25 Drug Rehab Centers in Louisville

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Rehab centers deal with various types of addiction and provide a wide gamut of services. The majority of them practice a holistic approach, which means specialists assist patients in solving physical, psychological, mental, spiritual, and social issues. Rehabilitation is an important stage in the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction. It usually follows immediately after detoxification.

Chemical dependency is one of the most dangerous health conditions because it’s usually noticed when it progresses to a great extent. While many dependent people deny their addiction, this is a real disease that requires professional help.

Following the drug rehab program makes it possible to complete the detoxification recovery process in a friendly, caring, and safe environment. In or list, you will find 25 rehab centers with a variety of recovery plans for teens, adolescents, and adults.

1. Landmark Recovery

Landmark Recovery provides a large gamut of treatment modalities for substance abuse recovery. Their residential program lasts 35-45 days and incorporates all essential services and facilities for customers to feel safe and comfortable. Thanks to the holistic approach, patients manage to overcome psychological, physical, mental and spiritual issues while receiving great peer support and encouragement.

Address: 4112 Fern Valley Rd Suite A, Louisville, KY 40219

Landmark Recovery Louisville

More Information on LandmarkRecovery.com

The goal of the residential program is to improve life and stabilize patents who have finished the withdrawal stage. It incorporates the following services:

  • Individual and group counseling;
  • 12-step meetings;
  • Mental health care (dual diagnosis);
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy;
  • Recreational activities.

Alternatively, customers can opt for outpatient treatment, partial hospitalization and aftercare program.

Landmark Recovery Services

Please, note that it’s not allowed to bring a cell phone and over-the-counter medications. However, family visits are allowed on certain days.

Landmark Recovery is accredited by the Joint Commission. There are hundreds of positive customer reviews – people love the place and the staff.

2. Praxis

Praxis center provides residential treatment for people with substance abuse problems conditioned by problems and mental health disorders. The center practices a holistic approach and uses evidence-based practices for recovery. Note that both treatment stages – detox and residential recovery – take about 30 days.

Address: 4418 Malcolm Ave, Louisville, KY 40215


More Information on PraxisTreatment.com

The residential treatment program is aimed at teaching people the skills and techniques helping them cope with stress and learn to enjoy sober life. The list of services by Praxis includes:

  • 12-step meetings;
  • Individual and group therapy;
  • Dual diagnosis;
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy;
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy;
  • Solution-focused therapy;
  • Trauma informed care;
  • Yoga, running, outings, swimming, etc.

Praxis Center

Thanks to the full-fledged approach, patients manage to overcome the triggers and psychological problems.

Praxis accepts insurance plans – they can be verified online. There are over a hundred 5-star customer reviews, people are absolutely satisfied with the quality of services.

3. Robert Alexander Center For Recovery

RAC was established in 1974. It offers residential treatment through personalized and supported programming. Only evidence-based programs are used. The path to recovery starts with detoxification and medication-assisted treatment. The duration of residential recovery is 1-3 months, which is enough for solving psychological and mental issues.

Address: 130 Hope St, Mt Washington, KY 40047

Robert Alexander Center

More Information on RobertAlexanderCenter.com

The list of services in RAC includes:

  • Individual and group counseling;
  • Behavioral counseling;
  • Motivational interviewing;
  • Family counseling;
  • Recreational activities and events.

RAC Lasting Recovery

The residential facility features clean semi-private bedrooms, fitness and sports facilities, recreational zone, chef-prepared meals. It is recommended for people who need a decent quality of services and are ready to pay for it. Different payment options are available.

The rehab is accredited by the Joint Commission. RAC accepts some major insurance plans (Cigna, Magellan Health, Beacon, Aetna, etc). Customer reviews on third-party websites are exceptionally positive. People praise the management staff and say that transition to sober life was flawless.

4. Ladies of Promise

This rehab specializes on recovery campus services for women. It offers outpatient and inpatient treatment, psychiatric services, transitional living. The majority of services are provided for free, so the center is recommended for women in difficult life situations and homeless people.

Address: 2133 W Market St, Louisville, KY 40212

Ladies of Promise

More Information on LadiesofPromise.com

The list of services in the rehab includes the following:

  • Individual and group meetings;
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy;
  • Relapse prevention skills;
  • Co-occurring disorder treatment;
  • 12-step meetings;
  • Random drug testing;
  • Life skills education;
  • Yoga and fitness;
  • 24/7 team support.

The residential facilities are moderately furnished. Women live in dorm-style bedrooms and have access to a fully-equipped kitchen. There are some basic amenities and conveniences. However, some customers complain that sober houses are not clean enough, so think twice if you are ready for treatment in this center – it’s rather suitable for people with a limited budget. Client feedback is mostly good, and people say that the program is generally efficient.

5. NuLease

NuLease treats substance abuse helping people with mental health problems and co-occurring disorders. Besides, the staff works with the victims of domestic violence and family problems. The multidisciplinary team consists of doctors, nurses, addiction specialists, case managers and other qualified specialists.

Address: 5722 Outer Loop, Louisville, KY 40219


More Information on NuLease.com

Services and treatment modalities by NuLease include:

  • DUI classes;
  • Family and couples therapy;
  • Individual and group counseling;
  • CDL physicians’ services;
  • Medication-assisted treatment (with FDA-approved drugs).

Newcomers can get a free consultation and assessment – it will help the staff define an individual treatment plan. All in all, NuLease is recommended for people seeking quality outpatient programs and want to combine them with work or education. Families are also welcomed: specialists can help them make first steps to recovery and reunite with each other.

NuLease accepts Medicaid, Medicare and private insurance plans. There are dozens of 5-star customer reviews on Google – people love the facility and staff who really cares.

6. LifeStance Health

Founded in 1989, LifeStance Health center has a large team: over 250 specialists (psychiatrists, practice nurses, psychologists, counsellors and social workers) help adult patients with substance abuse problems. Also, there are separate programs for children and adolescents.

Address: 100 Executive Park #103, Louisville, KY 40207

LifeStance Health

More Information on PSYCHBC.com

Which services are available in LifeStance Health?

  • Telehealth;
  • Group and individual therapy;
  • Trauma-informed treatment;
  • Dual diagnosis;
  • Anger management;
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy;
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy.

All in all, LifeStance Health addresses a huge set of mental health disorders, so it’s highly recommended for people who need to eliminate co-occurring problems (anxiety, weight management problems, poor social skills, sexual issues, and so on) and learn to cope with stress and triggers. It’s a suitable option for outpatient treatment of all family members.

LifeStance is accredited by The Joint Commission. It accepts different insurance plans. Customer feedback is exceptionally good, people say that the staff is very professional.

7. Center for Behavioral Health

This rehab focuses on counseling services and medication-assisted treatment. It deals with substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, compulsive gambling and domestic violence. They accept adults and adolescents, as well as families for counseling. The duration of programs is not limited – it depends on the results of medical assessment. According to the statistics, 80% of their patients don’t use drugs during 6-24 months. Only FDA-approved drugs are used for treatment with Methadone and Vivitrol prevailing.

Address: 1402A Browns Ln, Louisville, KY 40207

Center for Behavioral Health

More Information on CenterforBehavioralHealth.com

The major counseling services provided in CBH include:

  • Individual and group sessions;
  • Family therapy;
  • Anger management classes;
  • Life and coping skills;
  • Medical assessment.

This is not the full list – all services are figured out individually according to patients’ needs.

Center for Behavioral Health is accredited by CARF for organising outpatient treatment. It accepts several insurance plans (Aetna, Medicaid, Humana, and others). Customer reviews are mostly positive, people like the staff and attitude.

8. Bluegrass Recovery

Bluegrass Recovery deals with various types of dependency – alcohol, drugs, prescription medications, video games, gambling and so on.The center provides various addiction treatment services and uses evidence-based therapies. They work on the outpatient basis and accept adults, adolescents and children.

Address: 714 Lyndon Ln Unit 7, Louisville, KY 40222

Bluegrass Recovery

More Information on BluegrassRecovery.com

The list of services in Bluegrass Recovery includes:

  • Individual and group counseling;
  • Case management;
  • Peer support groups;
  • Telehealth;
  • Dual diagnosis;
  • Help with employment.

Also, clients can get help with finding transitional housing or rent, referral to third-party rehabs and services, as well as community resources. Thus, Bluegrass Recovery is a nice option for those who need relapse prevention classes, quality counseling or referral to other services. Besides, it can help people with poor income get some essential community resources and survive through the hard times.

Bluegrass Recovery is a fully accredited rehab. It accepts many insurance plans (Humana, Medicaid, Wellcare, Aetna, Cigna, Optum and others). Customer reviews were not found, so you should make your own research of the facility.

9. CleanSlate

Being one of the largest rehab networks in the USA, CleanSlate provides various treatment modalities and programs. Patients’ way to recovery starts with medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and continues with counseling. Note that this rehab mostly focuses on detoxification and basic psychological services. No residential treatment or transitional housing options are available.

Address: 210 E Gray St UNIT 803, Louisville, KY 40202

CleanSlate Rehab

More Information on CleanSlateCenters.com

Services in CleanSlate include the following:

  • Medication-assisted treatment (with FDA-approved medications, such as Vivitrol).
  • Telehealth appointments.
  • Detoxification.
  • Counseling (group and individual).
  • Evidence-based practices following the guidelines of ASAM (the American Society of Addiction Medicine).
  • Support of people with HIV/AIDS.
  • Support of LGBTQ community members.

The staff deals with alcohol and opioids addictions mostly. It partners with mental health providers, so patients can get a referral to third-party rehabs and sober houses.

CleanSlate accepts Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurance plans. Customers are highly content with services and the staff.

10. Dave Harmon & Associates

This rehab works with all types of addiction, be it alcohol, drugs, medications or Internet. They focus on individual, group and family counseling and accept adult patients from all over the USA. Since this is a small business, customers can expect a truly individual approach.

Address: 4010 Dupont Cir #226, St Matthews, KY 40207

Dave Harmon & Associates

More Information on DaveHarmon.org

Customers can opt for the following treatment modalities:

  • Self-help classes;
  • NA and AA meetings, 12-step recovery groups;
  • Detoxification;
  • Mental health services;
  • Trauma and victim’s recovery therapy;
  • Couples and family counseling;
  • Anger management;
  • Dual diagnosis;
  • Outpatient meetings;
  • Forgiveness and spirituality classes.

Thanks to the holistic approach, the team addresses all important issues, such as pshycholigal, mental, physical and social problems. Customers also get addiction-related education to become aware of risks and dangers. The rehab accepts self-payments (credit cards, cash) and some insurance plans. Customer reviews are mixed – they vary according to the specialists who worked with clients.

11. Sober Solutions House

This rehab accepts men struggling with different types of addiction. Customers live in a positive, supportive environment and learn to cope with stress and difficulties in a constructive, sober way. The philosophy of treatment is baed on a holistic approach: team members address emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and financial spheres of life. Besides, the recovery process involves the 12-step program and AA groups.

Address: 1124 Logan St, Louisville, KY 40204

Sober Solutions House

More Information on SoberSolutionsHouse.com

What to expect from treatment in Sober Solutions House?

  • Case management and treatment plan revision.
  • Help with employment.
  • Individual and group counseling.
  • 12-step meetings (AA and NA).
  • Random drug screens.
  • Peer support groups.

The residential program requires a 180-days commitment. During their stay, residents abide by the schedule, attend meetings, clean up and complete signed chores. Smoking is allowed outside the building. Visitors can be met only in special areas. No detox services are available!

Payment information is not available on the website – request it personally. We recommend visiting the facility before you start treatment.

12. Renew Recovery

Renew Recovery deals with various addiction issues (alcohol, cocaine, opioids and other drugs). The center specializes in outpatient care, so customers don’t have to quit working and can spend time with family. Besides, flexible appointment times make it easy to fit around the schedule.

Address: 9702 Stonestreet Rd Suite 120, Louisville, KY 40272

Renew Recovery

More Information on RenewRecovery.com

The following treatment modalities are available:

  • Dual diagnosis.
  • Mental health treatment.
  • Group and individual counseling.
  • Medication-assisted treatment (Vivitrol, Buprenorphine, Campral, Subutex, Suboxone, etc).
  • Family therapy.

The team helps patients recognize triggers and causes of addiction: by dealing with them, people manage to achieve long-lasting recovery. They renew the purpose in life and restore relationships with loved ones.

Note that the duration of treatment is not limited – it’s customized according to the recovery progress. The Renew Recovery team keeps adjusting medications and counseling services according to the dynamics in mental and physical health. It makes the rehab a great choice for people in need of an individual approach.

Renew Recovery accepts most insurance plans. Customer reviews on third-party websites are exceptionally good.

13. Medical Resource Center

This rehab specializes in medication-assisted treatment of alcohol, drug and opioid addiction. Upon finishing it, customers can proceed to the outpatient withdrawal program or the opioids maintenance program. The length of each program is 4-12 weeks. All services are provided by certified specialists (physicians, doctors, nurses, case managers).

Address: 10002 Shelbyville Rd #110, Louisville, KY 40223

Medical Resource Center

More Information on KyMedicalCenter.com

For each patient, the path to recovery starts with a complete medical assessment of their mental and physical health. The following services are available:

  • Counseling (individual and in groups);
  • Behavioral therapy;
  • Induction phase;
  • Tapering;
  • Educational classes.

Medical Resource Center is recommended for people who need to start their recovery in a safe and supportive center while having access to all essential medications. Later, patients can be referred to third-party services.

Recently, the rehab introduced detox programs for patients with Medicaid insurance plans. Flexible payment schedules are available, there’s no need to provide the whole fee from the start. Customers are mostly content with the staff and services but some people complained about pricing and fees, so make sure your insurance covers the expenses!

14. JourneyPure

JourneyPure runs several treatment facilities in Kentucky state and offers various treatment modalities: inpatient, outpatient, medication-assisted recovery and detox. There are different holistic techniques and approaches available. According to the statistics, customers’ satisfaction rating is 95%. It’s possible to find treatment options that fit the customer’s schedule.

Address: 3430 Newburg Rd Suite 158, Louisville, KY 40218


More Information on JourneyPure.com

The list of available services is quite extensive:

  • Group and individual therapy;
  • Life coaching;
  • Family counseling;
  • Relapse prevention planning;
  • Medication-assisted treatment.

All services are provided by experienced clinical managers with all licenses and competences.

The outpatient treatment program is highly recommended for people who want to combine the process of recovery with work. Also, there is a residential treatment program available. Customers are provided with semi-private bedrooms, access to the kitchen and dining room, lounge areas and transportation to counseling offices.

JourneyPure accepts over 43 insurance plans (Aetna, Cigna, Humana, Tricare, etc).

15. MORE Center

Being around for over 30 years, MORE center provides quality evidence-based treatment services for people who struggle with opioid addiction. The team comes up with individual treatment plans and uses FDA-approved medications. MORE Center is recommended for patients who need quality detox services and medication-assisted treatment.

Address: 4500 Churchman Ave, Louisville, KY 40215


More Information on LouisvilleKy.gov

While providing patients with opioid addiction treatment options, MORE center also gives them referrals to services that support recovery. Customers can find a local support group, mental health provider, and so on. The rehab partners with the largest rehabs in the area.

As for the payment options, there is no definitive information, but evidently, some of services can be obtained for free because MORE center gets state and federal funding and donations.

Customer reviews are mixed. Some patients complained about having wrong diagnoses and being charged extra fees. This place is rather recommended for patients with a low income in need of basic medication-assisted treatment. Once you finish the detox, consider finding another rehab.

16. Cleanse Clinic

Cleanse Clinic runs several locations in Louisville and offers individualized treatment plans for each customer. They focus on outpatient recovery and provide a comprehensive set of services. The team strives to establish a non-judgmental environment and provide support.

Address: 9720 Park Plaza Ave #104, Louisville, KY 40241

Cleanse Clinic

More Information on TheCleanseClinic.com

The following services are available in Cleanse Clinic:

  • Medication-assisted therapy;
  • Behavioral therapy;
  • Recovery support services;
  • Psychiatric care;
  • Dual diagnosis (depression, anxiety);
  • Treatment of co-existing disorders.

The duration of treatment is not fixed – everything depends on the individual plan. All services are administered by board-certified physicians, addiction counsellors, case managers, and social workers.

Cleanse Clinic is accredited by CARF. It accepts some insurance plans, such as Anthem, Medicaid, Humana, Wellcare and others. Customer reviews are mixed, so we recommend visiting this place in advance.

17. Seven Counties Services

Being established in 1978, Seven Counties Services rehab provides services for adult customers suffering from substance abuse. They focus on mental health and strive to treat the whole person and help people open up the full potential. The recovery process starts with assessment: specialists analyze client’s psychological and physical state and come up with an individual treatment plan.

Address: 2650 W Broadway, Louisville, KY 40211

Seven Counties Services

More Information on SevenCounties.org

Seven Counties Services offers a comprehensive set of programs:

  • Community support services;
  • Medication management services;
  • Dual diagnosis;
  • Homeless outreach program;
  • Mental health treatment;
  • Individual, group and family counseling.

Judging by the statistics, there are over 1,600 staff members serving over 30,000 people every year. The multidisciplinary team consists of certified specialists only.

The rehab is accredited by the Joint Commission. It accepts different insurance plans and offers a flexible payment schedule. Customer reviews are mostly positive.

18. Shelbyville Comprehensive Treatment Center

This rehab specializes in counseling and medication-assisted treatment. It allows patient to undergo withdrawal safely by using Methadone/Suboxone/Vivitrol/Buprenorphine maintenance. The duration of detox is 3-7 days depending on the results of assessment and type of addiction.

Address: 213 Midland Blvd, Shelbyville, KY 40065

Shelbyville Comprehensive Treatment Center

More Information on CTCPrograms.com

What to expect from treatment in Shelbyville?

  • Individual and group counseling;
  • Medication-assisted treatment;
  • Help with employment;
  • Evidence-based therapies.

During the process of treatment, specialists track the recovery dynamics and customize the treatment plan accordingly. They accept all adults aged 18+. This place is recommended for those who need quality detox services complemented with mental health disorder treatment.

Shelbyville is accredited by CARF. It accepts several insurance plans – they can be verified online. Customer feedback is exceptionally good: people say that the staff is very professional and caring, and services are efficient.

19. AA & Associates Alcohol & Drug

This rehab mostly focuses on consultations and education courses. The staff also helps clients to manage the recovery process: individual treatment plan setting, goals and aftercare program help to reduce the risk of drug and alcohol related offences.

Address: 3038 Breckenridge Ln #204, Louisville, KY 40220

AA & Associates Alcohol & Drug

More Information on AAandAssociatesKy.com

The center offers such programs as:

  • 20-hour educational course;
  • Group meetings for alcohol and drug addicts;
  • DUI/DWI prevention;
  • Prime for Life (low-risk prevention);
  • Anger management;
  • Intensive outpatient program;
  • Employment assistance program;
  • AA meetings in Carrollton Christian Church;
  • Drug and alcohol screening.

All educational sessions are organized by the schedule – it’s published online. Since there are different classes and hours available, customers can combine education with work. This place is rather recommended for early prevention or relapse prevention. It does not provide psychiatric or medical services! However, clients can ask for referrals.

There’s no information about payment options – request it personally. Customer reviews are mixed but patients are generally content with prices and services. Programs are affordable.

20. Spero Health

Spero Health provides an integrated approach to treatment that’s based on physician services, counseling and recovery support. All services provided in accordance with the ASAM guidelines. The rehab works with all adult patients aged 18+.

Address: 1017 Dupont Rd, Louisville, KY 40207

Spero Health

More Information on SperoHealth.com

Which services are available in Spero Health?

  • Mental and physical health screening;
  • Medication-assisted treatment (Suboxone and Vivitrol);
  • Individual and group sessions;
  • Wellness programs;
  • Educational classes.

It goes without mentioning that Spero Health helps with employment, housing, healthcare, transportation, child care and so much more. It partners with health providers and state agencies, so customers can get referrals for third-party rehabs. According to the statistics published on the official website, 93% of patients are satisfied with the programs.

Spero Health is accredited by CARF. They take Medicaid and the majority of commercial plans. Self-payments are also available. Customer reviews are exceptionally positive.

21. Centerstone

Centerstone rehab offers a full range of substance abuse treatment modalities: detox, medication-assisted treatment, support groups, residential and inpatient treatment, addiction prevention. They deal with substance abuse and other forms of dependence (gambling, video games, etc).

Address: 601 S Preston St, Louisville, KY 40202


More Information on Centerstone.org

The list of services in Centerstone includes:

  • Counseling;
  • Addiction Recovery;
  • Psychiatric Care;
  • Housing;
  • Inpatient Services;
  • Art Therapy.

This place is recommended for the whole family because addict’s relatives can also get support and education essential for full-fledged recovery. The facilities for residential recovery provide all basic amenities and conveniences for treatment. It allows customers to undergo the whole path to recovery starting from assessment and finishing by aftercare support.

The center is accredited by CARF and The Joint Commission. It accepts some insurance plans. Customer reviews are mixed.

22. Creative Spirits Behavioral Health

This is a behavioral health center that develops individualized treatment programs. All team members (therapist, social workers, primary care physicians, case managers, support providers) are certified and qualified. They assist customers with problem solving, symptom control and skill development. As a result, customers manage to overcome the causes and triggers of their addiction.

Address: 12730 Townepark Way #201, Louisville, KY 40243

Creative Spirits

More Information on CreativeSpiritsOnline.com

What exactly is offered in Creative Spirits?

  • Therapy and counseling (individual, group, therapy);
  • Social and recreational programs;
  • Psychiatric services;
  • Prevention programs.

Note that Creative Spirits accepts adults, adolescents and children. It’s a nice option for families in difficult life situations and those who need assistance with solving legal and mental health problems. If necessary, the center can refer patients to third-party rehabs and healthcare providers. Customer reviews in Google are exceptionally good, so this place is worth consideration.

23. AppleGate Recovery

This rehab specializes in outpatient and medication-assisted treatment of opioid addition and other types of dependency. They use FDA-approved medications only (Suboxone, Buprenorphine). The holistic approach is aimed at addressing underlying issues, emotional and mental disorders. For each customer, treatment is personalized, and its duration depends on the seriousness of addiction and goals chased.

Address: 11518 Main St, Middletown, KY 40243

AppleGate Recovery

More Information on AppleGateRecovery.com

Once a customer finishes the MAT program and overcomes withdrawal symptoms, he can proceed to the counseling (outpatient treatment) stage. Both individual and group meetings are available. During these sessions, students learn to:

  • Overcome cravings;
  • Find sober ways of stress management;
  • Build life skills;
  • Repair relationships with family and friends;
  • Plan and set life goals;
  • Become aware of addiction dangers.

AppleGate Recovery accepts a wide gamut of payment types: cash, debit/credit cards, money orders and insurance plans (Aetna, Cigna, Optum, Medicaid, Medicare, etc). Customer reviews are scarce but positive – customers say there’s no harassment or neglect.

24. Kentucky Physicians Health Foundation

Founded in 1993, Kentucky center provides all basic treatment modalities: residential and outpatient treatment, MAT, educational programs, relapse prevention. They accept patients referred by hospitals, staff members, the board or colleagues. The process of recovery starts with the assessment of medical, cognitive and mental health issues. The rehab comes up with an individual treatment plan.

Address: 9000 Wessex Pl # 305, Louisville, KY 40222

Kentucky Physicians Health Foundation

More Information on KyRecovery.org

The multidisciplinary team deals with mental health problems, substance abuse, behavioral health issues and sexual misconduct. You can expect to get the following services there:

  • Medication-assisted treatment;
  • Residential programs;
  • Individual and group counseling;
  • Educational classes.

For getting more information about the services and treatment modalities, you should contact the center or visit it in person. Since this is a non-profit organization, the cost of treatment is moderate. Some insurance plans can cover your recovery. This rehab is recommended for those who need a trade-off between expenses and quality.

25. Kentuckiana Center for Addiction Medicine

This center deals with opioid addiction and provides quality medication-assisted treatment. It uses FDA-approved drugs only (for example, Vivitrol), and all services are organized by fully certified specialists. The team is large enough, so it’s possible to get the same day appointments. Throughout the recovery process, patients get full guidance and follow individualized treatment plans.

Address: 700 Envoy Cir Suite 701, Louisville, KY 40299

Kentuckiana Center for Addiction Medicine

More Information on AddictioninKy.com

The following services are available:

  • Medication-assisted treatment;
  • Life skills and coping skills classes;
  • Healthy relationship building classes;
  • Processing groups;
  • Drug and alcohol testing.

The center is recommended for people who want to undergo withdrawal safely and enjoy an individual approach. Their treatment plan is being revised and customized during the process of recovery.

Kentuckiana Center accepts several insurance plans (Anthem, Humana, Passport, WellCare). Overall rating is high, but no tangible information was found in customer reviews.

Possible Signs and Symptoms of Addiction

When the impact of a drug wears off, depression and tiredness frequently set in. People gradually lose self-control and start experiencing various problems with health, work, and relationships.

Meanwhile, the lines between periodic consumption and dependence are vague. However, there are a couple of primary signs demonstrating that an individual can be dependent. In the event that at any rate three of them apply, a case can be called ‘addiction’. These caution signs can be applied to different types of dependence – from drugs to shopping or betting habits:

  • Cravings. Addicts experience a powerful urge or impulse to devour a substance or to accomplish some particular state of mind again and again. A heavy drinker feels a practically aching for the alcohol taste, a nicotine addict can’t wait to smoke the following cigarette. This craving can be solid even if there is no physical dependence – it’s the psychological problems that pay the role.
  • Compulsive Behavior. A key indication of dependence is loss of control. For instance, an alcoholic cannot control the size and number of portions he drinks – such people don’t realize when there’s the right moment to cease drinking. People addicted to shopping and betting continue spending money until their pockets are empty.
  • Failure to Avoid the Next Portion. The deficiency of control makes addicts unable to abstain. This goes so far that the addict can’t go on without his next dose even if the addiction has taken the toll on wellbeing and relationships. There are heavy smokers who don’t give up cigarettes regardless of having lung diseases, individuals with cirrhosis of the liver who keep on drinking, or betting addicts who keep on playing even though they’re running out of money and risk losing their family.
  • Tolerance Development. Individuals who slide into a habit need higher and higher dosage of their substances to accomplish a similar impact. The body gets used to the medication, its utilization increases. This can likewise apply to practices with an addictive behavior, which means a person needs to perform certain actions more and more often.
  • Withdrawal Symptoms. The most extreme withdrawal side effects happen when quitting alcohol and hard drugs like heroin. They range from moderate symptoms like excessive perspiration, problem sleeping, freezing and tremors to serious pain in muscles, hallucinations and passing out. Withdrawal without professional medical help is almost impossible – a person needs nurses and medical assistance for a safe withdrawal.
  • Behavioral addicts likewise experience the side effects of withdrawal. They take the toll on the biochemistry of the brain. When the next ‘doses’ are missed, a person faces such withdrawal effects like aggression, mood swings, nervousness and irresistible urge to repeat the bad habit.
  • Issues with Family and Friends. People trapped in addiction lose interest in other spheres of life. Hobbies, social contacts and work are ignored. The object of addiction is put on a pedestal, so relationships are sacrificed. Sooner or later, it takes the impact on social life.

How Rehab Centers Can Help

The recovery process is based on daily work with a psychotherapist, psychologist, social workers and case managers. The final aim of any treatment is to help a person restore a sober life and learn to deal with cravings. The treatment course may include psychotherapy sessions, psychological counseling, self-help groups, medication-assisted therapy, art therapy, and other effective methods.

In rehab centers, patients are taught to manage their behavior, master the skills of self-control and learn to resist pressure from other addicts. If the applicant is in a state of depression, the rehabilitation program includes the use of antidepressants and sedatives.

Common Treatment Therapies

The most efficient treatment methods include:

  • Group and individual therapy. A person actively interacts with a psychotherapist and other addicts, keeps attending lectures. Addicts also communicate with people who previously suffered from drug and alcohol addiction, but have recovered and are ready to share their experiences with others. Thus, the old destructive values ​​are transformed into positive ones.
  • 12 steps program. Taking roots in American psychology, this program is unique and deeply ideological. People undergoing it gain faith in the Higher powers, seek to improve relations with others, raise the level of their spiritual consciousness. 12-step rehabilitation is never easy, but the results obtained with this technique are worth the effort.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy. CBT is based on the idea that our thoughts determine our feelings and behavior. Thoughts can cause negative feelings and inappropriate behavior, or nurture positive feelings and appropriate behavior. After correcting the pattern of thoughts, a person corrects feelings and physical sensations, which induces him to behave differently. New and rewarding ways of coping with life circumstances are acquired. Through CBT reactions to difficult situations become more functional.
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy. This type of treatment is aimed at recovering patients with borderline personality disorders. Psychologists deal with their mood disorders, suicidal ideations and destructive behavioral patterns. People learn to live in the moment and find optimal ways of solving their problems.
  • Motivational interviewing. This is a client-centered counselling approach that helps customers solve ambivalence in their behavior.

This list can go on and on – there’s a huge variety of evidence-based and experimental approaches for treatment of addiction. The choice should be based on the results of psychological assessment because every person has specific mental issues and needs an individual approach.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Rehab Center

To find the best option, you should consider many different aspects, including:

  1. Which sorts of treatment are available? In the event that dependence is serious, long-haul private treatment is required. On the inverse, individuals who need to combine treatment with work and family life ought to pick outpatient alternatives.
  2. Which services are accessible? Check the rundown of services accessible in a recovery center. Everything relies upon the reason for addiction. For instance, if an individual’s addiction is conditioned by mental issues, it’s critical to look for counseling, evidence-based treatments and case management. The individuals who need a retreat from pressure ought to choose rehabs with yoga, meditation and sports activities. Other interesting services may incorporate CBT, DBT, motivational interviewing or equine therapy.
  3. What’s the condition of offices? Despite the treatment type picked, it’s critical to ensure that the office or a sober house is comfortable. Check the clinic’s or office’s general appearance, even if you’ll be treated on the outpatient premise. If you are looking for a private recovery, visit the chosen place. Focus on the type of rooms (private or semi-private), kitchen, the spaces for classes and rest, etc. Ensure that the spot will be agreeable for a patient.
  4. Is treatment religious? This is a pivotal point that is frequently ignored. Numerous recovery centers have programs that incorporate Bible studying and worship, which isn’t reasonable for agnostics. Yet, services in such centers are provided for free or for a small fraction of the cost, which is a nice trade-off. In the event that you would prefer not to practice 12-step programs and church visits, discover non-religious projects and rehabs.
  5. Is drug screening made? How often? Addicts’ family members need to ensure that their loved ones stay clean. The best way to ensure that is normal screening. It’s made randomly, so patients can’t get ready for it ahead of time.
  6. What’s the patient-to-staff ratio? The lower number of patients are being dealt with, the more consideration can be paid to every individual. That is especially significant for individuals recovering from long-term addiction.
  7. What’s the rehab capacity? It likewise permits you to estimate staff-to-patient proportion. In addition, patients who like isolation would prefer to favor little private recoveries, while sociable individuals might want to live in a bigger local area.
  8. What’s the expense of treatment? Rehabs charge on an everyday premise or for the whole program. Check rates on the official site or request this info personally.
  9. Which insurance plans are acknowledged, assuming any? Numerous private protection plans (Medicare, Optum, Cigna) can really cover the expense of treatment and drugs. In any case, your protection plan ought to be verified beforehand.
  10. Is communication with friends and family members permitted? This rule might be different for rehabs. Sometimes, occupants of recoveries can’t call anybody – they don’t have any connection with family members for a month or more. Yet, in most cases, family visits are permitted at the end of the week.
Jul 17, 2024