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Our project represents a social movement and community of like-minded people seeking help delivered by professional dependency specialists. We have a team of dedicated and compassionate researchers who thoroughly analyze, compare, and contrast rehab centers across the country to let users choose the one that meets their recovery goals and specific health needs.

Cindy Burns


Editor in Chief & Addiction Recovery Expert
Cindy Burns has a deep understanding of addiction recovery and focuses on mental health, and substance use disorder treatment. Cindy holds a degree in Psychology from the California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB). She is a mental health professional, educator and consultant with over 4 years of experience interacting with clients, community, and agencies.

If you prefer selecting a treatment facility on your own, make sure you consider the following key factors:

  1. Reputation – look for real-life success stories and recommendations by previous graduates. Check various online listings with users’ ratings. Pay attention to how long a center is running as well as the track record with the number of patients recovered.
  2. Licenses and Accreditations – a rehab center must be licensed by state or national healthcare organizations and authorities. When browsing through the info on the official website, look for badges by SAMHSA, the Joint Commission, NAATP, and others.
  3. Amenities – as you might stay in a facility for a while, make sure you will feel comfortable there. Facilities should involve cozy rooms, daily chef-prepared meals, relaxation or gaming areas, a gym or a pool, and other options for in and outdoor activities.
  4. Insurance – not all patients can afford luxurious treatment. However, insurance makes it possible to cover up to 100% of treatment costs. Just check if the rehab center accepts your particular plan.

Substance abuse is a horrible disease that leads to devastating physical, mental, and behavioral consequences. However, together with professional and certified addiction specialists, everyone will have a chance to get back to normal life, achieve long-lasting sobriety, and reunite with people they love.