Commonwealth games to start in indian capital delhi

Main venue for commonwealth games 2010

Commonwealth games to start in the indian capital delhi from 3rd october – 16 october. Commonwealth games are held every four years for the ex-british colonies to come together under one festive, competitive but friendly spirit. Only nine nations have so far played host to the Commonwealth Games. They are Canada (4 times), Australia (4), Scotland (3 including 2014), New Zealand (3), England (2), Wales (1), Jamaica (1), Malaysia (1) and India (1).

Last minute frantic preparations have created troubles and attracted criticism from few countries like new zealand, australia, england , scotland and ireland. Total of 71 countries are set to participate in the games and around 7000 athletes are expected to compete in these games which is only second to olympics in the number of athletes competing. Estimated cost of these games is expected to have hit around $3 billion mark and would cater to around 100,000 tourists for these games. Newly built games village along the flooded plains of river yamuna covers an area of around 63.5 hectares with 1,000 apartments, 4000 bedrooms, multi faith centre and 2300 seater dining hall serving 22,000 meals daily.

Delhi was awarded to host the 2010 games in 2003 but did not start full-time preparations as late as 2008 which has led to finishing touches to the games village delayed. Unexpected heavier monsoon which has led to massive floods in pakistan must have hindered the building work in the last 3-4 months but the preparations by india have attracted criticism from western media and praise from next door neighbor and asian giant chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Jiang Yu…read more.

Vocal critics newzealand, australia, england have expressed satisfaction at the facilities provided on their delayed arrival Read more.

Athletes from england, scotland , wales, ireland arrived on 27th september amidst heavy police personnel presence and the airspace will be closed for the opening and closing ceremonies of the CWG, while “no unscheduled flight” will be allowed within 300 km of the NCR(delhi) for the duration of the games. Apart from a plethora of air defence weapons like Pechora and OSA-AK surface-to-air missile squadrons deployed in the NCR, fighter jets like Sukhoi-30MKIs and MiG-21 `Bisons’ are now on “hot stand-by” at nearby airbases like Ambala, Bareilly, Sirsa, Bhatinda and Gwalior (courtesy).

There is still time to book flights to delhi from new york, california, london, manchester, birmingham airports.