equine learning;
  • Transitions.

The duration of treatment is defined individually, and each program can be combined with education, so teens’ academic success won’t be impaired.

Customer reviews are mostly positive and provide useful information about the staff and the facility.

How Rehab Centers Can Help

Rehab centers aims to treat different types of addictions (alcohol, drugs, prescription medications, and so on) by addressing both physical and psychological problems. Staff provides counseling, relieves withdrawal symptoms and uses evidence-based therapies to define the real cause of addiction and eliminate it.

If you have decided to start your treatment journey, having a team of professionals by your side is crucial. Most rehab centers offer the whole range of therapies and services allowing customers to undergo the whole recovery cycle.

Main Treatment Approaches

Inpatient Treatment

Also called ‘residential treatment’, this modality is aimed at profound recovery and a holistic approach. Patients live in a facility for a relatively long period of time (from 1 month to 2 years) – the duration of treatment is defined by centers and specialists assessing customers’ health.

Residential treatment has many advantages over outpatient:

  • Patients stay emerged in independent living, which contributes to acquiring essential skills.
  • A supportive community is essential for spiritual and mental recovery. By exchanging experiences, thoughts and tips, rehabilitation center residents find new ways to cope with various issues.
  • Patients stay under 24/7 supervision and receive timely medical and clinical help. This is important at the initial stages of treatment when withdrawal symptoms and cravings are pretty strong.
  • People acquire social skills, learn to build healthy relationships, assess their responsibility for words, actions and decisions.
  • Inpatient rehabilitation centers offer a large multitude of recreational options and art therapies. Patients try new activities, find new hobbies and ways to express themselves in a safe and sober way.
  • Since inpatient rehabilitation centers have zero tolerance to drugs and alcohol, residents have no choice but to stay sober. Hence, their bad habits and addictive behavior patterns get replaced by healthier choices.

Addiction withdrawal is possible only after a serious change of mindset. Inpatient settings contribute to that and people manage to achieve long-term sobriety afterwards.

Outpatient Treatment

In this case, customers visit counseling sessions (individual or in groups). Specialists tackle different issues, such as psychological traumas, domestic violence, and so on. Besides, outpatient treatment can be a way out for people whose addiction is conditioned by mental disorders. Psychiatrists and therapists can identify dual diagnosis and help people deal with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and other illnesses.

This modality is suitable for people who are not ready for full-time commitment and want to combine treatment with work and family life. Besides, it is cheaper and takes less time. As a rule, people spend several hours a week on counseling and educational classes. Finally, counseling is a great way of prevention, so it’s highly recommended for teens.

It all goes without mentioning specific short-term treatment modes, such as detoxification (3-7 days depending on the patient’s state and additional heaviness) or partial hospitalization. Besides, relapse prevention classes and aftercare support are crucial for maintaining sobriety in the long run. Sometimes, rehab alumni continue treatment by visiting AA and NA groups or some similar gatherings.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Rehab Center

There is a huge choice of organizations helping addicted people, and they seem to work the same way (at first glance). In order to find a worthy place, loved ones should consider the center’s conditions, staff, services and payment details. Let’s take a closer look at factors that sum up into a successful treatment.


Consider this aspect because you’ll need to solve the issue of transportation. For residential recovery centers, it’s okay to be situated outside city borders. Moreover, a tranquil environment contributes to stress-free living, keeps triggers away. For outpatient treatment, it would be more convenient to drive to a place nearby (at least within 1-hour reach).

Whenever visiting a rehabilitation center, look at both inside and outside. You want the atmosphere to be peaceful and friendly for a patient to feel safe.


Once you define the treatment modality – outpatient or inpatient – you need to assess the list of services required. As a rule, rehabilitation centers come up with individualized treatment programs crafted after medical and physical assessment. You can make it in an independent clinic. By reading this guide, you will understand which services are typically provided in rehabilitation centers and figure out what might be helpful for your loved one.

What is usually available for rehabilitation center patients?

  • Individual, group and family counseling.
  • Evidence-based therapies (CBT, DBT, EMDR, SMART model, etc).
  • Emotional processing groups (trauma-informed care, anger management, domestic violence, sex offense, and other similar topics).
  • Art therapies (music, drawing, writing).
  • Dual diagnosis and treatment of co-occurring disorders.
  • Life skills classes.
  • Aftercare support and planning.

This list can go on and on. The more expensive treatment, the more features it can include. We recommend defining the basic rundown of services which can help and then plan according to your budget.

Payment options

Many rehabilitation centers running in collaboration with state authorities and social services accept insurance plans. They allow patients to compensate for a part or the full cost of treatment. However, to avoid incidents and debts, double-check whether your insurance plan will be accepted by the chosen rehabilitation center.

Centers with the top quality of services usually prefer direct payments since they are private. If your treatment budget is zero, it’s also possible to find an option. Free rehabs are non-profit organizations that receive donations and provide a comprehensive set of services. Some of the free recovery centers are faith-based ones. You will be surprised to know how many Christ-centered organizations exist around. They provide shelter and help people restore their lives.

Family Calls and Visits

Relatives’ support is hard to overestimate. For the majority of patients, this is an essential condition for recovery. Commonly, rehabilitation centers allow for family visits on particular days (for example, weekends). However, a number of centers try to isolate residents from outer influence for some time (a month or two). Discuss the communication options in advance.

Also, patients can spend more time with relatives during family therapy. All members are involved in conversation, so their bonds and support get stronger.

Staff-to-Patient Ratio

Of course, living in a large supportive community seems like a great idea but that prevents patients from getting enough personal attention. Hence, you should ask about the number of staff members and the number of patients a facility can accommodate. That will give you a better understanding of treatment quality. Ideally, there should not be more than 4-6 patients per specialist.

If you want your loved one to receive the due attention and clinical support, opt for private recovery centers or smaller communities. In places accommodating over 30 people, it’s impossible to get much of individual counseling and tet-a-tet conversations with case managers.


Make sure your loved one will stay in comfortable conditions. You want the recovery process to be stress-free and joyful as much as possible. What are the signs of a good residential facility?

  • Customers live in semi-private or private bedrooms with bathrooms shared by 2-4 people.
  • TV and Internet are complimentary but provided by many centers.
  • A fully-equipped kitchen allows residents to develop their cooking skills and eliminate eating disorders. Private rehabilitation centers offer well-balanced chef-cooked meals.
  • Conference and counseling rooms are essential for therapeutic activities and education.
  • Sports facilities (yoga room, basketball court, swimming pools) would be a great option because exercising magnifies the positive results of treatment.
  • Recreational options, such as board games, amenities for hobbies and creative therapies.
Jun 1, 2024